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Sam’s (#2): her run goes swimmingly

This is chapter 2 of 6 chapters in the series Sam's outdoor sexscapades

Recap: I was running along the beachfront when I saw a familiar shape ahead. I closed and realized it was Sam, someone I knew casually from a running group that I attend sporadically.

As we were getting dressed again in the toilet, She asked me if I ever visited the nearby nudist beach. I said that I’d been several times, that I had “landed” (our club’s term for swimming onto a beach) there with the swimming club and had a few “dates” with someone there.

She hadn’t been down there at all! Sam reached down my shorts and stroked my cock and said date or “date” and stroked my cock harder. I replied “date” and put my hands inside her bra and rearranged things and gave her a kiss. She responded by kissing me back which I reciprocated, but we realized we were getting horny again, so we decided to talk about it on the way down or we’d be naked in the loo again soon!

The run was only ten minutes and Sam had left her bra quite open so her the top of her ample bust was visible, which was definitely not keeping me down. Thankfully, it was doing a good job of holding her bust in place, pointedly. She wanted to know quite a lot about the “dates” at the beach which seemed to be a turn-on for her and I could see both her wetness and nipples growing again, which meant that I was growing too – and she definitely knew that.

I explained that I’d met someone on a hookup site who liked the outdoors and whilst it was fun going down there to meet someone, make out, get naked, and fuck, I got bored with just jumping this person at the beach or a few other places as I wanted someone to do things with .. and jump them as well. I was getting hard talking about this I could see that she was getting hard nipples and wet too. She said, “hmm hard again” and replied, “wet again”.

We got down to the beach, which we found empty and she kissed me. I kissed her back and quickly, our gentle make-out started building up into Frenching and accelerated into pre-fuck kissing with my hands running over her bra and her hands down my shorts again fondling my growing, erect cock.

We decided to drop our shoes and go for a swim to cool off. We swam out a few meters, but still in our depth. Sam swam up to me and put her hands around my neck. I lent in and kissed her on the lips which she returned. I was very hard now with Sam’s lips against mine and her tits against my chest.

Again, we started Frenching and quickly wound up to pre-fuck passionate kissing. Her hand reached down and found my hard cock and started massaging it. My hands reached under her bra and started massaging her breasts which made her kiss me even harder. I then found the zip and released it and threw her bra onto the beach and started massaging her tits .. making them even harder as she was working on my cock.

She released my cock from my shorts and slid them down and carried on her massage. I quickly unzipped her bra and, still holding it, I dropped her shorts. She grabbed my cock and led me in-shore so that we could throw each other’s bottoms onto the beach.

We walked back into the water, me being led by her on my cock again. We swam out a bit further than last time. This time, she took the lead and draped herself over my neck, and kissed me.

By this point our tongues were hitting each others’ tonsils as I kept fondling her. She then straddled me and slid down onto my spike and we started riding each other. Again, as our kissing intensified, so did my work on her pussy which started clamping onto me again.

As I was getting harder, we got into a circle and Sam was clamping onto me harder, my cock going deeper and faster and our kisses became more intense. Sam was the first to come: I felt her starting to throb as she started moaning, then I put my load into her.

I asked Sam how it felt “very different with the water and your cock filling me up – how was it for you”. I gave her a few more thrusts which elicited another long passionate kiss and more thrusting and said “first time bare .. last time I always ‘wore’ – even in the sea”.

I slid out of her and we swam for a bit more, sometimes stopping to tread water and make out which was a new experience for both of us. We then got out and located our clothes and shoes – not that easy for me given my short sight! As the beach was still empty, we lay on the sand and started kissing and touching, but we were both hungry (for food) so we decided to dress so we could run back to my place for a shower and dinner. We got out dressed – still wet as we didn’t have any towels

What now we thought?  How about a shower at my place I suggested.  Sam asked how many times before we get to do it in the shower.  I reached over and rearranged her tits and kissed her. She said that she should keep the zip closed so I didn’t get too hard and I’d run home faster!

We chatted about a lot on the way home – getting to know each other as the run group was large and we hadn’t chatted that much at the group, but her  tits were really hard and I could see her nipples growing through the bra which made me harder – something she could definitely see. And we were really hot and sweaty. 

Sam asked where was my key, I asked, “which key?” and got a slap, but then told her that I’d gotten fed up carrying keys to the beach as they got nicked a few times and that going out the front and slipping in the backdoor was a problem too, so I had a SmartLock now. Sam said that it wasn’t a problem slipping in her back door ..(I knew she had a different sort of door on her mind!). I knew from my explorations, that Sam had her car’s “dumb key” zipped into her shorts.

When we got to my street, Sam said, “flatmate?” I shook my head and Sam loosened her bra again. I knew Sam had a flatmate, Kate so I offered to let Sam use my phone to text Kate if she might not go home: Sam turned and kissed me and said “sweet … sexy.”

I entered the code for the Smartlock and closed the door behind us quickly.

We were in the hall, our arms around each other’s necks as we started French kissing again – rapidly building up the pace as my hands reached down inside her pants and started probing her slit which was getting wetter. She started moaning as her hands started to work on my cock.

I led her into the bathroom and then into shower with its full length glazed area and full length skylight above that was bathing the shower in sunlight. She said, “This is amazing. Wonder what making love her in the dark is like?”

I said, “Maybe you will find out sometime?”

She kissed me back and I turned the water on and powered up the rain head that bathed our backs in addition to the pole rose, kissing her.

Sam kissed me back and put her tongue into my open mouth and her hands found my hard cock. As we were building our kissing passion, I started massaging Sam through her bra with Sam squeezing me with longer strokes. I then unzipped Sam’s bra, again revealing her glorious bust. Then I dropped and removed her bottoms and kissed her slit causing her to moan as my tongue wandered between her legs.

She slid down and started kissing my cock, taking it whole and making me want to cum which I was holding off. I turned her around and grabbed her bust, massaging it as I was kissing her neck: her nipples becoming harder as I was moving between her legs.

Sam guided my member to her ass and gently put me into it. I started probing as I kept on with her breasts and felt her ass tighten on me as I probed deeper. My hands tightened around Sam’s tits as we ground against each other. Eventually, I shot my load into Sam’s ass.

As we were drying each other off: I couldn’t keep my hands off her taught bust and she had a thing for my legs .. – I asked what she wanted to wear saying she could take anything from my bedroom.

She replied, “you” and bent down and kissed my cock: this seemed to be our “Love language” developing – fondle each other for emphasis.

We went into the kitchen. Thankfully it’s not overlooked and we stood there naked and making out.

Sam said, “What were you planning on eating?”

I said, “Sausages, but..” and kissed her tits, then slid the packet of two over to her.

She picked them up and looked at the label.  “Greystone venison.  You got these from Le Goumet?”

I kissed her and said, “You know LeG?”

She replied, “This was our treat when we were at Uni.”

I went into the freezer, opened the bottom shelf and introduced her to it.

“Wow, you came back laden yesterday?” she said and fondled my balls saying, “In addition to there.” and kissed me hard.

I nodded and removed a second packet which she nodded approval to.

Then she saw my copy of Flight on the table and said sneeringly, “You’re that way inclined? We get Air and Space Weekly?”

I ran my hands over her slit, causing a gentle moan and said, “I swing a few ways.  Flight, A&SM, SailGP- I want to see what Coutts the Rat is upto next,” and ran my hand between her legs and up her arse.

Sam said, “Glad you have good variety of interests”, as she ground herself into my body and kissed me.

We opened some wine and I started chopping up some veg and we chatted idly but it wasn’t just dinner on our minds: Sam was snuggling into me and I could feel her breasts in my back, with her hands wandering over me and jacking me again: we still had that on our minds!

As the veg started cooking, I pulled her  in and started kissing her again wanting to “just make out gently” this time, but the timer interrupted us. It was her turn for the prep, so she started at the bench I snuggled into her, my cock between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy with it. I kept my hands lower than I wanted to! Cooking naked was definitely turning us on.

At one point, Sam bent over to grab a pan from the cupboard, exposing her snatch: I lent in and slid my glans into it, Sam pushed back and wriggled, driving me further into her, but then pulled up. I asked Sam if she’d cooked naked and she said, “no” and tugged again.

I said, “likewise” and moved between her pussy, stroking it.

As it looked like Sam was staying for the night, I unlocked my phone and gave it to her. I had my arms around Sam’s bust, playfully stroking her as she texted Kate Caught up with and staying with Tom from The Dog: A Spring. He’s got Greystone Venison too.

I said, “Spring?”

Sam said, “Can’t stay down!” and reached between her legs and gave me a squeeze.

Dinner was ready, so we set the table. Sam decided to pull one chair out a bit far which I thought was unusual. We put the plates on the table. Sam rearranged the plates next to each other: weird I thought, and pointed to the chair she’d moved.

I sat on the chair and Sam came up to the chair, then strode over me. I had Sam’s gorgeous pussy near my shoulders, so I lent down and licked Sam’s pussy lips and I reached up and grabbed her dangling bust.

After a few licks, Sam shuddered and I could feel her getting wetter as my cock grew. Sam pulled my head away from her and slid onto my lap with me holding onto her bust and onto me in one smooth motion. I knew she was wet, but I went all the way in! Sam said that she liked being cooked for on a date, I replied “is this a date?” and, in reply, she started kissing me and rocking on me, so I returned the favor with my hands wandering over her hard nipples and my tongue exploring her mouth.

We decided it was better to eat food for a bit, then carry on eating each other, so I cut up the sausages and put a bean in my mouth and fed it to her.  As we met in the middle of the bean, we kissed and ate the bean. – this was a new experience: feeding someone while I’m in her. I fed her a piece of sausage and she moaned gently, “Venison.  Love the taste.  Never got one though” and rocked deeper.

I looked puzzled and she continued, “When Kate and I go home, we often go to the fields and shoot bunnies and the occasional Wallaby that passes by, or we go back country for possums.  But we’ve got low power rifles that don’t have the legs or muscle to get deer.”

I look at Sam differently now.  Wilderness Girl. Shooter Girl.

I said, “I’ve never shot and don’t own a gun. And I don’t go back country much,” and grabbed her arse and fondled it

Sam kissed me and squeezed my hardening cock harder and said, “Your gun fires bullets well and often into this bunny, and you can go to any part of this bunny’s country.”

I fed her some mash and venison which she reciprocated, rocking me.

The rocking motion of us moving, feeding each other, kissing, feeding each other, and Sam gently grinding me was making me harder and thicker.

Sam decided to get off me and then turn around: now I had Sam in me again, but I had to hold onto her bust as I fed her which made me even harder as her clit started squeezing me. She started grinding harder as I pushed into her, squeezing her nipples harder. I could feel her pussy getting tighter and pulsing more until she started groaning – a new thing for her as first Sam and then I came.

By now it was late and as we’d put away the whole bottle of wine, I suggested we clean up. Sam stood up from me and I grabbed Sam and started fingering her pussy. I said, “cleaned out” and put my cum-covered fingers in Sam’s mouth. Sam licked my fingers, then bent down and licked off my cock. Now it was time for the dishes!

I asked Sam how she thought her run went. She kissed me and said, “hard and wet .. but not over yet.”

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