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You Took My Heart

Feeling the thorn of the quill masturbating on my soul
as your tongue tastes me. My cunt plays succubus
to your cock’s stiletto. In my analysis non sequitur
as the candles crowed loudly. With the weight of the
wildebeests lashing my wrists in Twilight’s sado-
masochism. Missing lyrics of obsession. Fraying the
amatory of arousing fires. Lusting for the truss
haunting the soul, listening. Colliding with seduction
with the four-string cello. Giving in to the bow with
a rush of depravity dripping from my lips. screaming,
encore. With self-inflicted insanity of the thorning
throes tithing the tongue. Bound to the withers of
darkness and despair, soaring to the heights with
nothing left to score. No longer a corpse only carrion
for the dead of a longwinded torso screaming,
“You took my heart.”

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