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Voice (by Omar Khayyam)

I've heard a voice calling at dawn.
Calling from the unseen for the unmindful.

Get up and fill the cup of hope
before the cup of life is filled with the hand of fate.

Don't preoccupy yourself with the past 
nor with the future that is not here yet.

Take advantage of the pleasures of the present
for the nights are not to be trusted in their nature.

Tomorrow is an unknown and today is mine.
I've been disappointment from speculating the future.

I am not so unmindful when I see 
all the beauty of my world and not wonder.

The heart is exhausted from the love of beauty.
And the chest has narrowed from what is not said.

Oh God, why is it that you're satisfied with my thirst,
when water is running before me pure and fresh.

The heart would rather be beating,
or burned in the flames of love.

The day is a waste that which I spend 
without loving or being in love.

Wake up, oh cheerful one, at the dawn of the day,
And call out: let sleep be gone, and listen to the music

Sleep hasn't made anyone live longer
Nor staying up all night has made anyone live less.

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