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The neighbour #2: Tammy’s dress

Recap: Tammy and I had been neighbours and close friends: until last night when a combination of wine deciding to re-enact a Love Island scene and had ensued our nakedness.

During the day, Tammy and I texted periodically as we had done, albeit more often since our partners had left us as we had been spending more time together as friends. We were surprisingly not hungover, but nor did we have the energy to run a marathon, of which we had done several over the years with and post-partners. 

Around 4pm, my phone pinged: TammyTxt again Dinner straight after work? 🙂. I replied 🙂

I decided that, for once, I would not bring alcohol. Thankfully, I’ve got a recipe for SaNOgria: a mix of grape juice, cinnamon extract, orange juice, nutmeg and vanilla with candied lemons (ex-tree mates of the mischief-making Limoncello lemons). I went home, hit the kitchen hard and fast to make the drink, then headed over to Tammy’s.

Tammy opened the door wearing a stylish black scoop-neck dress and put her arms around me and hugged me: nothing new there but kissing me on the lips was definitely new. I returned the kiss and we gently made out. Tammy took me by the hand and led me inside. I’d last seen her wearing the dress at an enjoyable fundraiser that we attended a few months ago just after our respective breakups: there was a picture us there on her hall wall – me in Bow Tie and full suit, Tammy in the dress and black heels (we’d got a bit miffed soon after the picture was taken as a lot of the attendees were lazy and hadn’t followed the Formal dress code rule [“scruffs” we had grumped to each other].

Only tonight, the dress was slightly different: it seemed to be riding higher on her legs and her bust was a lot more visible through the scoop.  I looked over the dress a bit more and realised that there were two visible mounds about a third of the way down the dress. I said to Tammy, “that dress looks familiar, but changed.” 

Tammy said, “your trousers look familiar, but there is a large lump in the material now.”

My cock had suddenly sprung into life at the sight of her bust protruding from the dress: I now knew what they looked like in full, so I was thinking of them “in full”. She took my hand and ran it down the outside of her dress from shoulder to leg. I realised that she was wearing neither bra nor panties and had hitched the bottom up. She looked at me and said, “Tit Tape: I wanted to show you what I really look like after work.”

I said “you’ve always looked good in that black dress, but you are hot in it tonight.”

Tammy hugged me again and open mouth kissed me then said “dinner is hot but getting cold.”

I poured the SaNoGria and Tammy served dinner. We talked like we always had with no tension from the sudden sexual change last night. Tammy said, “what are we now: friends+?”

I said, “probably – maybe the only new rule we need is that we only to go bare with each other, then we know we’re clean?”

Tammy got up and sat on my lap and kissed me, saying “you’ve always been a respectful friend and that shows.”

I kissed Tammy back and we sat there gently making out for a while. I could see Tammy’s bust down her scoop and my cock was pressing on her skirted pussy. We were content just to make out, albeit we slowly pushed the pace and tongue out. Periodically, we would stop to feed each other and then continue our make out, albeit making out slightly more intensely until the food was gone.  This was nice, gentle kissing, though I could feel Tammy’s heat through her dress onto my trousers making my cock even harder.

We stood up and put the dishes in the Dishdrawer. As we were doing this, Tammy bent over to put some cups in and I caught sight of her wet pussy. I put one arm around Tammy and used the free hand to slide my fingers around her pussy. Tammy moaned as my fingers wandered inside her, then she stood up. Tammy said, “Spa?”

I nodded and Tammy reached around and hit the remote power. Tammy turned around and started kissing me, using her free hands to unbutton my shirt. I put my hands around her back and found the top of the dress’ zip and pulled it right down. I pulled the dress’ shoulders over her shoulders, then I dropped the dress to her ankles exposing her uplifted tits.

I kissed her tits all the way down to her engorged nipples where I stopped and sucked both nipples.

By now, the dress was around Tammy’s ankles, so I continued kissing her chest and then found her snatch.  I reached in with my tongue and started kissing the pussy lips. Tammy let out a soft moan and pulled me up.

Tammy kissed me hard and grabbed my cock. She led me outside by the cock to the spa and hit the jet buttons. I pushed Tammy against the spa and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me and frenched me deeply. We stood on the edge of the pool making out, but Tammy pushed me off and said, “we are dirty, time to clean up.” 

We walked into the spa and stood there making out for a few minutes. I was enjoying the view of Tammy’s engorged nipples and her wet pussy with my cock touching the lips, but not entering. Tammy said, “sit down” and pushed me onto the seat and then said “clean me.”

We sat on the seat, and we started making out hard this time. My hands worked down Tammy’s neck to her breasts and thoroughly scrubbed her chest all the way to her nipples. My cock was against her pussy lips with the bubbles rolling over us that caused us to kiss harder. Her hands wandered over my chest and down to my cock.

As our making out and rubbing got more intense, Tammy started lifting and dropping down along my cock which was making it harder. To ensure her balance, I was ensuring that her tits weren’t wobbling too much.

On the top of the next rise, she slid slightly forward, catching my cock in her pussy and slid right down, kissing me hard on the lips. I grabbed her tits and kissed harder back. In return, she started riding up and down on my cock, causing us both to kiss harder. 

Then, I could feel her pussy start to squeeze my cock, so I kissed her harder to help her along. This caused my dick to grow and push against her pussy and my balls to start to twinge. Tammy was now moaning as her squeezing started to extract my juices and we ended up orgasming together. We carried on making out at a gentler pace as we went right up to our necks in the water to clean off.  

By now, the stars were out, and we found the towels in the pool cabinet. We diligently dried each other off, kissing along the way.

Tammy led me to her bed, and we lay naked next to each other, making out like teenagers until we fell asleep.

We were woken by the sun coming through the window. Tammy was now on me and looked at the clock and said, “shit, its 730: we’ll be late for work.’

I groaned and said, “I need a shower.’

Tammy said, “we are clean, but yes I do too.”  She got up and led me by the hand to the shower.

We got in, turned the water on and started making out again. Our hands started cleaning each other as my cock quickly pointed itself to her pussy and, in the cubicle’s tight confines, found her pussy lips and prodded them. We kissed harder and Tammy lifted slightly so my cock would be able to enter her pussy.

As she dropped her feet back down, my cock slide in her. I grabbed her tits and fondled them as we Frenched. I could feel her nipples grow as we kissed harder, and my cock probed deeper and faster into her pussy. Just then, I felt a twinge as her pussy started to pulsate on my cock. 

My balls started to throb as her pussy pulsated faster. We kissed harder and deeper causing her to start moaning as her pussy squeezed my dick’s juices into her as she let out a final moan and me a final squeeze.

We commenced usual wind-down slow make out, with our hands ‘cleaning’ each other’s bodies including the relevant bits. 

Then our now-ritual dry off commenced with episodic kisses punctuating us diligently drying off each other.

Finally, it was time for a quick breakfast and a long day at work.

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