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Sam (#3) A new, hard day

This is chapter 3 of 6 chapters in the series Sam's outdoor sexscapades

Waking up hard is not that unusual for me, Tom, but this was different for some reason. As I woke, I realised that it was because Sam was lying on me eliciting a reaction.

Sam, sensing my [general] awakening, said, “morning” and kissed me. I returned the kiss and we started gently making out with our sleepy tongues exploring each others’ mouths. As we made out, Sam was gently sliding her wet pussy over my hard and growing cock and then with one motion she slid my hard cock into her and started moving up and down on it.

A few minutes later, Sam pulled her mouth away from me, so I could see her gorgeous bust hanging down and said, “any plans?” I’d planned to go to Peninsula Park for a long run and as Sam likes running, I said, “Get dressed, breakfast, go to Peninsula Park for a two-hour run. You?”

Sam said that “Nice idea .. slightly wrong order. I’d planned to spend today with Kate [flatmate]. Maybe the three of us can go and run together?” Normally, having a group run is good fun, but I suggested to Sam that maybe we wouldn’t only run and I started kissing Sam’s breasts. Sam got the hint and kissed me. I said that we could do a two-hour run which had a short coast hop via some small beaches where we could consider a rest stop. Sam nodded, wondering if “rest” meant that, or our definition of an intermission!

We decided to get up and make breakfast and lunch for the trip, but Sam said, “dress later,” so we went into the kitchen naked. We stood in the doorway making out for a few minutes. Our kisses were getting more passionate as Sam’s hands were stroking my cock and mine were rubbing her wet pussy. We then pulled away as our stomachs were overriding our loins and made the food.

We set the table and, like dinner, I sat down on the chair. Sam straddled me with her bust at my mouth level. I grabbed some pineapple and traced it over Sam’s bust, then licked the juice off her nipples which were growing bigger and harder. Sam moved down onto my glans and stared full-tongue kissing me as she slid up and down my head. I kept my hands on Sam’s bust, massaging them and her nipples as she fucked me. Our tongues were probing deeper into each others’ mouths as Sam’s wet pussy moved faster up and down me.

I lifted Sam off me and guided her to the wall. I inserted my cock into Sam’s pussy and she tightened on me immediately. We started kissing again and Sam said, “Fuck me harder NOW.” I thrust harder as Sam was squeezing me until I came, which caused Sam to shudder a she came on me.

Sam said, “eat” and guided me by the cock back to the chair. I sat down on the chair and Sam guided herself onto my tired cock. We sat there for a while feeding each other and periodically kissing.

We then put the dishes in the dishwasher and moved to the bedroom where we’d put our clothes last night. I put on another tri top and undershorts with Sam putting yesterday’s gear back on. Sam said I was untidy and her hand reached down into my shorts and arranged my cock. I thought Sam had one breast misaligned, so I reached under her bra and rearranged things. I said that we’d be here, naked if we didn’t stop, so Sam grabbed my overshorts for me.

We then drove my car to Sam’s car and I followed her to her flat so she could get changed. Kate, her flatmate called out “hi guys” as Sam opened the door. Sam introduced Kate to me and Kate said, “so you’re bed buddies now?” – it was obvious that Sam had called Kate in the car! Sam said, “not sure .. we haven’t really tried that yet! [sort of!] ” I suggested that we were running friends that enjoyed a few other activities. Sam and Kate started laughing together.

Sam went into her room to get changed: I thought that if I followed, we wouldn’t be running today. As I was chit-chatting with Kate, Sam appeared at the bedroom door wearing a different sports bra – this time a back-zip one that showed a bit more bust than the front-zip one and some new shorts and said, “how’s that?” I nodded and Sam then dived back into her room, returning now wearing an over-vest and over-shorts which we’d need for the run and with a leopard-print bra and panties set in hand- the bra would have been good for Kendall Jenner, but would barely support Sam’s bust – maybe that wasn’t the point of them I thought?. Sam said, “these are for later.”

Kate said, “That’s why I’m not coming then!”

We drove to the park and put on our running packs as we were going to need some water on the run. We had a quick make-out to re-acquaint ourselves, then started off the trails. Over the next hour, we mostly ran and talked about life and just getting to know each other – rather than getting to know the other’s body like we’d mostly done so far, but occasionally found the time for a short make-out and “re-position.”

We got down to the beach where I suggested we could coast run to the next bay and then relax. The tide was higher than I had hoped for, so we agreed that we’d walk-swim it instead which was new for Sam, but I’d done coasteering before. We took off our overshorts and Sam took off her over vest. We started running along the beach until it got too deep, then we swam out around the head to a new bay.

In the new bay, the sea floor started shelving up and we started walking again – now fully wet. Sam’s top was clinging to her bust – more so than the previous top, I thought. I turned around and put my hand around Sam’s neck and kissed her. Sam responded by opening her mouth so my tongue could probe. We started frenching again as my hands moved down and into Sam’s bra: as I thought, her nipples had gone hard again. Sam’s hands dove down and undid my drawstring, then started working her magic on my cock.

I saw a smooth rock on the cliff and guided Sam to it. Sam said, “I’ve seen it in the movies where people fuck against a cliff, but I’ve never done it. Have you?” The few adult beach hookups I had, we had screwed either in the sand or the water, so I said, “No – first time too.” I guided Sam against the rock and started kissing Sam again. As there was nowhere to get undressed, I lifted Sam’s top over her tits and started sucking them. By now, Sam had dropped her shorts to her shoes and guided my cock to her pussy. This was a different experience as our movement was restricted – wearing packs and our shorts being around our ankles.

Our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths as my hand started exploring Sam’s pussy; her hand was working its magic on my cock. By now our kisses were definitely in the “why aren’t you inside me?” mode, so I obliged and slid into Sam. Our kisses became more passionate as my cock reached deeper into Sam and my hands grabbed her tits harder. Soon, I could feel Sam’s pussy squeezing me hard as she started pulsating. This was my trigger to cum too.

After a few minutes of post-sex kissing and fondling with Sam still against the rock and my rock inside Sam’s cave, we decided to get dressed and finish our run. I helped Sam put her bra back over her bust and diligently made sure that the bra was doing its job properly, then Sam reached down and brought my shorts up and made sure my cock was in its right place.

Sam said, “I wonder what the picnic will be like?”

I said that with the leopard print that she’d shown me earlier set on her, it wasn’t just the food that was going to be eaten.

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