Sam (#4) Sam’s beach bang

This is chapter 4 of 6 chapters in the series Sam's outdoor sexscapades

Sam and I got back to the car: by now our clothes were soaked with sweat. We grabbed our clothes bag from the car and went into the large toilet and closed the door. Sam’s hands went over my neck and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I returned the favour and we started gently making out.

“Let’s undress: but get ready for the beach,” Sam whispered into my ear. I carried on kissing Sam and gently lifted her running top over her shoulders, then I started kissing her neck as my hands moved down to her bra which was covering her bust so tightly that I could see her nipples. I moved my hands under the front of Sam’s bra and playfully found her nipples, then pulled the bra over Sam’s head.

I could see that Sam’s nipples were erect, so I started kissing them and my free hand wandered into Sam’s shorts and probed her pussy which was very wet. I reached down and pulled Sam’s shorts to her feet so now she was naked.

Sam kissed me open-mouthed and as we carried on kissing, her hands reached down and found my shorts’ drawstrings and untied them. In one move, Sam dropped both pairs of shorts to my feet and, on the way down, gave my cock a quick kiss.

Sam bent over and found the leopard print set she’d shown me earlier. Sam’s clit was exposed to me, so I stood behind Sam and put my cock into it and Sam lent back so I was nearly fully in. I pulled Sam back and grabbed her boobs and started thrusting, she turned her head and I kissed her open mouth. Now we were passionately kissing as Sam’s pussy squeezed my cock. Soon, our kisses were very hard and fast. Likewise, Sam squeezed as I pushed against Sam’s tightening pussy.

I could feel my balls tighten.

“I want you to fill me so I can walk down the beach dripping,” Sam said and kissed me even harder.

This caused my cock to squirt into her which, in turn, made Sam come. Sam pulled me out of her and we kissed gently for a few minutes to wind down.

Sam put the set on. I was impressed that its strings were able to hold up her bust and the pads were just large enough to protect her nipples.

I put on my speedos and said to Sam, “That bra looks good on you.”

Sam replied, “Normally, I don’t like speedos for guys, but this one really sets me off.”

Now I could see Sam in her glory – her large breasts barely supported by the bra and her pussy just covered by the bottoms. I could see a drip of my cum sliding out of Sam’s bottoms. Sam reached down and scooped it out with her finger and sucked it up. My cock was now very hard again and Sam said, “Wow – hard so soon.”

This beach was rather crowded, so we went round the headland to the next beach. I knew this beach would be less crowded and more adult and it was: there were only a few couples and several solo ladies sunbathing and some of the ladies were already topless. I could see Sam’s nipples protruding from the bra and Sam could see my cock straining against the speedos.

We found a spot at the far end of the beach – this was good as it was both close to the water and we could see the rest of the beach. We laid out our picnic and lay on the ground feeding each other. From our vantage point, we could see some of the couples on the beach in each other’s laps kissing and a few in the sea making out too. The way that some of the couples were making out and moving made us wonder whether they were discretely screwing too.

After a while, Sam decided she’d rather sit on my lap and kiss me. I wondered what would happen as usually Sam sitting on my lap involves me in her. Sam sat on my lap, and we started making out. We started gently, but my cock was hard and it was pressing on Sam’s clit. Our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths, but we kept our hands to ourselves given the crowded beach. Sam started gently moving up and down my encased cock – like a little lap dance, which only made my cock harder and I could see Sam’s bikini bottoms getting wet. This made Sam horny and she started kissing me deeper which I returned and led to a circle of each turning the other on more.

At the top of the next rise in Sam’s lap dance, Sam rose slightly higher and reached inside my speedos and slid my cock out of the side. She then used her hand to gently slide aside her bottoms as she then slid down onto my cock. Our kissing continued into slow, deep Frenching which made my cock harder inside Sam. Sam was gently rising and squeezing my cock as I was making short thrusts. We were trying to be discrete and looking around at the other couples made us hornier as we were now sure that a few of them were doing more than just kissing too.

I said to Sam, “Finish up here, or in the sea?”

Sam kissed me harder, but undid her bra strap and her bra dropped to the sand. In one move, Sam lifted off me and with her hand slid my cock back into my speedos.

As Sam stood up, she grazed my chest with her now bra-less tits. We got up and walked hand-in-hand down the beach. Seeing Sam’s tits bounce was making my cock strain against my speedos. At several points, Sam’s hand dropped and grazed my encased cock. It was now clear that judging by their up and down rhythms, most of the “make out” couples were gently screwing too – and a few of the ones in the sea were too.

We got into the water at waist depth, but moved to the side of the bay so we could see everything – this was a turn-on for both of us and our first time making love in public, but not at a beach as our lovemaking on our first date was at an empty nudist beach. I put my hands over Sam’s neck and kissed Sam on her open mouth. As Sam returned the kiss, her nipples dug into my chest and she started Frenching me again, she reached under the water and slid my erect cock out of the side of my speedos and into her bottoms so that “I” could touch her pussy lips whilst kissing her.

As our Frenching became increasingly passionate, my cock probed Sam’s pussy lips and I could hear Sam gently start to moan as my cock found her clit. I dropped down slightly so that my cock would centre on Sam’s pussy lips and then stood up. Now my cock was fully in Sam’s pussy, I kissed Sam harder and gently started thrusting. Sam responded with a harder kiss and her pussy started gently squeezing my cock.

From our vantage point, we could see that several other couples in the water seemed to be moving in a discrete fucking motion and this was turning us on. Our kissing became deeper – albeit slowly to be discrete and my still-growing cock’s thrusts were replied to by Sam’s pussy squeezing harder. Soon my balls started twitching as they were ready to fire cum into Sam.

Sam whispered, “Cum,” and kissed me harder as her pussy squeezed my cock hard.

I Frenched Sam harder which she returned and I discretely thrust deeper and felt my cock twinge as I came. At the same time, Sam discretely moaned hard as her pussy made the final orgasmic squeezes on my cock.

With my cock still inside Sam, we stood in the water for a few more minutes making out, then I disengaged and we swam for a bit before returning to the beach. As we were returning, a few couples were walking back holding hands and one of the ladies winked at us as if to say, “We saw you fucking.”

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