The second night

This is chapter 2 of 10 chapters in the series A Night with a Stranger

A Night with a Stranger in New York – Chapter 2

Should I give him a call?

I missed our night of sex together. I was also curious to know more about that stranger. Should I get involved in a new relationship that early? I just broke up from one. Well that idiot broke up with me so what the hell.

“Hi Jane.” he answered before I even said hello. 

Did I give him my number? I forgot. That night was just a blur and I am still trying to recover. But I would do it again in an instance.

“Hi Murad. What are you doing?” I asked.

“Nothing much. I was just thinking of you. I wanted to return your panties to you,” he said.

My tongue got tide up. He always seem to do this to me. I did not reply for a few seconds. When I returned from Murad’s home that night I went back and slept for the entire day. When I took my clothes off I couldn’t remember if I was wearing any panties or not. I was glad he was on the other end of the line otherwise he would have seen how red my face was.

“Keep it. It is a souvenir. I might take it from you one day,” I said trying to sound relaxed and cool, but my heart was racing like a thousand miles an hour.

“I will take your word on this. So, when can I see you again?” he asked.

“How about dinner tonight. lets just start slow.” I was trying to play it tough.

“I like to start slow. Now that we had sex, the difficult part is already over,” he said.

I didn’t expect such a reply either. How far had we reached with this relationship? If there was one. My panties were in his hands and I was playing hard to get. I was going about this the other way round. So what now? I wanted sex again, so what the fuck.

“Meet you at eight at Nicolas in Regant square. Do you know it?”

“I cant wait,” he said.

“Oh, and bring the panties with you. I won’t be wearing one so I might need it,” I finally said before quickly closing the phone.

I arrived at Nicolas at eight thirty. He was not there so I waited. I still wanted to play hard to get and I was failing up to now. He arrived a few minutes later and we sat to dinner. The food was good and the atmosphere was excellent. I liked Nicolas. It was a classy little dinner without the high price tag. We talked about trivial things, like the weather, our favorite music and films. After we finished desert he wanted to be a gentleman and pay for this first date and I accepted.

He called the waitress to bring him the check. She was a young pretty blond, busty but slim. She must have been a student working part time. She brought the bill and waited for the money and hopefully a good tip. We were her last and only customers and she wanted to close up. 

When Murad put his hands in his pocket I thought he would bring out the money to pay the waitress. We were both shocked when he brought out my red panties and put it on the table.

“I thought you might need this. It is cold outside,” he said.

My face must have turned as red as the color of my panties. I looked at the waitress who was a much embarrassed as I was. Her eyes were wide open. She looked at me then at my panties which were spread on the dining table and back again.

Murad interrupted our stares by giving the waitress her money with a large tip. At first she did not know what to do. She took the money but waited to see what would happen next. I don’t know what I was thinking off but this guy always made me do the unexpected. So I looked around and grabbed the panties from the table. I stood up, pulled my skirt high and slowly put my old panties on. I didn’t lie when I said I would not be wearing any underpants. I was wearing fishnet stockings and a garter-belt but I put on the panties anyway. The waitress smiled at us and we left her to her imagination.

“What do you want to do you next,” Murad said after we left the restaurant.

“lets go to your place again. I like the view of the city from up there,” we drove all the way to the other side of the city in his taxi.

We entered Murad’s apartment and I waited for him to sit down. I brought my skirt up once again and took off my red panties and gave it back to him.

He smiled and said, “I will keep this with me until you need it.” We made love again that night. We started on the sofa and ended up in the bedroom. 

I approached him while he was sitting on the sofa. I was still holding my skirt up high. The lower part of my body was exposed and he liked it. I was only wearing the garter-belt and stockings. My panties were now in one of his hands. He brought his other hand up and caressed the entrance to my vagina. I sighed. He pulled me towards him. My pussy was on the same level as his mouth and he used it. Oh how he used it! He licked my pussy in slow strokes at the beginning. Then he increases the paste brushing his tongue all over my clit. Then with his two hands he pushed the two lips of my entrance wide apart and aimed at the little sensitive bud. He started with a few quick licks then he put the whole of my clit inside his mouth and sucked. And I came. Oh how I came. It was the first of many that night.

I fell to the floor on my knees. My legs could not hold me up after that orgasm. He stood up. I could see the bulge in his trousers right in front of me. I quickly unbuttoned his pants, exposed his erect dick and started my part of the work. And it was a lovely job. I always liked to suck cock and his was good. Oh so good. It did not take long for him to came in my mouth. But I knew that it would not be the last that night.

“What ever happened to Berg? You didn’t tell me the rest of the story,” I asked Murad after we made love for the second time in the bedroom.

“Berg walked in the forests for days until he arrived to a major town. He saw many of his people gathering in the town square. Many looked like they experienced similar incidents as his own. They were tired, cold, hungry, dirty and in shock. 

He waited. The authorities told them that they should leave to another city on the sea where a camp is being prepared for them. They walked once again. They walked for days and weeks. Many did not make it. They were buried along the road sides. They finally arrived to a small fishing village. The few who survived were brought into the camp, given food and blankets and shown the tents where they could sleep.

Berg slept in a small tent which was packed with men. He had to share his sleeping blanket with a man called Bedros. The two alternated the time of their sleep. For one week Berg would sleep in the day and Bedros would sleep in the night and they switched the times the week after.

Many months passed and they just waited. They waited for boats to take them away from that place to another. No one knew where that other place was. Every few weeks a short ugly man would come and he would call the names of the few who were to be transferred to the boats in the sea.

One day the short ugly man came and he started to call out new names, “Serik, Ano, Vartan, Zatik, Manush…… Bedros.”

Bedros was sleeping in the tent. It was his turn to sleep that day. Berg wanted to go and wake him up. He wanted to tell him that his name was called up. He wanted to tell him that he was lucky to finally leave this place.

The boat left with a few hundred people cramped on the deck of the ship. They were leaving to that other place. A place were they could start a new life for themselves. Berg was one of them, and Bedros was still sleeping in the tent.”

“Wow, your stories are really something,” I said when he finished telling this part of the tale. I wanted to hear more but he said that it was better to leave it for another day. I hoped another day of sex as well.

The next morning I woke up refreshed. I wandered why I always wake up that way at Murad’s house. Was it the sex? or maybe the feeling of satisfaction or security with this stranger. Stranger! Was he still a stranger? After two night of sex I still don’t know much about him, but I intended to find out.

It was s little chilly waking up naked so I put on the top of his pajamas without buttoning it up. I went to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. I was bending down to bring out a pan from the lower cabinet when I felt Murad right behind me. I had thought that he was still sleeping. He pressed his body on top of me taking the same bent form as mine. His hands squeezed my tits. I could also feel his hard penis brushing my ass. I stayed where I was. My legs were wide apart, my hands held the kitchen top waiting for his next move. And he knew what to do.

He slowly inserted his dick in my pussy and started pumping slowly. He gradually increased the speed and kept at it for a few minutes. He did not stop squeezing my breasts and pulling on my two nipples while fucking me. My blood pressure increased with every stroke and my orgasm was on the verge of exploding. I suddenly felt his semen flooding inside me and we both came together.

“When will you call me again?” Murad asked while he was driving me home.

“Maybe I’ll call you tomorrow, we’ll see,” again trying to play hard to get and failing miserably. 

I could not escape this stranger anymore. I don’t think I wanted to. He now knew where I lived and I wanted him in my life and in my body. All the way inside my body. I wanted to invite him to my apartment but not that day. I was still sore from the morning fuck and I could not wait to soak myself in a bubble bath and relax.

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