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Tie Me Up

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Round one is so much fun! 
Between my legs your dark head wedges. 
Hot kisses, gentle suckles
then I get some of that big tongue
to my little bitty slit. 
Panting sounds with your hungry groans,
the music we create all our own. 

Round two is all you! 
Standing tall before me 
with muscles glistening
from the previous effort,
you look down upon me
revering you from bended knee. 
Eyes fixed to the swell of flesh,
eager for my mouth’s stroke
and throat’s caress. 
Our moans escalate
before it’s too late. 
You withdraw the netherhead 
and squeeze only a drop of cum
on my waiting tongue. 

“Tease…” I smile at the wicked grin you weave.

Round three is for me! 
Silk at my eyes blinds me
to your tantalizing vision. 
You transport me to a hard,
unforgiving surface.

“Don’t move,” you instruct
pulling my dark hair into a ponytail. 
You give it a playful tug. 
I moan my need as you give me a hug.

Rope bites into my slender flesh. 
Hemp maybe?  Nylon? 
I could care less. 
Each cord tightens at my wrists and ankles. 
On hands and knees,
I’m bound to a flat surface with legs spread.  
Grabbing my ponytail,
you urge the lift of my head.

“Open your mouth,” you demand.
Without hesitation, my mouth obeys your command
and feels the gag fill it at your hand. 
Blindfold in place, and on all fours,
I’m thoroughly exposed. 

All yours.

Me at center stage
for your bright eyes to behold. 
The singer Prince croons
around us that I’m a “Sexy Motherfucker”
and you echo.

Your belt cracks on my ass. 
I flinch with a gasp. 
Each strike is interspersed with leather
and smooth fingers on every fourth beat.  
Hard, light each spank of the belt so sweet. 
I’m moaning and leaking with need.
My arms tremble to hold me up. 
At last, you feel I’ve had enough.

The song’s vamp arrives with your sugar stick. 
Up and down my slit so slick,
you stop teasing
and find your way in. 
A muffled scream emits from me. 
I cannot remember a more exceptional dream. 

A song so funky
sounding with horn stamp at each collide. 
I cry with tears slipping from my eyes. 
Oh, not unhappy, far from that I am. 
I cry for joy caused by my man. 

Your cock still stiff enters and exits. 
In time to each beat of the drum,
I press back for a meeting
that makes me dizzy for cum. 
Seizing up inside for the release I need,
sweat pours with my weak pleas. 

Yanking back on my ponytail,
I also feel that slap of your hand. 
“Come, you sexy motherfucker! 
Come with me, Jan!” 

I follow your command,
the ball of release rolling with the tide. 
It’s perfectly timed
with the wave of your cum pumping inside. 
I slump shaking bone-deep while panting more. 
However, I can’t help wondering about round four. 
Will it be at my back door?

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