You’re my life

You’re my life

Your eyes remind me of days gone fast

and my regrets of the wounds of the past.

All that I’ve seen before my eyes saw thee

was a wasted life and they count it on me!

You’re my life which begins each morning 

with your light knowing my life is soaring.

My heart never experienced joy before you

never tasted but the flavor of pain past due.

I’ve just now begun to love the joys of life.

I’ve just now begun to fear death and strife.

All the joys that I longed before were fantasies.

In your eyes I found my heart and memories.

Oh my heart, you’re more precious than life.

Why didn’t we meet sooner? my darling life.

Writers notes:

Unfortunately again I don’t claim to be the writer of this poem . I am just honored to be the translator. I hope it will bring joy to your hearts as it did to mine. 

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