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Writing Contest –  2022 (Entry closed)

The Kink Short Story

Eroterite invites you to submit the most thrilling Kink Short Story you can ever write. We want to be inspired and on edge when we read your kink. Be creative, be submissive, be dominant, be sexy and be you…

Your Kink short story can include topics such as BDSM, Fetish, Femdom…etc. Submit your story in any genre you choose, or in an audio format if you like.

Prizes: First prize $100 – Second prize $50 – Third prize $20

Winner: How to dominate your slave

Second place: As I watch

Third place: Mine

Contest Start Date: 1st of June 2022

Contest End Date: 30th of September 2022

Writing Contests – 2023 (Entry Closed)

A Poem on Masturbation

Join Eroterite writing contest for the most sensual poem on masturbation.

Submit your poem in any genre you choose, or in an audio format if you like.

Prizes: First prize $100 – Second prize $50 – Third prize $20

Contest Start Date: 1st of June 2023

Contest End Date: 30th of September 2023

Rules of Eroterite Writing Contests


Members of Eroterite may enter the contests for free by:

  • Submitting their post entries similar to any other post using the MY DASHBOARD menu or using the above (POST YOUR ENTRIES FOR CONTESTS) button.
  • However make sure to add the relative contest CATEGORY from the category list (we always recommend to add multiple categories selection for your posts) .
  • If you do not select the relative contest Category your entry will not be considered in the contest.
  • There is no minimum length of post entry, however the maximum length of a short story entry is 3,000 words.
  • Members may submit as many entries as they wish.
  • Members can also submit any of their previous posts which satisfies the conditions of the contest topic simply by adding the relative contest Category to that post.
  • Eroterite editors will not consider any entries after the contest deadline.

Note: All posts are the sole responsibility of the submitting member. Entrants are entirely responsible for all content posted on Eroterite in accordance with the site’s Terms and Policies agreement.

2. Selection of Winners:

The winners will be chosen by Eroterite editorial staff approximately six to eight weeks after the contest deadline. Sole discretion for choosing the winners rests with Eroterite’s editors. All editorial decisions and procedures relating to the Contests are final.

3. Contests Awards: 

  • The first winner will receive $100
  • The second winner will receive $50
  • The Third winner will receive $20

No more than the stated number of prizes will be awarded in any one contest.

Awards will be paid using PayPal or sent as a gift card to the winners.