How Do You Do It?

How do you do it?

How do you make me think of you when you are not?

How do you make me never forget you when I ought?

How do you make me dream of you when you do not?

How do you forget me for days without a thought?

How do you think you can lie to me without being caught?

How do you say you miss me when clearly, you have not?

How do I live without you when you know I cannot?

How do I write a word if you won’t read a dot?

How do I make you read what I have briefly jot?

How do you sell my soul which you’ve already bought?

How do you make me shiver when you’re freaking hot?

How does a star outshine the Sun with all its lot?

How do you make the Milky Way sprout out all its got? 

How do you purr out my name then jump to a trot?

How do you make me your bitch when you’re the slut?

How do you make my cock drip of your brimming lust?

How do you allow me to lick that elusive wet slot?

How do I get my hands on those firm apricots?

How do I make you scream boring for that g-spot?

How do you use your whip and tie them in a knot?

How do I kiss your feet all the way up to that spot?

How do I touch it without being shot?

How? How? How?

How can I do it?

How can I give you a SMACK on the lips without getting a swat?

    What do you think?


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    1. One of my favorites, sir.
      You’ve extended this.

      You shouldn’t be chasing such illusive women. They are nothing but trouble. You’d be much better off shackled to my furniture where I could squeeze your apricots.

      By the way, it’s not a Milky Way. It’s a Baby Ruth, remember?

      My Cherry Coke, Your Baby Ruth
      It’s what’s for dinner in this booth

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