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Sexual Satisfaction Survey

Are you sexually satisfied? Where do you stand when it comes to passion and intimacy? Are you a Sex God/dess ? Or are you just great in bed? Maybe you’re not so bad a lover. We sure hope you don’t have a problem in your sex life!
If you want to know all that, take our sexual satisfaction survey and we will try to answer some of those questions for you.

Best Sex Toys For Men

Sex toys can be awesome additions to your bedroom routine, no matter your gender, anatomy, or sexual orientation. Yet, men have historically been shamed for incorporating toys into their sex life. Studies have shown they’re less likely to use them than people of other genders are… (Menshealth.com)

How BDSM Submission Brought Me Inner Happiness

Finding happiness isn’t always as simple as opening a box labeled joy. Some people find it in the most unexpected places, like BDSM submission. Sienna Saint-Cyr shares her personal journey of overcoming a troubled past and finding her inner peace… An article on Happiness.com magazine

Laughing During Sex

Laughing during or after sex is more common than you think. And while you may get a fit of the giggles when something goes wrong, laughter during or after sex also signifies an incredibly satisfying sexual experience…. An article on Happiness.com magazine

woman in floral brassiere and panty

Can Long-Distance Relationships Ever Really Work?

Can long-distance relationships ever really work? How can you make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep the fires of passion stoked and ensure the romance lasts?

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5 Ways To Earn Money In The Adult Industry Without Having Sex

Sex sells. It always has it always will. There is just something about two people sharing an intimate moment that makes you want to stop and ogle. For most, this is as far as the interest stretches. However, there are plenty of people spending their hard earned cash to stop and ogle, though generally from behind a computer screen.

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How To Make Money Testing Sex Toys

How Can You Make Money Testing Sex Toys? Could Sex Toy Reviews Ever Pay Your Bills?