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The Neighbour #4: The Ball

Tammy and Steve’s friendship had turned sexual over crappy TV and lots of booze.

Over the last few weeks, we had been seeing more of each other, both time and skin since before the event and our initial sexual chemistry had deepened from its initial burst of passion into something wider and deeper.  We both knew that we were more than just FB Friends but were not thinking about what it had become. We were just going with the flow.

Tonight was the annual Olive Grove Ball.  This was an annual event held at the Olive Grove and Hotel 80km away in the hills and included dinner sourced locally and plenty of dancing.  This is an expensive, but extremely popular event and it sells out fast.  As it went on late and was out of town, most dancers stayed at the hotel.  Thus, the attire was Dance Formal.

We had attended for several years with our partners and the wider dance group.  As tickets were in demand, we had booked this year’s on the night. 

Several months ago, when our relationships fell apart, Tammy and I decided that we would go as dance partner friends, which we were.  Due to its popularity, we were able to return the extra tickets to the organisers and to change to a twin room.

With the recent alteration to our friendship, I subsequently asked them if we could get the Queen Room instead of the twin.

Tammy had told me to be at her place at 4pm and that her friend Jen would take us there and back as Jen was going to her parents near the Olive Grove.

Earlier in the day, we received a text from the Olive Grove saying, It’s a hot night, so the ball is in the Basin, and dinner is on the Terrace.  This was a change from previous years when it was inside.

I arrived at hers at 3:50 in a fitting shirt, black trousers and loafers and with a night bag which I put on the ground next to me and rang the bell.  She opened the door wearing a red V-neck dress.  I knew that V and Scoop necks were her go-to dresses.  Tonight, her bust was just visible enough to let me know, but not like a few nights ago with the Scoop neck where she wanted me to KNOW, but I noticed that she was makeup-free which was unusual for her when out.

We hugged as we had always done. Then the recent add-on: she leaned her head in and kissed me on the lips which I returned.  I said, “Afternoon, you look stunning as usual.”

She Frenched me deeply and replied, “You look hot too.  And you think I’m hot!” she laughed as she felt my hardening cock press against her. 

“Come in,” she said and led me by the hand into the lounge. 

Her night bag was in the doorway ready, but there was a pair of knickers on the top which I thought was very unusual.

We stood in the lounge, arms around each other. “Jen texted earlier: she’s in traffic and 15 mins late, so we’ve got time to kill.”

I kissed her open-mouthed on the lips again.  She replied, “Mmm, but don’t want to mess up the clothes?” 

She deeply tongue kissed me back and I replied with my tongue, tickling hers.  We stood there making out, then she led me to a chair. I stood next to the chair as she moved her hands down my trousers and opened my zip revealing my bulging pants, then she dropped them. 

As she dropped them, she slid her mouth over me and quickly swallowed it and throated me briefly. Then she slid on top of me and hoisting her skirt, dropped onto my cock, kissing me as I entered her. I tongue kissed her back and pushed deeper into her as she rode me harder and started squeezing me.  We sat there kissing and grinding each other as I felt myself push against her tightening and twitching pussy.

Soon, my balls started to twitch, and I said, “Cum?”

Tammy said, “Precum, but shoot the rest out.”

We kissed harder as I felt her squeeze me harder and start to moan as my precum hit her.  I held back and kissed her harder and fucked deeper as I felt her twinge on me.  Soon, she let out a large moan as she clamped and released on me.

I kissed her hard and exited her.  I grabbed a condom from my trousers pocket and quickly slid it on and re-entered, kissing harder.  She clamped on me again and moaned as we made love quickly and softly.  My cum was rising and we could feel my wrapped cock start to twinge causing her to moan gently as my cum shot into the wrap.  We kissed hard as my flow continued until I finished, and then she said, “Nice touch.  That’s the only time you’ll use that on me,” and kissed me.

We kissed and gently screwed to wind down, then we heard the whistling sound of Jen’s Leaf arriving.

As Tammy went to her bag and put the knickers that she’d left on it on and straightened up her dress, I put my pants and trousers on.  We briefly kissed, then I grabbed her bag from the floor and then my bag from the hall. Finally, we put our shoes on.

We walked out of the house holding hands just as Jen powered down and got out.  She came up to Tammy and hugged her, saying “Hi“, and then to me, giving us a quizzical look.

I put the bags in the boot and got in, Tammy in the passenger seat as Jen powered back up and the stereo kicked off with Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, then cycled through the album.

We got to The Olive Grove an hour later.  Jen pulled up at the Porte Cochere and we bade her goodbye, bags in my arm.  We signed in at the desk and were presented with the key card: Room 404.  The manager said, “Free upgrade for regulars.  Please attach the tags to the bags and we’ll send them up” and, smiling, handed over two pairs of tokens marked PREMIUM, saying, “And an extra gift.”  These were bar vouchers for premium drinks.

We walked out into the 22C heat with a gentle breeze.  I turned to Tammy and said, “Amazing view on a hot night” and kissed her on the mouth

Tammy playfully grabbed my arse and kissed me back with a tongue as we admired the vista out over the Grove, with the mountains framing the background.  We stood there making out, looking over the vista, then I took her hand, and we walked down the marked path through the grove to the venue.

At the entrance to the dining area was the bar.  I exchanged two of our Premium tickets for champagne.  I put my arm around her waist and said, “Cheers” and got a “Cheers” in response as we clinked glasses, took a sip then kissed again. 

She said, “Such a romantic view” as she observed the Bowl beneath us and the back-lit grove now the light was dimming.

We spent a while mingling, eating canapes that were proffered by roaming waiters, and catching up with people that we had met at previous events.  They were surprised that we were now together, commiserated about our breakups, and congratulated us on our new status.

We found our table and she put her handbag on her chair. By now, we had finished our champagne, so we left the glasses on the table.

The first band started up, playing slow but modern tunes.  We walked holding hands, down the lit path to the bowl which was spotlit from the dining area side lighting it.  Finding a spot, we held each other in a slow dance with our heads touching and bodies slightly apart.  When the mood changed to a more intimate tune, we moved closer and danced as one, sometimes engaging in a gentle kiss.

After the set had finished, the lights went up: main course time.  Holding hands, we walked to the bar and swapped the remaining Premium tickets for more bubbles.  We walked back up the hill to the Terrace, lingering at the junction to drink the bubbles and the vista with the now dark sky.  Looking away from the bowl, we could see the stars.  I reached in for a kiss. “Safety first,” she said, and we put our part full glasses against a vine.

We noticed walked away from the junction into the darkness and held each other, starting gentle French.  Feeling her body on me made me go hard.  She felt it and kissed me harder, grinding on me as our pace quickened.

She pulled away slightly, saying, “I want to dance, but slightly differently,” she unzipped my trousers and dropped both them and my pants onto my shoes. I reached under her dress, pulled it up, and dropped her knickers. 

She wrapped her arms around my neck and guided me into her wet hole.  We stood amongst the vines in the dark as we resumed our kissing and started grinding on each other.  The kissing and grinding increased in both pace and depth as two horny lovers enjoyed the starlit moment.  I felt myself lengthen and thicken inside her moistening and tightening pussy as we neared climax.  

She whispered, “I want to walk back feeling your juices in me,” and kissed me hard, causing my balls and cock to tighten.  Feeling her twinge, I kissed her harder and made deep, gentle thrusts which elicited more and longer twinges.  My cock reciprocated her twinges as our kissing, screwing, and twinging increased as we came in unison.

We stood there entwined for a short come-down kiss, then dressed.  Walking back, she kissed me, “feeling your cum in mine. Sexy.”

I said, “More can be arranged“.  She replied, “More will be requested.” I gave a short, hard kiss in acknowledgment.

We found our glasses under the vine and again, drank in the scenery and the recent activity, then made our way to our table.

We arrived just as dinner was served and filled our wine glasses. Our neighbours asked where we had got to.  We replied that we had taken in the view and kissed again.

The dinner was getting cold, and we were hungry, so we tucked in.  I had the risotto and started feeding it to her, then she started feeding me her Beef Wellington.  Our tablemates were smiling at us, and a few couples took our lead and started feeding each other too.  We interspersed this with drinking our wine which was regularly refilled, drinking in the gently lit vines and the stars above and sometimes chatting to tablemates.

The plates were now empty, and I needed the loo.  I excused myself from the table left.  Soon, I felt a feminine hand running up my back.  We followed the signs for the loos, and I realised that these were in the main building.

We went behind the building and stood against the wall, with the stars in the background and gentle music.  I kissed her hard on the mouth and she returned it, unzipping and dropping my trousers and y-fronts and grabbing my cock.

I took the hint and unzipped her dress, pulling it down over her shoulders and undoing her bra, then getting her knickers as I disrobed her.  

She said, “Behind and hard this time“, so I spun her around and pushed her against the wall, pushing my cock up into her open ass.  She groaned as she felt me go in and I grabbed her tits for stability as I fucked my way into her rear.  She moaned gently and long as her tight ass squeezed my widening dick, holding her ample tits hard. 

I could see another couple in the distance arrive and start making out.  “Fill me now, ” she said.

I fucked her ass hard and shot my load into it.  I pulled out and spun her around, just as the other couple started screwing, then entered her.  She moaned, owww and I kissed her and fucked hard and fast against her tightness.

The other couple were going at it now, but she was doing him.  Tammy kissed me hard, and I felt her liquid over me.  I moved my head down and kissed her nipples as I filled her pussy, feeling her squeeze me tight and moan longer and harder causing me to start shooting into her.  

We could hear the other lady moaning as we Frenched fast and hard at the peak of our orgasms.  In the background, we heard the faster beat of the music and I said, “Dance .. but not here,” and slid out of her.

I hitched up my trousers and she walked naked with me past the screwing couple to the loo.  After closing the door, I reached into her and scooped out some cum which I then put into her mouth.  We kissed it into each other quickly, then she sat down to pee.

After my turn, we dressed and walked back to the table.  We quickly poured and drank a fresh wine, then down to the Bowl.

The dance floor was humming and the band playing a fast, streety Latin tune.  They started a Gloria Estefan/MSM set with Turn the Beat Around. Holding hands, we merged into a gap in the throng and got into the rhythm.  This was Samba-y: fast and hard so went hard on the beat merging in and out of touch and periodically doing a hard lock, then breaking with our bodies .. and our lips.

Time passed without notice as our dance high increased, taking over from our 1:1 dance high.  This was sex on the floor instead of against the wall from earlier: hot, lusty, passionate dancing.  We could see other couples doing a quick hard lip lock like we were too.

The lights went up again: dessert.  Like a flock of birds, the dance floor migrated out of the Bowl to the tables where pud was on the table.  Again, the wine filled the glasses and we toasted and kissed as we sat facing each other and side onto the table, as did most of the couples here.

Macrons came off the table.  I put a small, filled meringue pillow into her mouth and then leaned in to eat it, and her lips.  We alternated the feeding with the follow-ups as we consumed the brittle pillows and drank the wine.  

The wine carried on our sex, then dance-induced high.  Now it was Eaton Messe.  I spooned the glorious bitter, sweet mix of berry, meringue, and cream into her mouth and flicked some cream onto her nose.  I licked the cream off her nose, then kissed her again.  

She moved over so she was in my lap, grinding on me as we fed each other and tipped the glass into a mouth.  I kissed her neck and held her just at the bottom of her encased bust as we had a final eat and drink.

The waiters came around and proffered hot drinks and liqueurs.  Neither of us can have coffee after lunch if we want to sleep so we declined that.  But the liqueurs were definitely on. 

We may not sleep much tonight; I thought as she leaned in and we gently Frenched.  Romantic but I was afraid to say this yet.

For a final time, the lights went down, and a new band took to the stage.  The flock did a final migration down to the bowl as the slow classical tune played.  

We went into a tight hold position with our heads against each other as we migrated through the starlit flock, periodically turning heads inward so we locked lips for a period, and I looked into her eyes.  

Finally, the band stopped, and the lights went up.  She reached behind me and rubbed my bottom.  I felt her hand feel the key and credit cards in my pocket.  “Part 2, I said,” and she kissed in agreement.

We reversed our original course through the vines towards the main building, but occasionally probing outwards at a junction to admire the starlight and have another gentle make-out, then rejoin the flock.

Exiting the lift, we found 404 and I swiped the key to open the door.  Closing the door, we were surprised at the sight in front of us: the room was candle-lit with flowers on the bed, a bottle of Champagne on ice, and a platter on the table. In the dim light, I saw our bags on the side table.

I emitted an Ohh in surprise: I had just wanted an upgrade.

A feminine Purrfect uttered, and she Frenched me gently, grinding on me. We stood there gently kissing and I said, “Champagne, sexy?” and departed.

We went to the table and with her wrapped around my back, kissing my neck, I unsheathed the cork and gently released it with a gentle pop, then carefully poured two full glasses.

She came around to my front, took her glass and we clinked, then wrapped a free arm around the other and resumed our kiss, taking turns to draw from the glass and give to the other via the heating up kiss.

As I put the glass on the table, I kissed her on the neck, causing her to put hers next to mine.

Still necking, I found her zip and undid it, stopping to unclasp her bra.  Her hands started down my shirt, undoing the buttons.  

As the dropping dress reached her midriff, her hands did on my shirt, and I paused so she could drop it.  I continued down, taking her panties with me, then slid them over her shoes which she kicked off.

I undid my shoes as her hands worked their way down my trousers which I then walked out of.

Holding her tight with my cock resting on her entrance, I poured some bubbles into her lips, then kissed her.  She kissed me back and pushed herself down me, so I was halfway in.  She put the bubbles into my mouth and kissed me again, pushing all the way down and we carried on kissing and grinding, causing me to harden and widen and her to squeeze me.

I reached over and grabbed some pineapple.  Leaning back but still grinding in her, I took it in my mouth and fed it to her.  She grabbed it and kissed me back, pushing hard on me.  We repeated the process of feeding, kissing, and screwing with different pieces of fruit.

I pushed her onto the bed and screwed deeply and gently.  

I grabbed more fruit and slid it down her chest, exiting as I went down, kissing her as I went along, causing moans.  I took some of the chocolate dip and smeared it on her lips, which she licked off and shared in a kiss with me.

Some more dip went on my fingers, but this time coated a nipple, and I then sucked it off hard. 

I turned around and slid my head down her, placing some Kiwifruit in my mouth, then putting it in her wet gap.  She started licking the dangling tip of my cock as I worked the fruit around her and then in her, causing her to draw my cock deep into her mouth and bite on it as I sucked and bit her.

I reached behind and grabbed an ice cube, putting it in her hole.  She shuddered and bit me hard as I worked the cold cube around her spot, causing more moans and her sucking caused me to precum.

She rolled me over and kissed me hard.  She did a soft, sensual body slide on me, kissing as she went down and finishing with a playful bite on my cock as she worked up, but slid back so I was in her.  She dropped her head and kissed a deep French as she filled herself with me and gently rode it.

Most of the fruit and dip was gone and the clock was showing late.  She took some pineapple and fed me, and we resumed kissing and lovemaking. 

She slid off me and used the chocolate to cover my nipples, then sucked them which I found really erotic.  But I’ve got a hot bird on me already, I thought!

She turned around and kissed her way down me, grabbing the dip and putting my head in it, and using it to clean the pot.  I put my fingers in her hovering pussy and started working the sides, causing her to moan as she started licking the chocolate pop and giving playful bites as I found her sweet spots.

She was sucking me deep and hard as I fingered her fully and I felt her tighten.

I reached over and found a large ice cube in the bucket and placed it in her hole.  She bit me again as I worked it around her and screamed as the cold hit hole, then carried on sucking me hard.

I worked the cube deeper into her and then put another in her entrance.  She lifted up, twisted round, and slid hard onto me, pushing the cubes into her, and then screamed again.

Dropping onto my chest, she kissed me hard and tightened, pushing the cold liquid around my cock, and started thrusting onto my thickening.  I pushed up, squeezing the cubes deeper into her tightness as we Frenched aggressively.  I felt her squeeze me hard as we screwed deep and fast and scream louder as the ice completely melted in her end.

Our squeezing and pulsating unified as we came hard together.

We lay stickily entwined and kissed our way out of this romantic lust, then pulled each other out of bed.

I reached over for the champagne and discovered there was some left and proffered it.  She took a gulp and kissed me, dribbling some into me.  I repeated this twice until it was empty.

In the dim light, we walked to the shower and turned it on.  Waiting for the water to heat up, I kissed her and ran my hands down her now-wet body.  She returned the kiss and started caressing me too.  We were back in a horny make-out as she found my growing cock and I cleansed her nipples and hole.

She opened her legs and, pulling me into her, pulled my cock into her hole and pushed down so I filled her. Under the hot running water, we Frenched hard and fast, thrusting on each other as I grew in her tightening hole, and she started moaning again as she pressed on me.

I felt my balls tighten as she squeezed me hard and bit my lip.  I fucked her fast and deep and my cock shot its load into her as I felt her pulse and cum on me.

We kissed and caressed each other coming off our orgasms, soaping off all the nice stuff we’d rubbed on each other, and I exited her as she cleaned me up and I put the shower up her to clean the cum out, causing another moan and hard kiss.

We towelled each other dry and walked into the bed.  0400 showed the clock as we climbed under the sheets for the first time.  We wrapped our arms around each other, and she nested my cock in her opening.

The light from the never closed curtains woke us, still entwined.  She snuggled into me and put my growing cock into her pussy. I turned on the radio and heard the distinctive intro of Lets Make Love.  The married duo sang as we kissed and started following their instructions, albeit in the morning.  Tammy smiled and kissed me when they sang, “.. All night long, until our strength is gone..”.  She said, “Yours was, but isn’t now,” and started squeezing my growing cock.

In the distance, I saw a slip of paper under the door. I said, “Breakfast is outside,” kissed her, and slid off.  She grabbed my cock and playfully sucked and bit it.

I pushed open the door ajar and reaching around, pulled the tray inside, then closed the door and put it on the table.  I felt a hot naked body on my back and soft lips kiss my neck as I moved a chair next to the table, then a hard kiss on the lips and she pushed me onto the chair and impaled me in her.

We heard the distinct Piano plink, plink, plink of Annie Lennox’s Walking on Broken Glass. She kissed me gently and rode my cock to the beat, periodically releasing her lips as she fed me fruit while keeping to the beat – especially when Annie holds the verse!

I reached over and poured two cups of strong, black coffee which we necked straight down, then necked each other while we rode and fondled.

I halved a croissant and placed the bacon and fried egg inside.  We ate it from the side, kissing when our lips met, and carried on the grinding.  

Once the croissants were finished, I poured more coffee: we were both on an enormous high and I knew that when Jen arrived, we’d come down hard – unlike our current coming up with hard.

“Love you”, I said.

She looked surprised at this, tightened on me, kissed hard, and replied, “I love you too, babe. This has been so romantic”, as Little Bird played in the background.

We sat there intimately kissing and making love until the phone rang.

“Morning, it’s reception here.  Jen is downstairs.”

A final kiss and grind and we disentangled.

We opened our bags and found clothes: Jeans, pants, and T-shirt for both. The T-shirt flowed over her bust, but I could see her nipples, so I playfully kissed them through the shirt, then her lips.

“Naughty: you’re keeping Jen waiting,” she said as we packed and exited the room.

Entering the lift, we crashed off our high.  When the door opened at reception, we were annihilated and walked unsteadily to reception and handed over the key.

I had both bags over my shoulder, and we lethargically walked holding hands to the Porte Cochere slowly and found Jen outside her car.  Jen raised an eye at us Weird again, was the thought we saw on her face. She hugged Tammy, then me. As I dropped the bags into the boot, I let out a huge yawn which Tammy reciprocated.

Jen saw our lethargy and yawned too.  

The manager appeared over our shoulder and said, “Hey guys, you need the cafe: it’s behind you.  I can put the car over there?”, pointing to the car park.

She handed over her keys and we slowly walked to the cafe and said with a concerned tone, “You OK?”

Tammy held my hand and looked into me lovingly, smiled, and said, “It was amazing, so romantic,” kissed me hard on the mouth, which I returned and said, “But no sleep” and kissed me hard again.

Jen’s face dropped at the surprise, replying, “I thought something was up with you two when I picked you up.  How long?”

As we entered the cafe, we heard Love Story, Tammy replied, “Very up: A month.”  I kissed her hard on the mouth and got a hard tongue in reply.

Jen replied, “More like 2 become 1.”

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    1. Wow, so I get to make the first comment.
      You’re an excellent writer, and this is extremely romantic. I love how you intertwine the opulent atmosphere with food and sex. You have upscale experience in all departments. The imagery is fab. The food is exquisite. The drinks are maybe a little over the top for your average person with an average liver (many of us average folk would be on the floor)… but it works for the story. This is Cinderella level fantasy with an erotic twist. I read your first story, so I kind of know the backdrop on the relationship.

      The music you mention is slightly dated, which is a casual observation on my part. I know these songs, but mainly from the office soft rock settings. I will say that I love literature that mentions music as a way of emphasizing mood and era. I think it works well in your piece. Your vocabulary is extensive and descriptive. This is a pleasurable read.


      • Hi . Music is probably a bit dated. Not sure that Dua Lipa would work so well though!
        I tend to “bank” the songs when I’m listening to the radio btw!

        • I love me some Dua. You can actually find some pieces that have a romantic flare. Billy Eilish has that subliminal seductive quality and Lana Del Rey is a favorite.

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