Inspired By The Gods

Swing down O young Erotes,

spread your wings of love.

Mortals await your gifts of lust,

before they turn to dust.

Who Are We !?

About Us: Inspired by the EROTES,  we are men and women, couples, groups, artists, readers and writers. We are lovers of Erotica, Adventure, Romance, Love, Sex, Sensual Art, Poetry and Erotic literature. Our aim is to create a place for artists and writers to share their masterpieces as well as for readers to meet, mingle, chat and enjoy the best sensual and erotic literature they have been hungry for.

Who are the EROTES !?

The Erotes are a collective of winged gods associated with love and sexual intercourse in Greek mythology. They are part of Aphrodite’s retinue. Erotes is the plural of Eros (God of Love and Sex), who as a singular deity has a more complex mythology. Other named Erotes are Anteros (love returned), Himeros (Impetuous love), Hedylogos (sweet talk), Hymenaios (bridal hymn), Hermaphroditus (effimate), and Pothos (desire and longing). The Erotes became a motif of Hellenistic art, and appear in Roman and later Western art in the form of multiple Cupids or Cupids and Psyches.

At Eroterite, EROS, the God of Love and Sex, is our muse. The Erotes guide our lives in the realms of pleasure and pain. They are, our inspiration when we dream, our guides when we write, and our companions when read in the middle of the night.

In the darkness of one of those inspirational nights… … was born

Painting of Cupid and Psyches by William Adolphe Bouguereau (Psyche et L’Amour-1889)