The Seventh Night

This is chapter 7 of 10 chapters in the series A Night with a Stranger

“Would you like to go dancing?” He asked. Of course I would. It was 1985. Who doesn’t like to go dancing?! I loved to dance but I haven’t been to a club for years. The last time was after I graduated from college. And now Murad wants to take me dancing.

“Sure,” I replied, “Why not?” playing it cool but thinking of what I was going to wear.

“Ok. I’ll meet you tomorrow outside Roxy at ten,” he said and hung up the phone before I had time to gulp it all down.

I can’t believe he is taking me to Roxy?! Every one who is everyone wants to get into this club. It used to be a roller rink but I heard they recently revamped it up. It is now one of the trendiest dance clubs in Chelsea. I was surprised he chose this place. I am in my thirties and he is ten years older than me. I would think he would want to take me to a much quieter place. We’d probably be the oldest couple in there. But I wouldn’t want to skip out on this. I am not getting any younger. This might be the last chance I have to disco. All I have to do now is to find something to wear. I am going to shock the socks out of my fiancée. 

A few months ago I went to see Madonna perform on stage at the Radio City Music Hall. She was awesome. The concert was full of screaming kids but I love Madonna. She is an incredible performer. She was wearing some kind of flashy patterned bomber jacket. Underneath she wore a laced bra of some kind. It was so shocking. She also wore a cropped lacy legging under a green tube mini skirt, probably with no panties. Murad would have loved that. He has a thing against panties. I also loved those black laced gloves on her hands. Yes I am going to go for something similar. Murad better have a strong heart for what he is about to see. His fault for wanting to take me to Roxy’s.

At ten in the evening I was waiting outside the club. There was a line of maybe a hundred people trying to get in. No way were we going to get inside. Murad came and stood in front of me. I could see his eyes were wondering all over my outfit trying to get a glimpse inside my jacket to check out my nipples under my lace bra. “Wow,” he said, “Madonna would be jealous.”

“Yeh well even Madonna does not have a chance getting into Roxy tonight,” I sighed looking at the large crowed gathered outside the club.

With a smirk on his face he said, “don’t worry. I know the owner,” he vaguely explained before we started walking towards the entrance. He stopped in front of a couple of bouncers who were turning away almost everyone at the door.

“Is she here?” Murad asked one of the guys who looked like a six foot  black basket ball player with arms as wide as my waist line.

The black guy waived us in and said, “Yes Sir. She is waiting for you.”

Who the hell was SHE? I was about to ask Murad that but the sound of music and screaming dancers was deafening. He held my hand as we walked all the way to the back and up a few steps to a private booth overlooking the dance floor. 

We slumped on the round soft seats but before I could start my interrogation a server popped her head up behind us and squealed, “Mr V.” Then she jumped all over him hugging him and sitting on his lap. She didn’t even bother looking at me. “It has been a while since we’ve seen you here.” They must really know one another. I’ve known Murad for a couple of months now and I still feel he is a complete stranger sometimes even though he just proposed a few days ago. Now a beautiful girl is sitting on his lap and I am wondering if this was the She he was asking about.

“Hello Angel,” Murad greeted her, “please tell her we are here.” So Angel is not the She. What a relief!

“Ok Mr V,” and she ran before I could slap her.

I kept my mouth shut waiting to see what was going to happen next. This was bound to be an interesting night. I was boiling inside. Suddenly the title of the fiancée was not so appealing anymore. I was watching the young men and women perform all those dance routines and remembering days gone by when I used be one of them. Am I too old for this? Oh god. I hope not!

Suddenly another woman popped her head up behind us and yelled out, “MURAD!” this time. She ran and hugged my guy who was about to be awarded an EX in front of that fancy fiancée title of his. What is this?! A hugging contest?! I wanted to scream myself.

I was left to sit between those two as they were standing and resting their heads on each others shoulders. After what felt like an eternity Murad turned towards me with his hands still on her shoulder and said, “Jane,” finally remembering I was alive, “I would like you to meet Ayesha, my sister.”

If I was standing on top of a tall building I would have jumped right then. I put my hands on my face for a second and chuckled.

“So this is the famous Jane who has captured my brother’s heart,” Ayesha  ran to me and hugged me tightly. “I am so dying to meet you,” she was so very bubbly excited, “he hasn’t stopped talking about you for months,” she added.

Ayesha was strikingly beautiful. I could now see the resemblance between brother and sister. She was almost the same age as I am. That is why I didn’t expect her to be in Roxy tonight. I haven’t met her until today. Heck I didn’t even know she existed until a few days ago. But she seemed nice.

“Enjoy yourselves you two,” Ayash excused herself, “I will see you later tonight. I have a few friends I want to see,” and she disappeared among the crowd before we got introduced further.

“Shall we dance?” and I thought he’d never ask. I didn’t imagine the size of this place until now. There are literally hundreds of young men and women on the dance floor. They were all lost to the rhythm of the music. In a few minutes we succumbed to the same magic ourselves. It was incredible. I haven’t danced so much since I was in high school. Beautiful young bodies swaying everywhere but my eyes were locked on my man. And his were definitely fixed on mine or shall I say on my lace bra. With every beat of the music I kept flashing out my jacket so he could get a glimpse of my breasts inside the most transparent lace bra I could find. The bulge in his pants proved it. In another devious move I turned around and tried to grind my ass on his mound. He must have had a good taylor or that thing would certainly have ripped out of that zipper.

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. “MURAD!!” I screamed, “where are you taking me?”

He didn’t listen. He kept making his way among the crowed pushing people left and right until we came to a room at the back. He opened the door and pushed me inside. It was an office of some kind but no one was inside. He closed the door, swung me up the wall and kissed me with lust dripping out of his mouth. This was the second time I get pinned up a wall by this guy and I am loving it. He scrambled to open my jacket to get to what has been daunting him for hours, my breasts. Without bothering to take off my bra he just put one nipple in his mouth and sucked at it right from outside the silk fabric. All that rubbing and his mouth sucking on my nipples was almost enough to make me explode. But I didn’t want to come just yet. He pulled up my mini skirt to slip his hand inside my legging until his fingers found his prize. But not yet. I haven’t finished with him yet.

I pushed him away and knelt on the floor. I proceeded to unzip his pants to pull his hard cock out. It was beautiful. All shinny and a little wet from his precum. I forgot I still had the lace gloves on. It must have been a strange sensation getting a hand job with those things. The friction of the silk patterns on his sensitive skin must have added to his delight. From the moans I heard I knew he was loving it. He would loved it even more if I added my mouth to that. So I just engulfed his entire cock inside until it touched my throat. I almost gagged. It was throbbing in my mouth like hell. I felt he was about to explode. I didn’t want him there just yet. There is a place for that and it is warm and eagerly waiting for him. So I pulled out and slowed down. I licked and teased his throbbing dick a few times while my laced hands played with his balls. I knew that I had pushed him to his limit when he yanked me up and pulled my leggings down. In one quick thrust he pushed his hard pole inside my pussy. All I could do was hang on for life. I rapped one leg around his back giving him a better angle to push it all the way in. That almost blew my mind away. We were both so far to the edge that a couple of thrusts were enough to push us both off the ledge.

We returned to our reserved booth at the back of the club to relax after that amazing fuck. I’ve never imagined myself sneaking in a room for a quicky before. I’ve never been that spontaneous or adventurous but Murad does seem to push my limits. And tonight he has pushed real hard. Through out the remainder of the night I kept pulling down my skirt trying to hide the wet cum that kept seeping out of my pussy and dripping down my thighs. It was the only time I wished I had worn panties.

“I like your sister,” I told him as we were resting from yet another round of dancing. “How come you didn’t tell me about her before?” I really wanted to know more. She seemed to be an interesting person, “I would really like to get to know her better,” I finally added.

“I think she likes you too,” he said. “Ayesha and I are very close. We have gone through a lot together. She has had a few mishaps in her life but she is ok right now.”

“I am sure growing up without a mother must have been difficult for her,” I regretted saying that the second it escaped my mouth.

From the looks on Murad’s face this must have brought up some bad memories. “Yes I know. Loosing ones mother so early in life is difficult,” he said.

Murad didn’t say anything for a few minutes. But knowing how much I was eager to learn about his family he surprised me with the continuation of Berg’s story:

“Even before she was born Berg had already agreed with Ann that if they had a girl he wanted to call her Ayesha. It was a fitting memory for the family that saved his life when he escaped from his village so long ago. He had buried the old man Murad and his wife Ayesha together with his family with his own hands. But loosing his wife and kin, the only other family he had, was even more devastating. 

Not only that, he had a ten year old son to raise and a crying baby on his arms. He didn’t know what to do. But life always seemed to throw in bits of scrap to keep us afloat. Some of the neighbors helped a little until Berg managed to get his life back together again.

But that was only for a short while. After a year things started to get bad again. The neighborhood was changing and the grocery store was barely making a living. He had to do something or we would all go hungry. The only other job he could find was working the night shift as a cab driver. He had to work in the shop during the day and drive a taxi all night to make ends meet. But it still wasn’t enough.

One day the proprietor of the taxi company told him he could make extra money doing some special deliveries. At first Berg refused. But life kept pressing and the looks in his kids eyes specially Ayesha when he could not afford to get her dinner was more than he could stand. Finally he accepted. 

He knew that those special deliveries weren’t legal. He didn’t even want to know what they contained. He didn’t ask. He only made deliveries, nothing else. No one would suspect a yellow cab roaming the streets of New York of doing anything fishy. They were the perfect undercover carriers.

One night on one of his scheduled drop offs a couple of thugs confronted him. They wanted to take the box of goods he was transporting. Suddenly his past training came rushing back to him. He left all three men sprawling on the sidewalk. As he was picking up the package to leave the scene it broke open in his hands revealing what was inside. He knew it was drugs of some kind.”

Before Murad could tell me about Berg’s revelation Angel, the slutty server, popped her head back again and squeaked, “Mr V.” I so wanted to pull that tongue out of her annoying mouth. “Miss Ayesha wanted me to tell you she had to leave. One of her friends wasn’t feeling well. She had to take her to the hospital.” She added.

Murad jumped to his feet and asked, “is she ok?”

“Yeh. I think she is.”

That didn’t sound too reassuring. I could see Murad was worried about his sister. “We have to leave,” he said, “I’ll get you a cab and go check up on Ayesha.” I wanted to go with him but he refused. It was getting late and there was probably nothing to worry about. That is what he said.

It was very nice of the basket ball bouncer to call us a cap so late at night. From the way everyone was treating us it looked like Murad was pretty well known at Roxy’s. I was curious. As I was getting in the cab I had to ask, “by the way, you didn’t introduce me to the owner of the club?!”

“Oh but I did,” he said, “you have already met her.” 

“WHAT WAIT !!!!!!!” I cried out but the cab sped off into the night before I could wring out my fiancée neck. He is so dead.

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