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Sam (#7): Return To Peninsula Park (1/2)

This is chapter 7 of 6 chapters in the series Sam's outdoor sexscapades

It was now six months since Sam and Tom had met on the waterfront and now, our relationship was getting serious as we were spending more time in each other and their houses, sometimes with her flatmate Kate and Pete or just Kate.

It was two months since a four-way between the two couples became a three-way due to Pete, Kate’s boyfriend, leaving Kate open and wet. A minor collision with me, resulting in three of us screwing.

With the amount of time at each other’s houses, soon a decision would be made about someone moving in.

Sam had bought her house a year after starting her first job. It was about 80sqm and in an area that was a short commute to her work and that priced that she could not need a flatmate. Which she mostly did until Kate had got her job at RocketFactory and Sam had invited in.

My house was a year old. I had bought my first one also a year into work. I had managed to pick up a 160sqm townhouse designed by the master architect Don Zhang who normally built 500+sqm ones. At the time, the house had been on the market for a year due to a fully documented leak which had scared off buyers. As part of the pre-purchase, I had visited the now-aged Master had he had given me a copy of his plans, knowing that I was an eager custodian.

Over the next eighteen months and $150k, I fixed the leak, replaced all the lights, and brought the house thirty years forward.

Three years ago, older friends nearby were closing in on a payout for their leaker which had a larger section than mine. It would be a JCB repair. After the pain, they had no interest in rebuilding but were loath to leave the area. We had agreed that we would buy each other out and I would build, so I cashed out some well-made investments and got to work.

I took the Master’s plans to an Architect friend. We took the base design, updated it for forty years of construction improvements such as changing from framing to SIPS and added an 80sqm annexe to the other side of the garage which the larger section afforded, a full-width north-facing deck with spa and a pergola. Piling had started the day after move day. Two months after that, the house was finished, and I was in.

When Sam and I started, she was immediately taken with the deck and spa. Soon, weather permitting, we were always naked and making love in the spa or on the deck.

A few weeks after our first date, Kate came round for dinner. She was pleasantly surprised at the house, though looking at the blue fence with its white 20% top and the orange pergola mused, “Weird colours .. but very effective.” I had taken them round to the old house shortly after to show them its origination.

The second time she had come round, Kate had come straight from work. She had gone in straight from her flight from LAX where she had spent another fortnight at Long Beach. Dinner had gone on due to our catching up and there were empties on the bench. Sam and I suggested that Kate use the annexe that night. From then on, Kate had an open invitation to my place if Sam was with me.

The Itch Scratch as we referred to it had not recurred. Whilst we enjoyed it, the circumstances had never repeated and Kate’s suggestions to Pete about it another naked couple’s dinner resulted in a limp response. Kate and Sam occasionally briefly mouth kissed in view of Pete and I to tickle, but again, that was a one-hit. If Pete wasn’t around, sometimes we would engage in a brief, three-way make-out just to tease.

Sam and I were always naked in the spa. The itch scratch meant the three of us had no qualms being naked in the spa as we knew that, apart from a cuddle, nothing would eventuate. Kate had found the experience of nakedness freeing, especially if the pergola fairy lights and the outdoor speakers were on and there was a bottle and glasses on the side, she said. But if Pete or other guests were around, we were all in swimmers.

If Pete was around, we would make out in our couples in the spa and then Kate would take Pete to the annexe to screw, and Sam and I would strip off and get busy.

Kate was now joining us on our runs as she had decided to get out and get fit. She was soon able to keep pace with us on the weekdays when we did the shorter runs. At the weekend, we either laid off the distance or she would cut the route to do less distance, but higher average speed. This had resulted in her dropping a few kilos from around her body, but not bust as Sam and I had observed to her one night when the three of us were in the spa. This had resulted in a playful group French, grind and fondle. Sadly, Pete wasn’t interested in running, even coming as a watcher at TrailHit, which Kate had joined us in racing.

Her love life which had stalled: Since the incident, Kate had gone back on FS to look for FBs and boyfriends and had a few successful meets with several of the former, but none of the latter.

A Pete-free night at my place, we were all cooking dinner clothed. As she moved through the spices drawer, Kate mused, “Pete is like Mixed or Individual herbs, with occasional nips of chilli,” and then as she opened the fridge, ” but never Wasabi nor Hoisin. Steve is Chilli only, Kev does Hoisin well, but this girl wants a good base and some deep heat.”

Summarily, Kate was rumbling on with Pete because he was decent company that she could go out with and chat to and gave her the basics in bed, albeit not at the desired frequency nor variety, though something she was inching up on. She kept Steve and Kev for special, infrequent zaps. As Sam had put it one night, “We’re tens, Tom is a nine and Pete is a five-point-five.”

I had replied, “You two to are 36DD .. oops meant more like 14/10, but I’m happy with my score.”

Sam had grabbed me; open mouth kissed me and shoved her hand down my trousers and roughly grabbed me. Then Kate had given me, then Sam a brief tongue kiss.

Tonight was Thursday. Sam and I were alone in the spa at my house, naked as usual. We had a bottle of wine on the bar, two half-drained glasses and a plate of nachos that we were feeding each other next to us.

We were cowboying as usual, our preferred spa style which we enjoyed as we could simultaneously fondle, kiss and ride. We were about halfway to.

A loud BANG from the gate slamming jolted us out of our lovemaking focus. We saw Kate steaming down the path. Normally when she caught us at it, she would stop, linger, and finger herself to orgasm which invariably coincided with ours.

Tonight was different. As she walked down the path, she threw off her dress, shoes, bra and finally panties.

She jumped in the pool and roughly grabbing Sam’s tits, lifted her off me and spun her round and dropped her onto the bench next to me. Sam was open-mouthed in shock. Kate stuck her tongue in her friend’s mouth and frenched her hard, simultaneously sticking her fingers into her flatmate’s cock-opened clit. I was in shock, but harder and wider at seeing my GF get roughed. Sam responded with a hard kiss and sharp fingering to her flatmate which repeated briefly and with more intensity each time.

Soon, Kate lifted off Sam’s mouth and shot a glance at me. Sam held her flatmate’s head gently and gave an approving, gentle kiss.

Kate used her hands to push off the wall and stand up, then twirled around so she was now over my lap and slammed hard down on me, so I was fully in her and in a finale, rammed her tongue deep into me and frenched me hard.

I was shocked, but with a typical male reaction to an extremely horny girl slamming me, I reciprocated her hard kiss, grabbed Kate’s bust, fondled it roughly and thrust hard into her tight wetness eliciting an OWWWEEE. I had managed to shock and stimulate her.

Sam leaned over and kissed Her Horniness’ neck whilst joining me in the fondling. Kate fucked up and down and kissed me, with an increasing aggression and tightness, accompanied by louder and longer OWWWEEEEEs that shocked and stimulated me, Sam and I reciprocated her flatmate’s aggression with rougher kisses and fondles.

Quickly, I felt Kate squeeze me and then start to pulsate on me. Like the other gestures, the aggression increased, and I was wondering if I was going to end up a Bobbitt.

With a final screech that would have shocked a Banshee, Kate’s pulsating accelerated to a crescendo, then immediately stopped.

Immediately, she jumped off me, leaned over Sam and gently kissed Sam’s neck in an act of atonement.

I was neither atoned nor soft and in a fit of pique, I came behind the neck-kissing Kate and roughly grabbed her boobs whilst ramming my cock hard into her exposed clit, catching the edge on the way with my tip and then balls at full thrust. Kate let an ouch as I entered, then an OWWWEEEEEs as I reached the end of her tightness. Sam put her hands over Kate’s neck to steady her from my hit.

I pulled out hard and grabbing her boobs tighter, I repeated the in-out several times, causing repeatedly louder ouches and OWWWEEEEEs. Soon, my balls were loaded and on a final thrust, I dumped everything into Kate.

With my tension on her bust, I pulled her upright, turned her around and roughly kissed her, which was returned gently, which I reciprocated.

Kate said, “Wow that was a fuuuuuck. Sorry for interrupting. I guess that when the gander is used as a sex toy, the goose should expect the same.”

By this time Sam was standing by us and we enjoyed a brief three-way make-out.

Kate climbed out of the spa, retrieved the bottle and a glass from the cabinet, and made her way back, then topped our glasses up before filling her own.

By now, I had sat down, and Sam was reversing me.

Kate re-entered the spa and snuggled into us, resulting in Sam and I fingering and fondling Kate, which she reciprocated to Sam, interspersed with three-way kisses.

Sam said, “Wow, you were vicious.”

Kate replied, “Sorry, bad day at work, Pete bailed and Steve DNR’d,” she continued, “but me on Tom was at least 500 [k Scoville], Steve is about 250. And you,” kissing me on the lips, “That was pure Hydrazine.”

Sam replied, “Well, this is what friends are for,” and wriggled on me as we clinked glasses.

We carried on the wind-down activity for a bit, then Kate said, “I want to go back,” with a purr emphasising the last two words, “to Peninsula Park.”

We had done TrailHit there three weeks ago. Sam and I had done the XL, but Kate knew she wasn’t ready yet, so had decided to run hard with us to Daffodil Dell, before taking the Long split back at whatever pace she could to the finish, pleasantly discovering that she didn’t slow down too much after the split ended up upper mid-field.

But this time, Kate was really referring to Sam and my date there.

At home, we decided that the public beach wasn’t suitable for us this time and worked out we could run down Letchy’s Way In, swim the headland into Cath’s Cove, we had seen on the joint section, then another swim to Letchy’s Escape and run back to the car if we wanted something different.

Different it would be, we all nodded and in uniform said, “Sunday, 8 am, my place.”

Kate left us alone while she dressed and made dinner, which we later joined, love-made, dry, and dressed.

During dinner, Kate admitted that whilst we were still at it in the spa, the bell had rung. A young WPC and an older male Cop. They had called to check on reports of screaming. Kate said that she simply told them, “That was me being screwed by him,” and pointed to my rear profile the kitchen window. She said the cops had immediately looked flushed and asked if she was the owner. Kate said replied, “Him. I’m her flatmate,” pointing back at Sam who they could see moving up and down on me, causing the cops to cringe. She said that they had asked her if it was consensual and she had replied, “100%. It was the screw that a girl dreams of getting and a guy wants to give, but perhaps not that often as it blows things,” and smiled at the WPC. She said the cops replied sheepishly, “Thanks, we’ll close this as a No Action.”

We had stood, briefly hugged and kissed, then resumed dinner where we had chatted as close friends do. Later, as we were joking around Kate admitted that the idea, she would instigate sex with us had never crossed her mind until she was dumping her clothes. We replied, “You certainly went for a full six on the first bat then.”

Kate replied that she didn’t just get a six, she got a century on consecutive balls, now she wanted open play. Sam had stood up, came behind, fondled her and frenched her. Then I repeated the French and fondle, but slightly harder.

Saturday, we decided that house cleaning and domestics were the order for once, so I was alone. Overnight, there was a storm and first light Sunday morning revealed tree damage. I had gone out quickly and laid into the damage with the relevant kit and in gardening shorts, but by 8 am, I was topless, sweaty and the damage tidied up.

I heard Sam’s car drive in and her usual toooot. They walked into the garden wearing the tri tops and bottoms and trail shoes that we would need for the run-swim. Sam opened her arms and wrapped them around me and kissed me, which I returned.

Kate arriving next, hugged me, sniffed me and said, “I’m not getting in the car with that,” and started to undo my shorts. As she did, she wrapped her tongue, then lips around my cock as she dropped the shorts off, then undid my gardening shoes to allow me to fully undress.

I took the clue and pushed my hands under Sam’s tight top that one from day 1, I realised, kissed her and massaged her nipples as I unzipped her bra and then she slid it off. Then my hands went down and roamed under her shorts, finding her entrance. I moved my fingers around her entrance causing her to get wetter and I kept them as I pushed them down and off.

Sam bent down by Kate and her hands wandered under Kate’s shorts, fingering her with one hand as she dropped the shorts off, then tonguing her as the shorts departed her groin. I open mouth kissed Kate and pushed my hands under her bra to find her tighter bust and grabbed my exposed cock. Kate returned the kiss and as I fondled her, she was handing my cock with Sam tonguing her she was ooohing. I unzipped her top and let it slide over her arms just as Sam finished undoing her shorts, enabling Kate to escape her clothes and us.

Sam turned the jets on and pulled the cover off.

We jumped into the deep end and took turns using our hands to clean each other whilst being kissed with the other person necking. I got double-teamed to ensure I was clean and hard.

Then they lay diagonally in the shallows: two busty, horny girls, waiting for me. Seeing them with their clits open for me in front of me increased my hardness.

After Thursday, I decided to have some mischief with Kate. I leaned over her and kissed her while rubbing her entrance with my cock and fondling her tits. She wrapped her right arm around my head to draw me in and kissed back and used her left hand to finger Sam. I briefly, but with more intensity carried on kissing, fondling and probing deeper into Kate which caused her to moan gently. I made a dummy push in, then pulled out, spun around and put my cock in Sam’s entrance. Kate was surprised at this.

I kissed Sam and fondled her nipples while probing her entrance. Sam wrapped her left arm around my head and kissed faster, which I returned and started pushing into her whilst she fingered Kate. Soon I was fully in Sam, and we were grinding each other as Sam started squeezing me, causing my balls to start to twitch. Sam started moaning as I started to unload in her, but I held back and waited for her to peak.

We kissed briefly and I moved over to Kate.

This time, I kissed her fast and pushed in hard and grabbed her boobs tight. Kate was tight and she kissed me back with an ooh. I pushed in and out whilst kissing and grabbing, causing more moans and pushes on me. Soon my balls were tight. As she kissed me hard, she also squeezed me hard causing my load to shoot into her.

Kate and I had a quick wind-down make out, then we stood up for a group clean and make out.

Kate said, “Cheeky bugger: you got me good and ready, then dumped me.”

Sam smiled and said, “Thursday, I was good and ready and got dumped,” and mouth kissed Kate, then me.

We grabbed towels from the cabinet and dried each other off, then helped the girls get dressed. Sam came to my room and helped me dress whilst Kate grabbed the zip-bagged sandwiches, fruit and PLBs from the bench and distributed them among the bags.

We loaded the Race and Event bags into my car and drove off. The stereo was on Random, but it was Russian Election Random: Shania, Alison Krauss, Bee Gees, then some pop. Repeat.

We had planned to drive straight, but as we got to Piery, we saw that the cafe was open, and we were starving.

We exited the car in our minimalist race gear and walked in. Sam peeled off at the entrance as Kate and went to order, then joined us at the counter.

Sam placed her order and said, “Loos are at the entrance. They have a baby room,” and briefly kissed me, then Kate on the lips.

A boy piped up, “Mum, why did she kiss both the guy and the girl on the lips?”

Mum replied, “French or Italians: they are like that.” Mum looked each of us over and continued, “Very fit ones.”

We sat and waited for our order, then ate it whilst chatting away as friends do.

Then we proceeded to the baby room and locked the door. I began fast kissing Sam and fondling her encased bust which was reciprocated as Kate nuzzled and fingered Sam. We quickly unzipped the tops, then carried on the makeout as we made our way around the bottoms, causing Sam to be double-fingered and start to moan. We slid the bottoms over the shoes and into a pile.

Sam fast kissed Kate and fondled each other as I fingered Kate. We timed shedding Kate’s clothes perfectly.

Then, they went down for a quick fast kiss and suck on me.

We were all primed.

They moved over and bent over onto the changing table next to each other and started kissing. I grabbed Kate by the tits reasonably gently this time and gave her a few gentle thrusts, staying in the whole time which caused a muffled Ooohing.

I moved over to Sam and grabbed her bust whilst entering her. I worked faster on Sam, moving faster up and down, feeling her quickly start to squeeze as I thickened and lengthened inside her. Soon, Sam’s muffled moaning too, with the kissing suppressing the noise. Sam soon started to twinge on me, causing my balls to tighten and I grabbed Sam tighter. Sam and Kate were kissing harder to muffle, but I could hear Sam grunt as I felt her squeeze me. I decided to reserve, so I let Sam squeeze half of my cum out as she orgasmed.

Then I moved over, grabbed Kate and pushed in. Kate instantly squeezed me hard as I moved up and down her tightness. I grabbed Kate a bit harder and moved up and down inside causing her to muffle moan harder and quickly start to pulse on me. I felt my balls tighten as Kate started milking me and I quickly started shooting into her causing harder spasms and longer moans. Soon we both climaxed.

Then they stood up we turns kissing and cleaning off the cum. Then we used the loo in the corner, dressed and made for the car.

The car had not reconsidered on the music front as Kate mused before falling asleep. As we reached the Pest Proof Auto-gate at the park entrance, it delivered its final kick by crashing from Shania’s Up! down to Alison Krauss’ sad and haunting Jacob’s Dream [IRL: listen to it!]. Even the Country-cynic Kate was in tears as AK concluded her powerful and haunting recitation of this sad, true tale.

We parked at the main parking area. Looking out, it was near empty which was rare for Sunday at 10. The car readout showed 14C: warm so we wouldn’t get cold during the fun bit, but not hot enough to cook us on the run in and out.

We got out to see the sky was overcast with a gentle breeze. Perfect we all thought. Sam came to me and whispered, “Let’s make this Kate’s day.”

I kissed Sam and we briefly made out as Kate joined us. Sam kissed Kate on the lips, which she replied with tonguing. I adjusted her clothing to deal with the travel wrinkles to make sure her bust was set properly in the bra and that her bottoms weren’t camel-toeing her. Kate tongued me as she adjusted my clothing, making sure my cock was correctly positioned and she gave me a hard kiss at the conclusion. Finally, I kissed Sam again as Kate adjusted her bust and bottoms.

We got the race bags out and helped each other on. For some reason, the girls’ ones needed moving around their busts which I was asked to do.

As we were going to swim this time, I grabbed the WingMirrorSafe from the under tray where I kept the tyre reflator. I had bought this after friends had their cars nicked from the beach by scroats raiding their gear whilst out swimming. Opened the body and arm of it I locked the car, then slid the key into the body, closed it, then wrapped the arm over the mirror assembly, closed it and finally spun the combination to lock it.

“Ready?” I asked. Kate tongued me again in reply, then Sam kissed acknowledgement.

We ran straight up Arsenal Track which was a 2k steady to the spine. We stopped to admire the view of Sanctuary Island offshore. Kate said, “Stunning view.”

I replied, “Yes, not just the island either,” looking at the two busty girls wearing tight gear as they unzipped slightly so the tops of their breasts were showing.

Kate snuggled into me and frenched me saying, “You are feeling it,” as my cock pressed into her groin.

As we briefly kissed, Sam came from behind, held us both and leaned over to kiss Kate. Kate detached and I now was kissing Sam and Kate holding us, then having another go with Sam.

Over the next 2ks, there were three more viewpoints which we made full use of.

We now dropped onto the steep, windy Letch’s Way In path which we made short work of. We took turns again to ensure we were all properly fitted and Sam and Kate adjusted their zips to ensure enough air. I was getting hard in anticipation, and I could see the girls’ busts had swelled and their nipples stood out like the peak of Kings’ Hill behind us. Then grabbed the goggles from our packs, put them over our ears and stored away our glasses.

We waded out gently into the water until we were bust height and I turned to Kate and kissed her as Sam watched. Kissing Kate was different as there was an edge: we respected each other as friends and sometime-lovers, but the kissing was about sex which was about sex, not about love which it was with Sam. Kate and I made out gently, but with a slightly increasing tempo for several minutes, then stopped and said, “Thanks.”

Kate turned to Sam and the girls wrapped their arms around their necks. Kate said, “That was sweet of you,” and started making out with Sam as they zipped themselves fully up.

Again, their make-out was gentle, with slightly increasing tempo.

We secured our goggles and bent down to commence the swim. We freestyled out of the path base and along the headland, now in deep water, noticing the fish swimming below us. When a big fish was noticed, we poked the others and gestured.

We left the shelter of the headland and into the open water of the gulf, aiming for Battery Point afar right, but keeping inshore and managing drift with the neutral-to-out tide to give us a slight boost. The cliffs here are high and sheer with a steep seafloor shelf, so the next time we would see shallow water would be Cath’s Cove. The ten-minute swim along was easy and I realised that I could have done it in five if today’s aim was racing, rather than sex.

We swam to the bottom of the cove entrance. Sam spied a large, round rock and motioned us towards it. When we got there, as Sam hoped, there was a rough ledge around it that we could stand on. We stood waist-deep on the ledge and leaned Kate against the rock. Sam and I unclicked the collar strap of Kate’s pack. Sam and I took sides and started kissing Kate’s neck while we used both hands to fondle the outside of her bra.

As we began to strip Kate, one of her hands dove into Sam’s bottoms and started fingering her, the other into my bottoms to hand me. Then we moved inside her bra, massaging a breast each and taking turns to mouth kiss her, occasionally leaning up to French each other. As we were doing this, Kate was moaning gently at the pleasure of getting double-teamed. Finally, we undid the front zip and kissed and sucked her breasts and engorged nipples. We moved our hands down her shorts and began fingering her whilst taking turns to tongue kiss her causing loud moans as she had two sets of fingers roaming inside and her hands on our parts. We carried on the fingering after we had dropped her shorts to her ankles and her until we felt her twinge on us.

Now it was Sam’s turn. Kate and I repeated the process of fondling, kissing and stripping and then fingering Sam with her handing me and fingering Kate. Sam’s reaction to being double-fingered was similar: increasing moans, then an orgasm.

Finally, it was my turn. The girls kissed my neck and took turns mouthing me whilst unzipping my tri top and raising it up to my armpits. Then they set to work fondling and liberating my cock from the tie shorts. They dropped the shorts to my shorts and finished playing.

Sam leaned against the rock next to Kate and started fingering herself as I leaned Kate against the rock again and began kissing her and fondling her tits. Kate returned the kiss and placed her arms around me as I continued fondling and kissing harder. I placed my cock between her legs and sat it in her entrance causing a gentle moan, like our first time. With each kiss and as I fondled Kate, I pushed up harder into her tightening pussy. until our kissing was hard out and my hardness fully in and being squeezed by Kate. Kate was moaning gently, but with increasing vigor. Sometimes my left hand would leave Kate and wander down Sam from breast until it briefly entered her.

I could see the bubbles in the water as Sam’s fingering increased as she looked at us screwing harder. I could feel my cock getting squeezed by Kate as I fucked her hard and fast as I leaned over her, roughly fondling her and kissing hard. Soon, Kate started pulsing causing my balls to start twinging.

Kate let out a scream as she pulsed hard on me to orgasm, causing me to shoot my first load into her. Now, I held back, causing me to stay hard in her as she kissed me hard. We stood there for a minute, making out as she came down.

Kate leaned over to Sam and kissed her on the lips hard. Sam returned the gesture.

I moved over to Sam and slid my hardness all the way into her open slit causing a “wow” as she expected me to be soft. I ran my hands gently up Sam’s chest, caressing her bust as I gently kissed her. Sam kissed me back full tongue and ground on my cock inside her and I felt her tighten on me. Soon we were making out hard and moving on each other hard and fast., I was fondling her tight and I could feel her clench me. This caused my balls to tighten again. Sam kissed me hard and fast as she pulsed on me causing me to shoot my load into her eliciting a groan.

Kate turned over and held us from our side as Sam kissed me and whispered, “Love you. You saved some for me, but next time, give Kate the whole shot.”

I kissed Sam back and whispered, “Love you too. Will do,” and kissed her back.

We stood on the ledge for a while, kissing and fondling each other in the wind down with the wind blowing gently across our sweaty bodies.

Then we helped each other put our clothing back on, clipped our collar straps and finally put our goggles on.

We edged off the ledge so that we were floating in deep water and began swimming to the beach.

To be continued …

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