The Night with the Devil

I met the devil one day. 

How that happened, I can not say.
She told me to wait in the living-room.

I hurriedly followed her to the bedroom.
She looked hot, she looked lavishing. 

In a red leather outfit, she was dazzling.
I quickly approached her to touch.

She stopped me. She did not allow that much.
She ordered me to strip.

She kiss me on my mouth and lip.
She put a mask on my eyes.

A leash around my neck using one of my ties. 
She made me crawl on the ground.

On my hands and knees like a hound.
I felt a whip striking my back.

Striking my legs, striking my ass.
I felt a cane striking my back.

Striking my legs, striking my ass.


On my back she rode me around.

Her heels digging in me but I did not make a sound.
She wanted to brake my will.

She wanted to break my heart and she did with a kill. 
I was not able to see her. 

Her body was on top of me. I could only feel her.
I was not able to touch her.

She was shouting at me. I could only hear her. 
She made me lick the heels of her shoes.

I did without a word.
She made me smell her entrance.

I did without a word.
She made me eat her pussy.

I did without a word.
Suddenly, she came in my face. 

Her juices exploded, dripping all over the place.
She tied my hands behind my back.

Leaving me alone in the sack. 
The wait was killing me. 

I didn’t know where she was. I could not see. 
Suddenly, I felt her mouth around my cock. 

I felt her kiss, lick, bite, eat and suck.
She used her tongue, her lips, her teeth. It was her toy.

She made it dance in her mouth. That was my joy.
The pressure was building up inside of me.

I came all over her face, but I could not see.
That was not over, she did not let me be. 

I would come again that night and so would she. 
Suddenly, she put earphones around my head.

Putting on loud deafening music instead. 
She stuffed her wet panties in my mouth. 

The smell of her juices was intoxicatingly loathe.
I could not see her. I could not smell her.

I could not hear her. I could not touch her. 
She was depriving me of my senses.

I was lost in my world. 
She scratched my chest, my cock, my balls. 

I was lost to the world.
She teased my nipples, pulling, sucking, bitting.

I was lost in her world.
She put her toes in my mouth.

I was lost in that world. 
She walked on my back, on my head, on my face. 

I was lost in another world.
Her feet played with my cock and my ball.

Caressing, pressing, smashing my soul.
Her feet explored my asshole. 

Going all the way inside and inside my hole.
With her panties in my mouth I could not scream. 

I could not breath. I could not even dream. 
Suddenly, liquid was splashed all over my dick. 

The sudden cold sensation almost made me sick.
She put a vibrating ring around my cock and around my balls.

She did not switch it on. I wanted to shout. I wanted to call.
She took off the panties from my mouth, ordered me to eat her.

The vibrating ring was switched on. I immediately obliged her.
She started eating my cock, kissing it, licking it, sucking it, bitting it.

I was in a world of lustful joy and I lost it.
We exploded in each others faces.

I was lost in the blissful ecstasy of this world and other places.
She dragged me by my hair from the room. 

Holding my penis she ordered me to pee in the bathroom.
She took me inside the tub for a shower. 

With a sponge in my mouth we took a bath together. 
I washed clean every inch of her mass. 

Her back, her breasts, her legs and her ass. 
On my hands and knees she cleaned me up as well. 

I was not sure if I was in heaven or hell.
With my tongue I dried every inch of her body.

I dried her tits, her asshole, her clit and her pussy.
Again she tied my hands behind my back.

Leaving me alone in the sack. 
The wait was killing me. 

I didn’t know where she was or what she will do to me.
I felt the whip striking my back, again.

Striking my legs, striking my ass, again.
Suddenly, cold liquid was splashed all over my dick, again. 

She was using lubricants, lots of lubricants, again. 
She put a vibrating ring around my cock, again.

She did not switch it on, again.
Was she repeating the same exercise, again

I was wrong, again and again. 
She inserted a device inside my asshole, slowly. 

Then she put a large dildo in my mouth, quickly.
Together she switched them on. Switched them all.

The ring, the anal device, the large dildo, together all.  
She sat on my cock and rode me like fire. 

I exploded in her and I screamed.
Her body bucked and turned on top of me.

With multiple orgasms, she screamed.
I passed out from the joy of ecstasy and pain.

I woke up the next day, she was gone and I went insane.
I did not see my devil ever from that day.

But I am still looking for her every every day.
The End

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