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Where have you been?

“Where have you been?” 

You asked with a wicked grin.

Here…there…I said

Waiting… dreaming… in bed.

“For who? Of whom?”

You asked with a boom

and the crack of the whip

as I winced and bit my lip.

You… Me… She…

I trembled, trying to flee.

“Elaborate,” you snapped.

As the cane hissed and zapped.

Please Mistress! It is her.

I explained to a dismayed stare.

Your whip, your cane, I can get by.

But a word from her and I would die.

“Who is she? Who is the dame?”

Eagerly wanting to know her name.

A bitch… a witch… a foe…

A friend…a lover…a Jane Doe…

“Your cock, your ass are all mine.

to feast, to dine with a sip of wine.

If you don’t forget that slut,

your balls I’m going to slice and cut.”

I’m yours as I’ve always been

with all my virtues and my sins.

But my heart is not my own.

It is hers. That… she owns. 

“What does she look like?”

Your voice crackled with a spike.

“Tell me who took your soul

And fucking stripped you whole.”

With a dream on her back

A bitch in life, and a witch in the sack 

A haze of red that I dream to reach 

A shining star twinkling on the beach

“Poor man,” is all you managed to say,

as you send me miserably on my way.

“There is no hope for you.

Nothing that I or anyone can do.”

Please don’t send me away. I plead.

Your love is all that I ever need.

It is what keeps me alive,

as I struggle to live and survive.

“You can’t have it both ways.

Either she goes or I stay.

You can only love one at a time.

To love us both is a crime.”

This is what she also said.

That is why I’m alone in bed.

That is where I’ve since been.

Hiding as not to be seen.

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