Why do I love her ?

Why do I love her? I don’t know 

We’re nothing alike, should that matter?

Opposites attract I’ve heard them say

Can we do what couldn’t be done?

She likes to bathe, I like to shower

She likes hot water, I like it warm

She uses body wash, I use soap

We often take our baths together

She likes pasta, I like a burger

She likes salad, I like soup

She eats slow, I eat fast

We love to go out to dinner

She sleeps early, I stay up late

She rises early, I like to nap

She likes the day, I love the night

We always find time for love

She likes it soft, I like it hard

She likes to kiss, I like to bite

She likes to cuddle, I like to fuck

Our sex life is an act of wonder  

She likes silk, I like leather

She likes vanilla, I like BDSM

She is a mistress, when I am a master

We switch every once in a while

She is a believer, I am a skeptic

She is a romantic, I like adventure

She is a lover, I am a realist

There are so many topics to discuss

Why do I love her? I don’t know 

We’re nothing alike, that doesn’t matter

I can’t live without her, neither can she

We’ll comprise, as we’ve always done


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