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Sam #10. Kate 1 (1/2): First Dates: Kev

This is chapter 10 of 6 chapters in the series Sam's outdoor sexscapades

I’m Kate, Sam’s flatmate, and close friend since childhood.

Sam and I became close friends in our first year at Area School.  By the time we moved to Secondary school, we could run down a hogget as well as any boy could.  As most kids in our school, we both enjoyed going out hunting: if anything, more so than the boys as we really enjoyed the money from Possums, but the boys could carry and skin a Wallaby better than us. Bunnies were a pleasant hit too as they tasted better than Possum, but a Wallaby would feed all of us.

We were best friends and didn’t have any secrets.

We went to up VU and studied Chemical Sciences together and flatted with our school classmates Sarah, James, and Hogget. We were five country kids in the city.

We found that the uni boys were somewhat lacking as we wanted our heads and stomachs to be stimulated.  A lot of the uni guys were not too bad in the conversation department. While we didn’t expect them to be able to go to the coop and two hours later present the now late ex-inhabitant on the table with a decent accompaniment like our housemate boys and us could, we did expect a guy to be able to go to the freezer and follow the process from then on.  Sadly, a lot of the uni guys had trouble with a microwave and a spud which meant relationships fizzled due to that and our heavy course work.

Sam and I weren’t into flings: the idea of a quick one off or very short-term root was not appealing.  We wanted regular roots with the value-add bits too even if not a full-on relationship.

Sam and I diverged paths after uni: she got a job with an offer to do her MA at the same time, I took the opportunity to do a through MA then Doctorate over the ditch at UM.  But our friendship remained strong, and we video called often. Sam would come over sometimes for a long weekend.  We’d catch up over holidays back at our parents’ places and go off shooting and camping for a few days, often coming back with 10kg of Possum fur which meant a good top up for my kitty.  On these trips, we would bemoan the dating problem: Sam groaned that telling a guy she had a Masters in Chemical Sciences was a good way not to get another date. I concurred that saying I was doing my PhD in Mechanical Sciences meant guy went bye-bye.

When I got offered the job at RocketFactory, Sam was joyful and said that I could stay at hers which meant the old days again.  At the time, Sam was dating James. It was good for her that at least one of us had a BF.

But I had my side too.  When I heard about a Taipan or Osprey going down on the news, I would be reminded of my times during my Masters when I would suit up board a Puma or -225 at Essy or Avalon to head out to the platforms. I would wonder whether this was the day that the gearbox or tailshaft would give out like other Pumas and 225s had done, and send us down in to the cold, turbulent Bass. I would hope that I remembered the Ditch Drill.

Sadly, Sam and James’ relationship had fizzled, and she too was now single.

My dating performance was woeful in part due to my baseline and also that work was picking up as I had got promoted which meant frequent trips over to Long Beach or the Pads.  Sam was nearing the end of her Masters, so like me, her interest and time for dating was low, but we were both on FS: it was just that it wasn’t a high priority and no really good candidates to excite us far.

When Sam had texted me to say that she’d bumped into Tom on her run and hooked up with him, it was a surprise as they had never shown any non-running interest in each other, nor had there really been any opportunity for this to show as we never met Tom outside of The Dog.  When they came back to our place the next day, it was obvious that there was a very powerful, horny flame that had been lit.

But I soon found out where they were getting at it as her watch sync’d to FitApp which automatically posted to Facebook and I could see the bits where their speed stopped and their heart rate shot up.  They were very innovative, and frequent.

Shortly after they started dating, Tom had hit James up for a coffee.  After some small talk over the Flat Whites, Tom had looked James in the eye and got a nod.  He said, “I’m seeing Sam.  That’s why I called.”

James responded, “Sam and I were good, but we’ve done our time.  You two are happy?”  Tom nodded in response and James said “I’m happy that you are” and shook his hand as they departed.

Two weeks after Sam and Tom had met, we were all at Tom’s having dinner on his deck.  Reba’s What do you Say was playing in the background. We had got through the main and two bottles and we were having a fun time. Sam and Tom were flirting up a storm and I was wondering if I should head for the annexe for the night so they could screw when Tom’s mood suddenly flashed deep dark as if he was in shock.

Sam and I had talked about his flashes, and we wondered if it related to Jo.  I made an excuse for the bathroom.  By now the song was in the middle verse. Sam got up, let her heart lead the way and whispered to Tom, “Jo? Classmate.”

Tom nodded and Sam whispered, “We miss her too. We were at the funeral.”  Tom’s heartbeat followed the gently ascending steel guitar beat of the song and started lifting. Sam knew that he was trying to reconcile his enjoyment of her with his ongoing love of his late fiancé.

I could hear male and female crying outside as they opened up which caused me to cry from the back of the kitchen.  A loud rap of Sam’s knuckles on the deck was our code for all clear, so I came out and hugged Sam who by now was wrapped around Tom, consoling him.  We stayed there for a while, our grief bonding us as the soulful Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams played soothing our mood. The Corrs’ more uplifting version followed, lifting our moods.   

Then I left for the annexe to a fitful sleep as they curled up on the deck.

For Kelly, jealousy of Tom’s ongoing love for Jo, amongst other reasons, had divided her from him.  For Sam though, they could talk about Jo and relive their good memories, so it bonded them.  This would put the light at the end of Tom’s occasional dark tunnels, and it helped turn their initial horniness to wide, deep emotional intimacy.  

Likewise, my friendship with Tom grew as I too could make light of Jo with Tom when needed to break the darkness and allow Sam to complete the re-light of Tom’s mood.

A few weeks later after they began dating, it was an evening before I was due to fly out again that Sam and I had a girls evening, and the bottle was half gone.  She said that now she had a FB (well near enough a BF), I should go hunting on FS for FBs and that she would help me after another glass.  I changed my Want profile to FB or dating. There were a number of guys that we thought might be hits on the FB score, so I ticked them and sent an intro.

Over the next fortnight away, six guys responded.  I made it clear that I wanted someone to have fun with in and out of the bedroom regularly and I wasn’t going to root on first date.  I told them that they had to be either single, or not exclusive with someone. This removed several candidates, leaving three that I arranged dates within the fortnight after my arrival.  None of them were ideal, but all had valid attributes.

I decided I’d simply do what we did at work: we would get each core ready (email chat), then it went out for an initial test fire (first date).  If the motors lit, there would be a stack (well, the guy would get a small view of my DD stack) and a pad fire (second date).  Then it was launch time (launching my pussy to orgasm). Range Safety (condom) would be adhered to strictly.

I told them that a second date would be the day after a successful first date and I wasn’t into bare at all, though I didn’t tell them that I wanted to screw them at the end of second date.  I decided that for the first date, I would wear a work dress, so they had to impress me with their head. The second date I would wear something a bit lower cut and they would get a gentle view of my stack to start with!  If things went well, I would get a good experience of their head I hoped.

The first date was Kevin.  He was five years older than me, a marine engineer that came up for two or three days a fortnight at the shipyard near my office.  He had done a few marathons and liked swimming which was a plus. He told me he stayed mostly in the Lagoon hotel which I knew well, apart from the bedrooms, as RF used it for meetings.  

We met at the hotel bar, and he was as advertised, tall with short hair and runner lean still wearing his smart clothes.  I wore a fitted, formal black dress and heels that enabled me to look him in the eye.  He greeted with me with a kiss on the cheek said “nice formal dress,” and smiled knowingly.  We ordered martinis to start with as I needed a bit of courage for this first FB date. He asked about my trip which I had got back the previous day and said that he had been down to NASSCO at San Diego a few times, but never to LA. The conversation flowed as we looked out over the lagoon over dinner.  Sometimes his knee would gently brush mine and I would return the brush.

Soon it was 10pm and I was fading.  He picked up on this and said that it was time for his bed, asked if I was free tomorrow.  I said, “How about we run the Basin?”

The basin is a 3k loop.  I had decided to see how fit he was: I was going to easy run the first lap, then go hard on him on the second to see if he could keep up on the next lap.  If he could, he could go hard on me in the room after.

We got up and agreed to meet at 5:30pm after work.  He kissed me on the cheek for goodbye and I close mouth kissed him on the lips briefly.

I had changed at work into my running bra and base shorts, then put some pocket shorts and a vest over the top. This was part of a haul I had got from the Outlet at Dana when I’d taken the Amtrak south for the weekend shortly before Sam had met Tom.  Sam had a slightly larger bust than me, but same likings, so I had bought some for her which had been the hit for Tom.   The top of my bust was peeking out of the vest so Kev would get a slight view of my stack.  I left my bag in the car and zipped my key into my pocket.

I saw Kev in the entrance wearing a singlet and shorts.  He walked to me and gave me a friendly hug and said “you look good today,” and I saw a slight bulge in his shorts.

I released slightly and gave him a brief closed mouth kiss. We set off down the hotel’s grassy bank and jumped onto the basin pathway, chatting as we went along.  I kept my heart rate in the 140s – high enough to get a workout, low enough to still chat.  As we reached the hotel at the end of the lap, we were both sweating, which caused his top to cling to his chest and my vest to cling to my bust.  I could see the lump in his shorts had grown. 

I stopped and kissed him on the mouth which he returned.  We started running and I decided to take off my vest which I stuffed in my shorts pocked and undid the front zip slightly, so he got a better view of my stack.  He smiled at the view, and I could see his lump grow.

Now to see if you’ve got it, I thought as slapped him on the arse and shot off heading rapidly into the 160s.  Kev caught up and ran his hand over my shorts as we hammered round the basin. I saw the lump grow, so I opened out my stack a bit more.  As we got three-quarters around, he called out “Left”, ran his hand up my arse and dived off onto a side path.  I sprinted after him and caught him.  Ahead were the loos.  He stopped and grabbed me, spinning me into his face and kissed me open mouthed.  I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard which he returned.  I could feel his growing dick against my shorts, and we soon got into a lustful fuck me kiss.

He released me and opened the toilet door.  Once we were in, he locked it and kissed me hard, grabbing my bust with his hands.  As I returned the kiss, I grabbed his ties and undid the shorts, then shoved my hands down and pushed the shorts off his huge dick.  I was shocked it’s still not fully grown length and width and wondered if I was going to be able to take it fully. He roughly fondled my bra, tweaking my protruding nipples that sent a shudder all the way down and through my clit.  He unzipped me and carried on roughing my bare tits and giving me shudders as he massaged my engorged nipples. We kissed and harder as I tooled up his expanding cock which my wet pussy wanted now.

“Spaceman, suit up,” I moaned and slid off my shorts.

He disengaged and found the condom in his shorts which he unwrapped and slid on.

He pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard.  I kissed him hard as he lifted me up and shoved his cock deep into me.  I moaned gently as he held me against the wall and on his cock, our kissing becoming harder and faster.   He thrusted deep into me, then dropped slightly out and started the short, hard fucks against my walls as we madly kissed and I tensed against him, moaning gently so I didn’t make it too known that I was getting fucked by serious hardness and length.  Soon, his thickening and elongating cock was fucking deep and hard into my tightening pussy as I hammered his mouth with my tongue.  

My pussy was getting vibrated like the pad does when the engines are at T-20 and later and the rocket still attached, but my clamp was definitely holding hard thump, thump, thump as his cock hammered deep and hard into me.  Soon my Deluge System started activating as my orgasm started.  I felt his balls twitch as he shot is precum into the condom which made me shiver.  His pumping speed increased causing my orgasm to deepen and my moans to grow louder and he shot into me causing another shudder.  I kissed him harder and squeezed the cock that was filling me completely causing him to shoot again and me to moan.  He shot his final load into me as I reached my apex.

He held me tight against the wall, fucking gently and making out as we came down.

We dressed and I zipped my bra up halfway so he could still enjoy my encased stack.  I took off hard to see if he could still hold me and we chased each other round to the hotel’s embankment. 

We stopped and he put his arms around me and pulled me in close and open mouth kissed me.  I could feel his enormous lump as we made out.  He said, “Room service?”

I replied, “Anything from the special board and your board too” and mouth kissed him back.  

We stood on the verge, Frenching politely and looking at the view. 

I led him by the hand up the slope and we parted at reception while he placed the order, and I went to my car and retrieved my bag.  

We met at the lift and kissed while waiting for the cabin.

Once we were in and the door closed, we latched on and kissed as if we could just fuck now.  But it was two floors, so we broke off and headed for the room.

Kev unlocked the door and let me in.  As soon as the door was closed, I pushed him against the door and kissed him hard.  He turned me around and pushed me against the door, kissing my neck all the way round it, then moving down to my bust.

My hands wandered under his shorts, finding his thick, growing cock and starting to massage it as his kissing caused my nipples to harden and my pussy to moisten.

His mouth wandered along the outside of my top, kissing every inch of it, stopping to massage my hardening nipples as my hand pulled his cock erect in the shorts and carried on wanking it.  

He carried on down, kissing my bare midriff causing twinges to shoot down my spine and into my pussy as his fingers reached under my shorts and started fingering there too, causing me to wank his growing cock harder. I wonder if I’ll be able to take it whole, I thought as I got wetter at the thought of his enormous cock in me again.

His mouth kissed me through my shorts causing a zing through my clit and I moaned gently.  His kisses moved upward again, with each kiss causing me to moan gently as I really wanted his cock inside.  He grabbed my encased nipple with his mouth and sucked it, handing the other as I continued wanking his encased erect cock.

He moved up and Frenched me hard on my open mouth, which I returned and grabbed his cock hard, then he grabbed my bum and lifted me up, carrying me to the table. He’s going to strip me and fuck me hard, I thought.

As he dropped me, his hands grabbed my shorts and pulled them off, exposing my wide and soaking pussy which he kissed and tongued.  I was moaning hard and cumming gently.  He moved up and kissed my belly, then unzipped my bra and dropped that, exposing my bust and mountainous nipples which he kissed, causing more moans and cums.  He stripped himself off and grabbed a condom from his shorts and put it on his shaft.  I really want that fat cock in my pussy now my body told me.

He returned to kissing nipples and fingering deep into my wetness, scraping my edge and causing a scream as he forced a hard orgasm.  His fingers continued pushing and prodding my hole as his mouth wandered.  Each time he prodded, I screamed as he hit my spot and caused an orgasm until his fingers caused a long, hard screaming cum. 

His fat cock pushed onto my pussy and rubbed it as I came down.

Ding went the bell. “Room service” called out.

Kev said, “Please put outside and I’ll grab it soon”, then kissed me and said, “I’m eating you where you are.”

I Frenched him back and lay there, legs waiting for the cock to come back as I gently came off an enormous orgasm.

He unlocked the door and gently pulled the tray in, then put it on a chair next to the table where his real meal, me, was.  

The special he ordered for me was Chicken Curry, though I had just had the special cock-free XXXXL orgasm, and I really wanted his sausage now as my slit was very wet.

He had ordered Schnitzel and he cut it up.  He grabbed a piece and slid himself into me, then put the slice into my mouth and took the other end.  As our lips met, his cock reached deep into me.  I returned the kiss, grinding on his cock.  

He pulled back, kissing my breasts, then taking some curry and feeding me, pushing in again.  Then more schnitzel, pushing in as he fed it to me, and we kissed while eating and he fucked deep into me as I ground on it.  My pussy started tightening around his fat cock as we repeated the feed, kiss, grind routine.

I could feel his cock hit my top sometimes as I thrusted down onto him while kissing him hard as we fed and screwed.  Our kissing came harder as he fucked me deep on the table.  I was wet and squeezing hard, but his cock kept lengthening and widening causing me to moan and start to twinge.

The food was now gone, and he returned to kissing my nipples while his cock pounded my pussy.  

He reached behind and wrapped his arms around my back, kissing me and lifting me hard onto his cock as I wrapped my legs around his waist causing a loud oooh as I came from the hit.

We kissed hard as he took me on his cock to the shower.  Every step pushed his cock hard into me causing another orgasm.  

In the shower, he turned on the water and pushed me against the wall, kissing me hard.  I was still wrapped around his waist and cock, and he pushed hard up into me.  I screamed as his long, thick, wide cock slammed into my top causing an orgasm.

We kissed harder as I pushed down as he fucked up, causing his full cock to take up my whole inside as I screamed with hard, fast orgasms and squeezed hard on his cock causing it to throb.

His cock pulsed as it shot his precum into the condom, causing my pussy to squeeze tighter and I kissed him even harder.  This caused him to pulse and shoot a stream into the sheath which I felt as my orgasm peaked and started to decline.

I released my sore legs from around him and we carried on slow fucking, make out and fondle under the water until we both came down.

It was 10pm now and we had a final make out as we towelled each other off, making sure that all bits were fully dry, then I got dressed into the shorts and top clothes from the bag I’d taken from the Zoe.  He said, Commando, sexy,” and ran his hands over my body causing his cock to stiffen again.

Holding me and kissing me, he said, “I’m back in three weeks, another date?” and ground his cock on me.

“Just enough time to recover, but I want to be eaten for breakfast next time too,” and gave him a hard Fuck me French. and a rub of his pole.

We stood in the doorway for another French and he escorted me to the car where we made out for a final time and I drove home, tired and my pussy very sore. 

Today had been the sex that you want, but not that often as I knew it was going to be several days before my pussy wasn’t sore.

Waking up on Wednesday, I was really sore.  My body hurt from the run, Kev’s hard poundings and the associated orgasms.  My pussy had never felt that stretched.  I texted Fred and told him I was unwell and that we’d try next week.  I packed an overnight bag as I Tom had invited me to stay at his place with Sam.

At Tom’s in the evening, we decided we would have a spa after dinner, so we got changed into our bathers. Sam was in a two piece, and I was in a one piece, but it still lifted me. 

Tom cooked a chicken, brie, and cranberry pizza that he’d made from dough he’d set off that morning which we ate on the deck with the fairy lights and a few spots on with Tamarillo Sour beer from the local micro. 

We finished off with the Tiramisu that Tom had grabbed today from the Bay Pizza earlier.

I put the dishes in the Dishdrawer and armed it.  Sam got the spa cover off and turned everything on as Tom grabbed another bottle and set it and the glasses by the spa, then walked back and turned off the spots.

“This is like our times at night possuming,” I observed.

“Yes, but tonight we didn’t shoot the dinner: I had a hot hunter to do that.,” replied Sam as she turned around and kissed Tom on the mouth, giving her [another] full view of her bust.

The spa jets were on full, and I felt them massage my body and the bubbles make their way under my costume, massaging my sore entrance.

We talked for a while and including last night’s date.  I said my date’s test was that we ran a circuit of the Basin, then I hammered it like at The Dog to see if could hold me.  I said he held me very well as they laughed, knowing that I meant his cock had held me hard and fast, and certainly passed my test.

Sam looked at Tom Kate is very sore today.  I was sore after our first ‘date’ and leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.  Tom returned the kiss.  She moved over and sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him and recommenced a make out that rapidly increased in passion.

I was getting horny looking at them grind and snog.  I made my excuses and left them alone.

He reached behind her, undid her bra straps letting the bra fall into the spa, then undid her bottom strap which caused the bottom to float away.  As she stood up, he massaged her tits that were dangling next to his face while she pulled his speedos off, exposing his erect cock and then slid onto it with her already open pussy.

They sat entwined under the dappled light of the strings with the bubbles massaging their naked bodies.  She started gently moaning as their passion increased and she started riding his already long, but growing and widening cock and the bubbles slid around him and inside her causing tingles additional to the sensation of him and he made upthrusts to catch her on the way down so he would hit her top hard.   Soon, Sam was moaning hard and started twinging and squeezing him hard as Tom pulsed and shot his first load into her orgasming pussy.  She squeezed him card causing him to cum as she apexed her orgasm.

I had moved into the annexe and pulled off my wet swimmer next to the door where I had left a towel.  I stood in the entrance under the lights, towelling as I saw them riding.  My I put my right fingers inside started playing causing a gentle groan as my left hand wandered around my tits.  Hearing Sam’s moaning, I pushed harder and faster into myself and grabbed my tits like Kev had done which caused a longer groooan.  I was now soaking again as I rubbed my inside hard and felt a twinge as I grabbed my left nipple hard.  Soon, I was twinging to the sound of Sam moaning.  Then I twinged hard, let out a low groooan and faded.

This was what had happened when I was at Sam’s and came in to her screwing: I would go into my room and finger until they came, and I invariably managed to come at the same time they did, but watching them screw make me hornier.

I closed the door and headed collapsed naked into bed.

Next morning, I dressed and went into the main kitchen for shared breakfast.  Sam said, “That was fun last night.” I smiled at the thought of cumming as they fucked to cum.  She continued “Meet 530 f0r SwimRun?”.  Tom and I nodded.

We assembled at 530, wetsuits and towels in the bag, our usual tri gear on, albeit zipped up for all, then grabbed our bikes out of the garage and cycled around to Mid Bay for the race where we chained to a railing.

The temperature was in the low 20s, both the sky and sea azure only disconnected by the cone of Fire Island ahead. A light westerly on a neutral tide meant for a fast, flat swim offshore to Fire Island.  As I swam, I locked my core to rotate.  Sometimes at full extension, I would feel a twinge in my core from my still stretched pussy, so I followed JoJo my SpineWave teacher’s advice and blew a long out breath down to my pussy to release. I hit the turn buoy straight and hard and commenced the return, being happy that I hadn’t been groped or slapped too much as can happen on big races.  When my feet hit the ground, I stood up and started running and immediately began my stripping my wetsuit down to my waist.  Hitting transition, I stripped it off, shod and hit the run leg.  I was surprised how well I ran after transition given the pounding my body had received on Tuesday.  Well, my legs weren’t pounded!

Afterwards, we rode back, then showered apart and changed into our usual of shorts and t-shirts only. 

Sam reheated last night’s pizza and toasted a Ciabatta that he had made from excess dough.  The pizza base was slightly tougher from the reheat, but the topping had mellowed.  His Ciabatta gave a close run to the pizza.  It’s soft pillow toasted to a gentle heat dripped with the melting butter that created a blissful warmth down my insides.

We ate at the table in our post-race glow, chatting about the race, finishing with a small slice of Tom’s Christmas Cake.  Of his many delights, this one got me every time as it was truly a labour of love for him.  When he had first brought it round to our place, he had explained that the recipe was from the 1950s and was now in its third generation of his family.  It was made in a mixer of the same vintage.

He had taken a very heavy, cold Winter Christmas cake and tweaked for the hot southern summer it by substituting the Brandy for Cointreau and adding extra lemon rind and peel: an enormous, sweet orange sized one from his tree.

Leaden with rich, soaked, sultanas it warmed my soul, then a hit of apricot turned me around into a crunch of walnut, followed by a hit of date.  The cake turned me around and lifted me with its spices and the six shots of Cointreau that Tom had applied monthly between July and December. wrapped me in its soft embrace.  Each bite was like the soft, tender kiss of a guy on my chest while his cock gently worked inside of me.  The last bite with its cumulative sensations and the slight booze buzz, was like the guy coming climaxing in me as I reached the gentle peak of an orgasm  The Royal Icing with its lemon hit was just the perfect way to wind out of such sensation.  Yes, I do get wet and twinge gently as if there was a guy in me as I eat this orgasmic treat!

I retired to the Annexe after for a slow, gentle finger and rub, sending me back up the next rolling hill for another gentle climax, then fell asleep.

As Sam finished the cake she came to a gentle orgasm like I do and, as always for after’s, sat on Tom’s lap and commenced a gentle French. She led him to the deck and turned off the lights, then wrapped her arms around him and recommenced. 

They stood on the deck, under the moonlight kissing, then she gently lifted off his top and dropped his shorts, softly and slowly kissing him on the way down, stopping to kiss his cock gently. He took the signal and slowly stripped her, kissing her nipples and entrance on way down.

They stood on the deck entwined, gently making out, then she signaled down and they lay on the deck as she slow kissed him from head to cock with her breasts gently rubbing his chest. She gently and thoroughly kissed his cock to bring him to a fuller arousal as his lips and fingers worked on her end arousing her more.  Then she turned around and slid onto him, commencing a gentle makeout and riding him longer and wider as she got wetter and tighter, both screwing to a gentle orgasm like the cake had just done to her. 

This was her way of giving back to Tom for the love that he had poured into the cake and it into her body.

They lay there making out and slowly screwing as their orgasms gently unwound into slumber where they remained until dawn woke them.

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