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The Room


This room has seen

us to the last.


The years have cast our meetings here

as images on frosted glass

with raindrop spray.

Our secret past is sealed away

inside a dream…


This room has seen

a place where I belonged to you

and you alone belonged to me.

Such love is true


inside this room.


This room has seen

me spread my wings

and writhe beneath your welcome weight;

has heard me scream,

has watched me quake.


Then when it seemed that I would break,

this room, like sanctuary made

the burn recede.

It dulled the blade.


This room has seen

our last goodbye,

has watched me tangled up inside

your scent,

your smile,

your emerald green.

But I have wiped the surface clean

and still don’t know just what you mean

by ‘every happiness’.



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