Valentine Once More

Valentine Once More

Why don’t you want to be my valentine anymore?

You must think I have become somewhat of a bore.

Okay, maybe I mumble a little and probably snore. 

But you did not have to go and slam shut the door.

I am not a magician nor am I Dumbledore.

I am hoping for a sign that clearly says: “You, I adore.”

We used to play pretend I was your little whore,

you were my Bitch, my Dom, and much much more.

You used to kneel down on all your fours,

and I bore my whole inside your back door.

I’ve been dreaming of grinding you to the floor.

Loving you is my life. It is not a fucking chore.

It is not my fault I am on the other side of the shore.

Travel plans on hold because of this pandemic spore.

I beg you!!! Pleeeeeease be my valentine once more!!!

I swear I will always be forever, and sexcerely yours.

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