Wake Up

I want to wake up 

with you sitting on my face.

I want to wake up 

with you sucking in a craze.

A dream…

Why wake up in this case?!

I want to wake up 

with my tongue parting lace.

I want to wake up

with my head spinning in a haze. 

Another dream…

I’ve never been able to erase.

I want to feel you shiver

as you moan in disgrace.

I want to hear my name 

when you increase the pace.

Of that dream…

Till the end of that fucking race.

I want to feel the weight

from your head to the base.

I want to see the color

of that dark backspace.

The ultimate dream…

So my tongue could trace.

I want to taste the trickle 

seeping from your vase.

I want to feel the heat

coming from your fireplace.

One more dream…

I will always live to chase.

Why do I keep dreaming

Of lust in so many ways?

Why do I want to wake up

When I can live in this place?

In my dream… 

That takes me to outer space.

I don’t want to live 

in a world running a rat race. 

I want to live in between 

your thigh’s loving embrace. 

That’s my dream…

To stay till the end of my days.

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