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The neighbour (3): Power cut

Tammy and Steve’s friendship had turned to lust over crappy TV and lots of booze.

Since our last date, our work and private lives were on the up. So much that tonight, we both had work to do in the evening, so we agreed to hold off to another night.

It was now 8pm and I was still working, when I got a text from Tammy are you still working? I’ve just finished. I replied 30mins more, what are you upto xx?

Tammy replied bored: going onto SexyChat. c u there later?

I replied OK

Even while were friends, we knew that we were both on dating sites and SexyChat to look at the wildlife, post pics and sext people, albeit we never asked about user names.  It was then I wondered if we had ever sexted each other.  

Tammy replied game play: we have to identify each other by posting pics that ID us; first one to successfully ID chooses in IRL, first one ready calls ready?

I now knew that she was both bored and horny.  I decided that I would lose the ID bit so I could find out what was on her mind for me.

30 minutes later I texted Tammy On SC Now: and got the reply game on

For several minutes, I sat there watching the users post pics of random explicitness and I kept an eye out on the female users.  SpaGirl posted a pic GIF of a belly dancing stomach.  I replied fun.  I thought this looked like her stomach, so I posted a pic of my legs. 

SpaGirl responded nice legs and then posted a pic of tits jiggling braless.  I was hard looking at those tits as I knew they were hers.  I responded could they take this: and shot a pic of my cock to the room.

I got a few responses to this, but SpaGirl responded possibly: what about this? and dropped a pic of her wet pussy.  I responded not sure. SpaGirl responded really? [ding] I had lost the bet.

I decided to tease out Tammy’s plans and whilst I was hard, I wasn’t that hard. There was a pic of a couple screwing in the alley.  I wrote @SpaGirl they are having a good time? Tammy/Spa Girl responded they are but… Guess we aren’t doing it in an alley then tonight I thought.

SpaGirl posted another pic of her breasts which now had bigger nipples.  I replied wow big nips. SpaGirl responded nearly up. Hint received.

Then the power went off.  I looked out of the window and saw that the whole bay was out, but there was some light from the moon reflecting off the sea and I wondered whether to make the call or wait, so I procrastinated.

I heard the gate open, then immediately close and the door bell rang.  I put my shorts on and ran to the door.  My house has an rather weedy front emergency light which had armed.  It’s light was strong enough  to illuminate the figure of Tammy dressed in a large coat that was open at the front and that underneath was her naked breasts.  “Call,” she said and dropped her coat to the ground, the weedy illumination revealing that she was completely naked.

“My choice, remember”, she said and grabbed my shorts with both hands and dragged them down.  In the doorway, she dropped and grabbed my cock with her lips and throated me.  Her lips worked up and down my shaft as she cupped my balls and moaned gently.  

She then stood up and kissed me on the mouth.  I returned the kiss and grabbed her dimly-lit tits.  Tammy stopped kissing and said, “did I tell you to grab me?” and said “Outside: now.” 

She grabbed me by the cock and led me through to the ground floor bedroom, where she grabbed the duvet with the other hand and then pulled me through the open slider to the garden.

On the deck, there was enough moonlight to barely make each other and the pergola out.  The stars provided gentle illumination and there was a feint smell of Lilly from the ones growing in the adjacent border.

She dropped the duvet on the deck and kissed me.  I returned the kiss and put my cock between her legs.  She said “who’s leading now?” and detached from the kiss.

She turned around and grabbed hold of the pergola post and said, “In.”

I said “what will the neighbours think?”  She replied, “this one will think you aren’t willing to help out.”

I went behind and pushed my glans into the entrance of her pussy which elicited a moan. I grabbed her tits gently and started fondling them whilst gently pushing in and out, going a bit further each time to tease her.  I could feel her juices on me and she let out a gentle moan, so I repeated the fondle and push until I was nearly in.  This resulted in more gentle moans and increasing wetness to help me slide in.

I fondled her growing nipples with greater intensity as, with each thrust, my dick grew longer and wider inside, pushing on her inside.  She started moaning as I went harder and deeper into her.  I held her tight as my rocking sync’d to hers.  My balls tightened as her pussy tightened around me, so we were clenched together.  Soon, her moans became louder and her pussy started twitching on my hard cock, causing my balls to tighten even more.  I fucked her pussy even harder as my balls and her pussy twitched together, then with one final squeeze, we came in unison.

I held her tight with my hands around her nipples.  Then she pulled off my cock, turned around, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.  I returned the kiss and we made out.  Then she said, “we’ve played that one a few goes on SexyChat.” I nodded and she said, “we have played a lot of ways there” and frenched me back.

The air was still warm, the power still out and the sky was clear, moonlit and still speckled with stars. 

She grabbed the swing chair mat from the corner and spread it on the deck, then she lay down and said, “Clean me out.”

I knelt down beside her pussy and, with two fingers, scooped out some cum.  Then I reached over and put my cum-laced fingers over Tammy’s lips.  Tammy said, “initiative: not allowed, but just this once” and took my fingers into her mouth and sucked the cum off.

Then she said, “Finish off the job.”

I turned around, put my legs over her head and bent my knees to put my mouth over her pussy.  As I dropped my knees, my cock dropped over her mouth and I felt her lips touch my glans.  I dropped my head so my mouth was touching her pussy and began kissing her pussy lips.  Tammy started kissing my dangling glans with her lips which sent a tingle up it and into my balls.  I kissed around her pussy deeper as she kissed, then used one hand to steady my cock as her lips worked up and down it.

Then, my tongue started probing her wet, open pussy which caused her to suck my growing cock harder and bring it deeper into her mouth.  We were now in a virtuous cycle of sucking harder on my cock causing me to tongue deeper into her opening pussy.  

Tammy took my cock out of her lips and said, “Mmm: clean.  Now refill time.  My turn.” and twisted slightly to signal the end of 69-ing.

I moved from over her onto the deck, eagerly awaiting Fill no.2.

Tammy got up and said, “Sit where I was.”

I looked around and the sky was still dark, apart from the moon being out and the deep stars little affected by light pollution.  The temperature seemed to be wanting to stay above its 17c minima, but we were boiling.

I quickly complied with her and sat at the middle of the mat.  Was this making love under moonlight play that we had done on SexyChat I thought?

She sat down in my lap, legs around me with her pussy touching my cock.  I leant in, open mouthed, for a kiss which she acknowledged by giving me a full, tonsil cleaning, French kiss.  She took my hands and placed them on her swollen breasts and started moving my hands over them as a signal.  As I kissed her back, she put her hands over my neck and started I fondling her.  Now that we were ‘seated’, she used her legs to push up against my erect cock whilst bracing with her hands around my shoulders and stabilising with her mouth on mine.  I used my hands to fondle her breasts down to her engorged nipples.

Soon, our kissing getting deeper and faster as she rode the outside of my cock longer and faster which, in turn, made her wetter and me longer and fatter.  At the top of the next slide, she held for a few seconds as she gave me a deep, passionate kiss. Then she lifted slightly higher and inward, and caught my cock with her pussy. 

I kissed and fondled her nipples harder as she slid down my cock.  I thrusted up and caught the top of her pussy with my head and she used her legs to ride my growing cock.  I carried on kissing and fondling her nipples as she tightened around my thickening cock.  

Then she leaned forward and pushed me flat onto the mattress.  Still grinding on my hardening cock, she arched her back and kissed me.  I grabbed her dangling breasts and fondled them whilst kissing her hard and I thrusted up, eliciting a moan.  Her arching was putting pressure on my cock, causing it to grow and also making her wetter and tighter. We kissed passionately as she rode my cock up and down while I used my hips to thrust my cock in her as she was pushing down on me.  

She started moaning again as her pussy started clenching my cock.  I kissed her deep and hard, which she returned by kissing me harder and riding my cock deeper and faster.  Her moans became deeper as my balls tightened and her tightening pussy was riding my expanding cock.  Soon, I felt her start to twitch as she gave me a viciously hard kiss which caused my balls to start twinging, sending my cum up into her as she orgasmed.

She dropped down and lay on me with me still inside and we made out under the stars until we fell asleep.

Later we awoke, arms and legs around each other, to the sun starting to  bathe the garden in its morning light. It was illuminating the blue and white fence and then, slowly illuminating the dahlias growing around us and warming us with its slowly growing light and heat.  I realised that during the night, someone had pulled the duvet over us so we weren’t visibly naked.

Our slow wakeup was accelerated by a loud THUMP: I looked over and saw Freddy with a large rat in his mouth hop off the compost bin and onto the  fence to get into “his” home.  I said, “Freddy scored big then.”  Tammy replied, “My pussy scored three times last night” and kissed me.

I could feel Tammy’s breasts on my chest and my hard cock was resting on her wet pussy. I slid down and put my glans into her pussy lips and pushed slightly in and kissed her on the lips.  She said, “I was thinking I’d get a clean score only, but looks like I might get two then” and kissed me back.

Lying on the mattress under the duvet with the sun rising, we made out gently and I moved my cock in and out of her and she rode me gently,  with an increasing intensity of both. We lay entwined kissing and moving on each other as we made ourselves hornier, enjoying this experience of gentle love-making until we came to a gentle climax.   

We eventually got up for our, now ritual, clean-up in the shower, then it was time for work.

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