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A Night with the Devil

The Night with the Devil

I met her by chance one day. I could not remember how we ended up in my place.

She told me to wait a few minutes then follow her to the bedroom. I waited impatiently in the living room then hurriedly followed her in. She was wearing a sexy red leather outfit that made her look lavishing. She also had on matching red high heeled shoes which dramatically increased the effect. I approached, but she did not allowed me to touch her.

She ordered me to strip my cloths off and fall on my hands and knees on the ground. She put a mask on my eyes which almost covered my entire face. It was a strange kind of an eye mask which completely blocked my vision leaving only my mouth exposed. 

She tied something around my neck. Even though my eyes were covered but I believe she used one of my own ties as a leash. She pulled me with it and made me crawl on my hands and knees around the room. 

Suddenly  I felt a whip repeatedly striking my back and ass. Then she sat on my back and rode me around the room. While she was riding me she kept striking me with the whip. Her sharp heels where digging in my hips and legs. I have never felt so humiliated in my life, but I could not do anything. She wanted to brake my will and she did. 

While she was riding me she grabbed my hair and pulled strongly. My eyes were still covered and they continued to be for that night. I was not able to see her. I could only feel her weight on top of me. I could also hear her shouting and insulting me. 

She stepped off of my back and stood in front of me. She guided me where she wanted me to kiss and lick her starting all the way down with the heels of her shoes. 

“Ok, now lick my shoes until they shine,” she said, and I did without a word. 

She made me stop after a few minutes. She took of her shoes and instructed me again to kiss and lick her feet starting with her toes then her legs until I reached her ass. 

She guided me until I reached the entrance to her spot. She grabbed me by my hair again and slowly let me smell her entrance without touching it for a few seconds. 

“Now kiss it, show me how you lick it clean, suck my clit,” She repeatedly ordered. 

It was a wish come true for me. I was having the feast of my life. She suddenly came in my face. Her juices exploded, dripping all over my mouth.

She order me to stand up. She tied my hands behind my back and left me standing there for a few minutes. The wait was killing me. I didn’t know where in the room she was or what she would be doing next. 

Suddenly I felt her mouth around my cock. She was playing with my dick and balls. She licked it, sucked it, biting it. It was blissful torture. She used her tongue, lips and teeth, It was her toy. She made it dance in her mouth. The pressure was slowly building up inside of me until I came all over her face.

This was not over. I would be coming again that night and so would she. She let me rest on the bed and left me there for a few minutes. I did not know how long I lay there on the bed- maybe 15 or 20 minutes- but the rest let me regain my strength for the next round. 

Suddenly I felt her close by me, on the bed. She put a headphone on my ears and switched it on with loud music. She never took the cover off my eyes. I was now deprived of my other senses. I could not see her, I could not hear her and I could not touch her. She stuffed her wet panties in my mouth. It smelled of her juices and that completed the last of my senses.

She made me lie on my back on the bed and started torturing me once again. She used the whip for a few seconds. She tortured my nipples, pulled them, sucked them, bit them until they become red. 

She scratched my chest, my cock, my balls with her fingernails. She stood up on the bed and put her toes in my mouth and ordered me to suck them one by one. She used her feet to play with my cock. 

Then she turned me around facing the bed. She walked on me. She put her feet in my ass, caressing my asshole with her toes. She tried to insert her large toe in the entrance to my hole. 

I don’t know if it was joy, humiliation or the panties in my mouth that prevented me from screaming but my tongue was all tied up and I could not even breath.

She flipped me over again. I felt a cool watery sensation splashing all over my dick. I believe she used some kind of lubricant. Then she brought a vibrating cock ring and put it around my cock and balls but she did not switch it on. She took out her panties from my mouth and the headphones off my ears and sat on my face. 

“Now eat me again,” she ordered, and I obliged her immediately. 

My cock was again in full swing. Suddenly she switched on the vibrating ring and started eating my cock. We both exploded in each others faces once again.

She left me tied on the bed again for a few minutes. I did not know how long I was there on the bed, maybe another 15 or 20 minutes but this time my head was swimming in blissful joy of pain and ecstasy.

“I need to take a bath, and it is your job to clean me up,” I heard her say. 

At first I did not understand what she meant. My eyes were still covered and my hands still tied behind my back. 

She dragged me to the bathroom and guide me to the toilet.  My boils must have been ready to explode by then. She directed my penis to the toilet and ordered me to pee without making a mess. 

Then she took me inside the tub and let me kneel on my knees. She put a sponge in my mouth and made me give her a sponge bath. I washed clean every inch of her body, her legs, her back, her tits, and her ass. Then she cleaned me up herself while I was still on my knees in the tub. 

Once the bath was over she made me dry her up with my tongue. She particularly wanted those difficult places such as her clit cleaned all the way up to her asshole. 

Finally she took me back to the bed, ordered me to lie on my back and re-stuffed her old panties in my mouth. Once again she left me there for yet another few minutes.

The torture started once again. She used the whip for a few seconds. She tortured my nipples, pulled them, sucked them, bit them until they become red. She scratched my chest, my cock, my balls with her fingernails…

Again I felt the cool watery sensation splashing on my dick. She was using  lubricants once again, lots of lubricants. She put the vibrating cock ring back on but again she did not switch it on. At first I thought that she was repeating the same exercise all over again, but I was wrong. 

I felt her slowly inserting a long anal device inside my asshole. When it was completely in she put a large dildo in my mouth and she switched them on all together: the vibrating ring, the anal device which turned out to be a vibrating anal beads and the large dildo. 

My cock jumped up so high I thought that it would shoot out of my body. She suddenly jumped on my cock and rode me like fire. 

I did not know if I screamed that time but I exploded in her while she must have had multiple orgasm because I could not count the number of times her body bucked and turned on top of me.

I must have passed out or dosed off after that.

I woke up the next day and she was gone.

I did not see her again but I am still looking for her every day.

The End

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