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Zapped Again

Zapped again

A couple of weeks later you wouldn’t have guessed he had a stroke that nearly zapped his life. Now that he was resting in that motel room it was time for me to start thinking about mine.

After he was discharged from the hospital I stayed by his side until he was able to stand on his two feet again. He had recovered quite well considering. Once he was back to normal, I packed his bags and kicked him out of the house. 

Serves him right for cheating on me with that slut. That was the right thing to do, wasn’t it? It was what everyone expected me to do so why didn’t I feel good doing it?

I was finally alone in an empty house, the tv remote in my hand, flipping channels like it was the end of the world, and feeling miserable doing it. Maybe flipping channels was a man’s job. I haven’t been without a flipping man for more than twenty years. Maybe I don’t want to flip channels by myself. I missed that flipping cheat. Why did he have to go and do something as stupid as that? What have I done to make him do it? Maybe the question is, what have I not done to make him look for someone to do it with? I had to find out or I was going to flip out of my mind.

“Can I come in?” I stood outside her door like a beggar waiting for a handout.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea,” she hesitated. I could see she was afraid of me, nevertheless she swung open the door to let me inside her home. 

“Make yourself comfortable,” inviting me into the living room, then she walked behind the kitchen counter to be as far away from me as she possibly could. I could smell fear in the air, and the fact that she held a kitchen knife pretending she was cooking lunch in the early hours of the day proves it. The living area was cramped but comfortable, a sofa with a large tv stand, a book case full of books on one wall and a picture of a bulldog hanging on the other. A very normal living environment by any standard. What was I expecting? A damp filthy dungeon? A derelict booze smelling crack infested house? Of course I wanted to expect all that. Deep inside I wanted to feel that my life was better than hers.

“Don’t worry, I just want to ask you about my husband.” 

“How is Sam by the way?” Monique asked from the cooking area. “Is he okay?” 

Why wasn’t I not surprised the bitch was enquiring about my husband’s well-being. Knowing she was the one who brought him to the hospital and stayed until he woke up from his coma, be it she was the one who zapped him into it in the first place. I guess I was grateful she had my cheating husband’s concerns on her mind, even though she was the one whom he had cheated with to begin with… Oh Heck!!! Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea.

I almost stood to walk out when she surprised me with, “you want to know why your husband came to see me, don’t you,” she said before she came and sat next to me. The smell of fear was starting to dissipate and the knife was back in the kitchen drawer. 

I slumped back onto the sofa and whimpered loudly. “Don’t tell me you are a therapist as well,” I was trying to be sarcastic. This was my self defense mechanism. I always use sarcasms when I want to face my fears. It worked most of the time.

“Oh No. I’m not,” Monique replied, “but I do have a minor in psychology and a major in economics.”

Crap! I barely finished high school, how the heck was I going to compete with that? Did I come here to compete with that?! I kept asking myself. She had a slimmer body, firm sets of boobs, longer straighter shinier hair, fairer skin and a better educational background. Why did I even come here in the first place? 

“You came to see why he kept coming back.”

Oh shit! She was also a telepath. Was I that transparent? “If you’re such a great psychologist then why are you working as a…?” however I could not complete that question. Sarcasm was one thing but insolence was another.  Besides, what would I call her? mistress? whore? prostitute? Slut?..

“Why would I settle for a hundred dollars an hour when I could charge more than two hundred for being a dominatrix,” she replied. “Besides, hearing my clients moan from joy is way more satisfying then hearing about their mumbling problems.”

“Did my husband mumble about his problems with you?” I asked. I wasn’t sure he had mumbling problems. “Did he mumble about me?” I asked again. I had to know if the reason he came here was because I was the reason for his mumblings. 

“Oh no,” she replied. “He never ever mentioned you.”

“So you didn’t know he was married?”

“Of course I did.” She confirmed. “Most of my male clients are married. They come to me because they are.”


“Because you don’t want to give them the satisfaction, or you’re afraid to, or you think that being a Dom isn’t what an adorable wife should be.”

“BUT IT ISN’T ?” I snapped. I have always thought that those who have any BDSM tendencies had some personal issues which they needed to resolve. Sure we did some domination play a couple of times my husband and I, but it was just that, PLAY. We or more specifically I, didn’t want to take it any further. 

“Oh but you are wrong Mrs Anderson,” Monique calmly replied. “You see, women have always been the dominant species on this planet. Men foolishly think that they are. However we control their lives, their homes, their livelihood, and their hearts. The only thing we stopped short off controlling was their bodies. Very few men like your husband have figured that out. Unfortunately their wives did not. That is why they come to see me Mrs Anderson. Those that continue to do so have reached the ultimate level of inner peace. Some call it sexual nirvana, a transcendent state of pleasure fueled with pain. It is the final goal of their lives, accepting one’s self.”

“OH WOW,” I exclaimed. I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. “So my husband has been reaching his fucking nirvana with other women!” My sarcasm kicked in again.

Monique thought about that for a few seconds before she said, “I don’t know if he was seeing other women. Well, not for the past year or so. I think. I believe he loves you. He only needed the domination aspect of our relationship. That is why he came to me. I am sure he is a happily married man. Isn’t he a happily married man Mrs Anderson?”

“OF COURSE HE IS A HAPPILY MARRIED MAN!” I snapped for the last time before I realized she was giving us a compliment. “And please call me Laurie,” trying to lower the tension in the air once again.

“I have been in this line of work for a long time, Laurie,” Monique tired to explain. “Most of the time I can sense if a man or a woman are happy or not.”

“So You have women clients as well?” I foolishly asked.

“Of course I do,” she confirmed. 

“Sure you do,” I concurred. “But if men want to fuck their nirvanas then what do women get out of this?”

Monique smiled at my jab this time. “You see, most of my clients, men, women as well as some others, come here to find peace and domination is the most peaceful tension release of of all sexual activities.”

“PEACEFUL?!…You must be joking!” I wasn’t buying this. “How so?”

“Because of trust,” she replied. 


“Yes trust,” she confirmed. “They all want to trust you with their bodies, their souls, even when the whip touches the very essence of their being, they still want to feel that trust till the end. That is why when I zapped Sam into that heart attack I thought I had broken that trust. I was devastated. I was thinking of quitting until you came knocking on my door.” I could almost see her eyes fog up. She was really serious about this.

“So you’re saying that if I had whipped my trusting husband ass he would not have come to you? Well, you should be thanking me then,” could I be more sarcastic than that?

“Oh no, no,” Monique replied with a light giggle. “Well, now that I am getting to know you better, I believe you wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

“Seriously?! And where do you think I should begin?”

“By knowing what it feels like to surrender,” she replied. “By knowing if you can or can not trust anyone but yourself.”

“What if I can’t?”

“Then your husband will continue to come to me,” she finally replied.

I knew I was at a cross roads. According to Monique my husband was going to continue looking for that TRUST no matter what I do. I could continue to be angry at him, at myself and escalate this until we eventually separate ultimately leading to our divorce. Or we could figure a way to solve this problem, our problem, until we come to a satisfactory conclusion. Even though I kicked him out of the house however I still love him and according to Monique again he loves me as well. I still want him in my life. But how do I do that? How can we reach that compromise? How do I begin to trust him or myself again?

“Can you show me what I have to do?” I did not know why I was asking Monique for help. Wasn’t she the cause of my problem? I suddenly realized that maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she can help me understand what my husband was looking for. But can I TRUST her?

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked. 

“Would I have come here if I wasn’t?” I replied. “If you are such a smart ass you should know that already.” 

That is when I felt her hand on my face spinning my head almost 180 degrees. It wasn’t a very strong slap but it took me by surprise. I stood up yelling, “WHAT THE…?” I was about to do the same, a self defense reflex. She stood facing me like a solid rock without twitching a muscle. I stopped myself before I did something stupid.

“As I said, you need to feel what it is like to submit,” she confirmed. “Your ego still controls your emotions. If you do not submit you would not know what it is like for people that do.”

“Will you be slapping me again?” My sarcasm kicked in and I got slapped again. I guess I got my answer.

“We can continue to play this game until you do,” she replied, “but I was hoping to move on to more enjoyable pursuits. I believe that that is what you came here for, isn’t it?”

“And how much are you going to charge me for this slapping lesson?” I couldn’t help myself and I got another slap for my insolence. My cheek was starting to tingle. 

“Consider this is a gift.” She smirked. I hate her. “I’ll be charging $400 on the next session like I charge your husband.”

“So you really think there is going to be a next?” I chuckled and received another slap.


I swear I was starting to enjoy this. I was eager to see what she planned to show me. We stood facing one another in the living room waiting for the first to blink. 

“On your knees,” she ordered. I didn’t know who blinked first. I guess I did because I fell down to the floor and waited for instructions. 

“Okay. Let’s get some things straight before we start,” she said. “I have a feeling you have never been touched by a woman before, right?” I just nodded. “If I’m going to do this then you give me your full consent to use tools, toys or anything that is going to simulate your senses until you cum.” Suddenly the idea that I was going to be sexually used by another woman started to sink. Heck the only three people who ever touched my nakedness were my husband, my mother and my gynecologist. And now I’m giving this woman whom I barely know my consent to use me as her sex toy. I started to shake.

“Of course I’m not going to do anything to harm you. I want you to enjoy this, even though you will be experiencing some pain in the process,” she read my mind again. “However if you feel at any time you don’t want to continue you can say ‘Sam’ and I will stop. ‘SAM’ is going to be your safe word. Do you understand?” I nodded again and the shaking stopped. I have no idea why she used my husband’s name as my safe word. Maybe she knew he was my safety net, my shelter, my partner, my lover… Oh… she was good!

“Another important thing you need to agree to,” she continued to lay down the rules. “From now on you will address me as Mistress. When I ask you a question you will only answer with YES or NO MISTRESS,” she added. “If I hear any other words coming from you mouth aside from your moans you are going to get punished and not in a nice way I assure you. Do I make myself clear?”

I nodded again and I got another slap. This time on my other cheek. “Ouch! What was that for, I didn’t say anything.” I surprisingly reacted to be rewarded with another slap on the other cheek. 

“I don’t think you understood the rules, Laurie,” she reminded me of them once again. “YES MISTRESS OR NO MISTRESS ONLY, and wipe that smirk off your face.”

“Yes mistress.” without the smirk this time.

“Now stand up and follow me.”

I scrambled to get off my knees and followed her like a kitten leading me down to the basement. When she switched on the lights to the room I started shaking once again. I knew there was a dungeon somewhere, a dark room with black painted walls that hid the shadows of contraptions and the tools of her trade.

“Take off your clothes and wait for me on your knees.”

Those few minutes on that damp floor were the longest minutes of my life. I was naked, cold and shaking like a leaf. My mind kept rewinding and rewinding all and every erotic book and movie I have ever read or seen. I wasn’t a nun. I have read and seen a few. But nothing prepared me for that torturous waiting game.

“Good,” she startled me when she slipped from behind the shadows. My mind was occupied else where. “You seem to get the hang of it,” she added. She stood in front of me wearing a tight black leather outfit and a skimpy thong. She could have stayed in that jumper she was wearing earlier. I guess the effect of leather does intensify the mood and I felt my clit start to intensify dramatically.

“Not bad,” she said holding one of my breast in her hand simultaneously squeezing my nipple. “Hard and ready,” she added. “You do like this don’t you?” as she kept pinching my nipples with her soft firm hands.

“They are sensitive  ….OUCH!” I screamed 

“You forgot the rules again,” she reminded me by twisting one nipple until I thought it could not possibly turn anymore.

“Yes mistress.” I remembered.

“Good, now stand up.” I scrambled to oblige to be guided to one corner of the room where the famous cross hung on the wall. I remember she told me that that was one of my husband’s favorites. I didn’t know why until I was strung up there myself. I guess it is the feeling of helplessness. The only thing I could do now was to trust she knew what she was doing. TRUST, It is that damn word again.

“Are you okay with everything so far?” She asked, making sure I still wanted to continue.

“Not bad so far…. Ouch!” I flinched when she flickered one of my nipples with her finger. I wasn’t expecting that. It did hurt in a surprisingly nice way.

“This is the last time I’m going to remind you of the rules, Laurie,” she said.

“Yes mistress.”

Then she left. She left me on that cross for long time. I waited….and waited…and waited…that was by far the worst form of punishment one could imagine. When she came back I could breath again. But when she dangled those things in front of my eyes, my breathing stopped once more. I knew she was going to use those things at some point but seeing them for the first time does stop your heart. When she tightened them on my nipples my whole being just shock. It was like being pierced through the heart. I had never felt so much pain in my life. I was almost going to use my safe word when suddenly it stopped. I could see those clamps dangling on my nipples but the pain seemed to dissipate. 

“Breath Laurie, just breath” she said. “You only feel the pain at the beginning or when I do this,” and she pulled… oh fuck… she pulled. My heart skipped a beat. “Once I take them off that is when you’re going to feel the real pain. You will beg me to put them back on.” She said, then she pulled them again and again and I screamed again and again. I haven’t felt so alive in a very long time. I hated her for doing that, but I wanted her to do it again and again.

“Open your eyes, Laurie,” she ordered. When I did I was introduced to what was to become one of my best new friends, the Magic Wand. I’ve always wanted to buy one of those but I was afraid what my husband was going to think of me. When she put the head of that vibrator on my clamped nipples my legs almost buckled. However when she brought it down to the entrance of my vagina my legs actually did. I was shaking on that cross like a wiggling dancer. Its large head engulfed my womanhood tingling every point it touched. Suddenly I started seeing stars. She started taking the nipple clamps off as the vibrator was still waltzing between my legs. “Noooo… put them back..PUT THEM BACK…” I screamed. I didn’t really know that ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’ can coexist at the same moment in time. My nipples where on fire while my clit was in a world off its own… pain.. no pleasure… no pain….pain… no pleasure… until I finally exploded. I opened my eyes to see I was standing in my own puddle of cum. My juices had dripped down from their long time jail sentence down on my thighs all the way to my legs forming two little ponds on either side of my two shaking wet feet. 

“Nice,” she said. “You didn’t tell me you were a squirter” I didn’t even know that I was. “Relax for a minute then we’ll continue.”… crap.. she wants to continue!

I don’t recall how I ended up facing the cross the other way around. My mind was trying to recover after that once in a life time orgasm. Now I was standing with my back to her receiving my first set of slaps of the day. She just used her bare hands on my ass cheeks for this exercise. She started with light slaps, almost like tender caresses that tingled my bare flesh.

“I’m going to test your pain level to see how far you can go,” she said. “On a scale from one to ten those were all ones. Tell me when you can not take it anymore?” 

“I can take those…” I replied to received a sudden strike that rocked my body all the way up to my rattled brain. “YES MISTRESS , NO MISTRESS …” I screamed.

“This one is an eight. If you keep disobeying my rules you probably won’t be able to sit down for days. Now tell me when they start to become unbearable.”

“Two, Two, Two, Two,” harder slaps then the first. “Yes mistress.” Those weren’t so bad.

“Three, Three, Three,” even harder still. “Yes mistress.” Oh those were good.

“Four, Four” way way harder. “Yes mistresssss.” Those I had to think about.

“Five,….” now I was starting to feel the pain. “Yesssss….Yesssss.” Okay I can take this.

“Si…” holy fucking shit!! that was bad. “No no no mistress Nooo…” so she stopped.

“Not bad,” she said, “A few more sessions and you’ll probably get to Sam’s seven in no time.” I hate them both. Why can’t she continue with just threes. I was loving those.

SLAAAAAPPPPP. Where the fuck did that come from?! I didn’t even dare open my mouth to ask. 

“This is called a paddle.” She explained and she used it on my ass between a four and a six. I was more concerned my heart was not going to stop that I wasn’t able to pin point exactly the level my derrière was being subjected to. She even showed me the flat leather surface of the paddle each time she struck the high six note. It was exhilarating. I didn’t want it to stop. However I knew I was starting to turn red. My ass was burning hot. If she didn’t stop now I don’t know if I could drive home after that. “Don’t worry the redness will go away with some oil. We still have a few more things to try out.”…crap… what more things?!

Oh she tried more things….She tried the whip, the cane, the flogger, even the riding crop to give me a taste of them all. Each had a sting of its own. I urge you never to try the cane… it is a ‘No No Mistress’. My preference was the flogger because by the end of it I was almost on the verge of another orgasm. The flogger embraced my back sending a slithery sensation when it touched my skin. At the end of it all I almost couldn’t feel my skin anymore. As if I had just came from the beach, scorched by the hot burning sun. I wanted to see what my body looked like in a mirror. For some reason I knew she did not do any damage. I trust she hadn’t. I had to trust, otherwise ….

“let’s put you on that bench,” she said. “Now the fun begins.”…. Crap…. What fun, I don’t like fun, weren’t we having fun before!?

“Do you know what this is, Laurie?” She asked before she put it in front of my eyes. I gulped. That was not going to be fun. I was lying on a padded wooden bench, my hands and feet strapped to either side so I could not run. Believe me I wanted to.

“OH NO!” I almost yelled out. Mistress or no mistress, I wasn’t going to let that bitch put that thing inside… NO WAY.


My mouth popped wide open. I had no idea why. The taste of that egg shaped metal plug was cold in my mouth. I knew I had to smear it with as much spit as I could so it would glide in easier. 

“Don’t worry,” she realized what I was going through. She also knew I was giving her my permission to put in my anus. She must have known the initial inhibition towards those things. Everyone has it the first time.

“I think you are going to like this,” she wasn’t giving me a choice. “Don’t worry, I’m going to use lots of lubricants. You won’t feel a thing.” But I felt a lot of things. It was fucking huge. What the hell was wrong with me. Why didn’t I invoke my safe word? 

“Once it goes in you won’t feel it. I’m sure Sam will tell you that.” I swear I’m going to kill that man.

“Is it in? …please tell me it is in,” I begged her to tell me it went in. At first there was some resistance. The natural instinct of the human body was to push it out. Not like the other hole next to it which wants to suck everything in. The human body is a strange place…. NOW WHY THE HELL WAS I THINKING ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY AT THIS TIME… I was being fucked by a fucking anal plug for fucking sake!! 

“Relax, It’s in,” I finally heard her say before she left me on that cold bench to ponder how did such a large thing even enter my back door. Amazing what the human body can take, isn’t it?!

All of a sudden every single follicle in my body exploded like it was hit by lightning, that is because it was. “I didn’t want to use this today,” she said. “But I do remember you were interested in it, so I thought I could give you a little taste.”

“AAAAAAA!!!!” was all I could manage to reply. “Don’t tell me this is what I think it is?” I asked before I was ZAPPED again! Another bolt of electricity went through my body like a knife. 

“Oh yes it is,” she replied, “you forgot the rules again.” She followed it by another zap on my leg.

“FUCK YOU and your rules” I screamed again….and was zapped again.

“RULES. Laurie,”… Zapped again.

“FUUUCCCKKK….” Another scream… to be rewarded by three zaps this time, one on the soul of my foot, the second on my thigh, and the last between my wide open bottom cheeks. That last one almost touched the metal plug which was still lodged inside my asshole sending shock waves all the way up to my spine. 

“Do you want me to stop Laurie?” 

“NO WAY…” I screamed…. Followed by a ZAP

“Say No, Laurie.”

“GO.. FUCK YOURSELF,” was my response… followed by another.

“We can stop when ever you want. Just say the word.” 

“NOOOOO…..” I screamed my final scream followed by my final wish, “please don’t stop. Pleeeeease… l…”

“I think you’ve had enough.”

Unfortunately I could only manage a “NOOOO…..” which came begging out of my mouth. I wasn’t sure what kind of ‘NO’ it was. I so wanted her to stop yet I wanted those shocking bolts to continue. This shocking bolts that sent my husband packing to the hospital. How can all those conflicting emotions be boiling inside of me so furiously; love and hate, pleasure and pain, fight or surrender. I was trying to figure each and everyone out. I couldn’t. But one thing for sure I was starting to understand a little of what my husband wanted to experience. If I had a choice myself I would want to continue doing the same thing again and again…

“Now for the final act of the day,” she said. I was still strapped on the bench so I couldn’t see what her finally act of the day was going to be. I TRUST she knew what she was doing. Wait!… WHAT?!

“Oh FUUUCKKKK, what the hell are you DOING?!” I yelled out.

“How do you like my ten inch strap-on,” she wickedly chuckled. “Do you feel it going in?”


“It’s half way in Laurie,” from the way her voice sounded I could feel she was enjoying this as much as I was. “Do you want me to stop?”


“No what?” she pulled that dildo out leaving my entrance cold, exposed and wanting.

“Noooo…. I mean.. yessss… please mistress pleeeaaase… noooo..I want it inside of me… please Yesss..” I hissed my last yesss before she pushed that rod all the way back inside where I wanted it to stay.

“OH fuuuuckkkk yes noooo,” in and out, “oh yes” then “nooo,” rocking inside of me. I was loosing my mind. Each time it went in I wanted it out. When it was half way out I wanted it back in. It must have been more than ten inches long. She lied. It opened up places my husband hadn’t, no couldn’t, reach so far inside. Each time it went in it nudged that anal plug next door as if I was being double penetrated simultaneously. I was shaking from ecstasy. I could not take it any more. I finally burst that second and most glorious act of that day. That was a first for me. Two orgasms in a day!  I’ve never done that before. It was exhilarating but exhausting.

“Can we do this again next week you and I?” I wanted to book another session with Monique. There was still much TRUST I needed to learn. 

“Unfortunately there isn’t going to be a you and I anymore,” she replied.

“BUT WHY?” I was about to cry. “Have I done something wrong?” I knew I said a lot to upset her. I thought that maybe she had forgiven me after everything that we had gone through. I thought we had finally become friends. 

“If you want to see me again you have to bring Sam with you.”

“WAIT WHAT?! Are you fucking serious?”


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