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Trixie’s Squat featuring filthy Cherry Red

My husband let me squat on his lap with no panties on this morning. He was very kind to me. He kept whispering sweet nothings in my ear like ‘Do you like it when I touch you there?’ and ‘How does that feel, bitch, good?’ to which I squirmed and murmured, ‘Yes! Yes!’

Anyways, we kissed lots and I rubbed his hairy chest through his gingham shirt and let him lift the hem of my tartan skirt so’s he could stroke my soft belly. His hand soon wandered over my underbelly, and settled on the soft, fleshy inside of my thigh, kneading my dough and caressing me gently so’s he could just touch my outer lips.

‘Like it when I rub your creamy lips, don’t you?’

‘Mmmn, feels lovely,’ I purred, ‘You’ve made me go all wet n sloppy in my pussy.’

He ran his fingers round my outer lips in circles, working his way through my flappy, squidgy folds until he reached my fuck-hole.

‘How does that feel, bitch, good?’

‘Mm!’ I squirmed and wriggled my bare arse on his lap feeling his cock go all hard and lumpy, ‘You can tickle my little bead, if you like?’

I felt his thumb splay my folds and massage my slimy raw steak flesh, loving it when he tickled my bead. He made my bead go all hard. Made me flush, blush and perspire. I ran with sweat, really, but horny girls aren’t meant to sweat.

‘Put you fist in my love-hole,’ I murmured, I say ‘fist’ as I’ve a very big cunt that stretches all the way from my belly to the firm bit near my arsehole. Daisy calls it her gooch, when we play with each other’s pussies: the firm fleshy bit between her arsehole and cunt as she likes to call it.

He thrust his fist inside my cunt, screwed me hard and made me moan and plead, ‘Put your fucking fat cock inside my fucking wet cunt, won’t you.’

‘Stand up then, Trixie,’ he said, no please or thank you.

‘Take your fist out of my cunt, then,’ I said, ‘I’m not a fucking contortionist.’

He smiled like the lech he is, ‘Know the fuck word, do you, bitch?’

‘Mmmn, want you to fuck my creamy cunt and make me squirt my piss and girlie jus over your spurting cock.’

He pulled his fist out of me. It was all wet and covered in cream, my thick cream. I stood so’s he could pull his pants down, and then, and then…

I squatted over his crotch, legs apart, fed his straining shaft deep inside my creamy fuck-hole and fucked his cock until I squirted my girlie jus all over his spurting cock.

My husband let me squat on his lap with no panties on this morning.

He was very kind to me…

…and I was very kind back!


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