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We tried

rear view of couple with relationship difficulties sitting on bench.

I knew she knew the hurt I felt

It broke my heart the day she left

We tried to mend our lives we spent

And tried to saw the fields we grow

Alas we failed our hearts betrayed

By love and hate we recently made

I thought we had a wonderful life

Time spent so sad as husband and wife

We could have made the world go round

Instead we laid the ground to waist

In our haste we broke the trust

That bound two lovers to sand and dust

I think we knew our lives were lost

The times we grew to hide our lust

As days went by our love died down

Gave up the fight without a sound

Waves once made pushed by the tide

Killed by the blades torn further aside

We should have tried to push for more

More love more sex right on the floor

Making love in bed instead we fled

Day after day breaking up the heart

Blaming the seed of age we lied

The need we learnt to cover and hide

I hope she has a good life to spend

The dreams we had the day we wed

Before our flames broke up so high

Brought by the blames that flickered by

Still her heart I cherish with me

Until I die and no longer be

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    1. Ah, this is sad, Steve. Six Million, huh? I was looking this up – I saw they replaced almost every part you have except one. They had a six million dollar woman too.
      Says you were married to Farrah Fawcett….no wonder you’re sad

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