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The Neighborhood Watchers – Chapter Two – Dirty Deliberations – Hot Wife or Hotwife?

The Neighborhood Watchers – A serialized novel about a voyeur husband, an exhibitionist Asian hotwife and the men in the neighborhood who spy on her and plan to take advantage of her sexy body that she so carelessly, or perhaps purposefully, exposes to them.

Chapter Two – Dirty Deliberations – Hot Wife or Hotwife?

With my heart racing and my cock stiffening, I hurried upstairs to my home office study, checking first to see that Luci was showering so I wouldn’t be disturbed in my reviewing and stroking to the Neighborhood Watchers’ videos and photos of my exposed Asian wife. The ultimatum note had contained tantalizing thumbnail images of Luci along with lewd descriptions of her, so I was in a state of high arousal and anticipation to experience the full-size content. I plugged the memory stick into my laptop and opened the drive. The Neighborhood Watchers were well organized; they had divided the drive into subfolders under the main folder Asian Wife Exposed: Exercise, Housework, Lounging, Yardwork, Sunbathing, Shopping, Car, Eating Out, Eating at Home, Sleeping, Showering and Bathing, Bathroom, Undressing, Upskirt, Fucking, Husband. The list was an invasive documentary of our daily life, a life up until now I had thought to be private. I didn’t know whether to be angry or impressed, but such emotions were secondary to the sexual thrill coursing through my veins as wondered what I would find in each folder. I watched the first video in the Exercise directory, listening to the sound through headphones. It was taken through a mesh window screen at the back of our house, and while the video was blurred by the mesh it was cock-hardening exciting to discern Luci naked, jogging, her breasts and ass jiggling so sexily and her trimmed bush and sexy pussy on full view whenever she turned slightly.

To know that men were stalking, recording, and sharing the videos of my Asian wife online was an extra thrill that made my now fully hard cock leak pre-cum. I should have been outraged, and a part of me was, but another, more powerful, darker part of me was sexually charged and desperate for more. And the more videos and pix I consumed as I flicked through the folders, very aware that Luci would be getting out of the shower soon, the more I came to believe that my wife wasn’t an innocent, unsuspecting victim, but was flirting and exposing herself to these men, not only in our house but around town too. One suggestive, sexy video in the Lounging folder looked like she posed for it, revealing her reclining on our living room couch, looking at her phone with her legs spread facing the window, showing her bare pussy and trimmed bush to the men who lurked there. She stayed like that for over ten minutes, always with her legs open, occasionally touching her pussy for them.

Many of the shots were out of focus in lowlight or taken through a peephole, but cumulatively the effect was supreme voyeuristic foreplay which punched all my kink buttons. I felt as if the Neighborhood Watchers knew every dirty fantasy I had about my wife. Each click revealed more of Luci. I was addicted. This was the most exciting smut I’d ever seen because it wasn’t some strangers or actors in a Pornhub movie, but my pretty Asian wife being ogled by other men. One shot in the Bathroom folder caught my lusty attention and hardened my erection. It showed Luci with her panties down after going to the bathroom. The photo was shot through a peephole and caught her image in the reflection of the mirror on the door.

That shot showed how the Neighborhood Watchers had our house staked out for the best views of my wife. The Sleeping folder had hundreds of shots of Luci in our bed or on a couch. Some were taken from the roof skylight of her sleeping on our bed with the covers pulled off exposing her ass and pussy. It must have been taken one morning after I had left for work, and she slept in, only to put on a peepshow for these men.

The Showering and Bathing folder had hundreds of videos and photos; the Neighborhood Watchers had to really get off on seeing my wife cleanse herself, but as I watched more, I realized she did a lot more in the shower than get rid of the sweat from working out. A sequence of erotically charged videos showing Luci playing with herself in the shower blew my mind and almost my load. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen as she toyed with her pussy. I was mesmerized by how she seductively parted her cuntlips as if inviting the viewer to plunder her tight pink hole. I wondered what she fantasized about as she touched and flicked her clit. As she guided the cascading water to pound her spread open labia, was she thinking about the Neighborhood Watchers fucking her, her eyes closed in orgasmic rapture, her legs shaking, cunt clenching, mouth wide open, gasping as she made herself cum for these men who watched my wife masturbate as if she were a professional peepshow sex worker. I couldn’t help but wonder how many men around the world were watching Luci on the Internet, jerking off to my Asian wife cumming in the shower, as I too were stroking my cock to her not so private show.

The shower videos were such a revelation; I didn’t know Luci pleasured herself as the water washed over her body. I felt guilty at spying on her very private moments, but exhilarated at seeing something forbidden as she fingered her pussy and soaped her tits and ass. That the Neighborhood Watchers knew this intimacy about my wife, and I did not should perhaps have made me jealous, but instead it just made my cock harder, and made me wonder what else did I not know about Luci that these men did. More pre-cum leaked from my cock as I stroked my shaft to her hand motions, imagining the rough men in the shower with her, fucking her, imagining I were in the shower with them, taking turns to pound my Asian wife.

As I stroked my cock to Luci’s masturbatory motions it dawned on me that the shower in the video was the turquoise tile add-on at the back of the house. I’d been so preoccupied watching my wife cum in the shower that the location didn’t register with me for a few moments. Why did she choose that shower and not the one next to our master bedroom? The lighting in the add-on was dim since several circuits needed repair and there wasn’t a closure or curtain; more things on my to-do list of fixer-upper chores that I never got around to, much to the satisfaction of the Neighborhood Watchers who took great pleasure in their ultimatum note of pointing out how my lack of fixing things made their stalking of Luci easier. As if I was deliberately facilitating their creeping of my wife by being too busy at work to be a good DIY husband!

When I first read their note, I was indignant that they were thanking me for my home repair laziness so they could creep my wife, but after seeing the results of my slacking, I’m glad I didn’t fix the torn screens, ill-fitting blinds, lack of curtains, shorted circuits, and an unfinished shower. The Neighborhood Watcher’s ability to exploit these quirks of our fixer-upper home to produce Luci’s peepshow videos and photos was impressive. It was as if they had blueprints of our house and knew where to position cameras to get the best views of my naked wife.

As I watched Luci’s shower sex video over and over something struck me as very curious. The light reflected in the tile was a floor spotlight which Luci must have set up so the Neighborhood Watchers could see her naked body as she masturbated. Otherwise in the dim light she’d be hidden in the dark. The effect of the spotlight illuminating Luci was sexually artistic and lewdly arousing as her body moved in and out of the shadows like an exotic dancer performing on a stage. After rubbing her pussy hard, she gasped, threw back her head and a stream of ejaculate flooded from her cunt, caught in the spotlight glare. She had to have arranged the floor light with this in mind. I was shocked but more excited by this damning evidence that she was deliberately performing for these perverts, and this suspicion grew with every video or photo I poured over, along with my throbbing cock getting harder and harder at what a slut my demure Asian wife secretly was. 

Just how this shower sex show was arranged taunted my libido. Had the Neighborhood Watchers somehow asked Luci to set it up? Was she in communications with them or had she simply arranged the spotlight just so she wasn’t in the dark when she showered? But why use this shower when the master bedroom shower was so much more comfortable and convenient? Was she cooperating with these local perverts to produce peepshow videos for Internet perverts to enjoy? The placement of that spotlight certainly seemed to confirm my suspicions; Luci had to be a willing accomplice for the Neighborhood Watchers.

The bulk of the shots and videos in the Showering and Bathing folder were of Luci in our glass-enclosed main shower. The hot water caused the images of Luci to be blurred; that had to be the reason she’d put on her masturbation show in the add-on, which didn’t have a closure or curtain. Even blurred, when she bent over and presented her ass and pussy in the master shower, her Asian goodies were clearly on display for the Neighborhood Watchers. Squeezing her breasts and nipples I knew to be an invitation; I’ve made her cum by sucking, biting and squeezing them. That she titty tortured herself in the shower for the Neighborhood Watchers told me she was telling them, showing them, what would happen if they roughed up her tits and nipples.

The Housework folder had hundreds of shots and videos of Luci doing daily chores which it seemed she had the provocative propensity to do so bare assed, her pussy and ass on full view as she knelt to vacuum or dust. Was her going commando a deliberate invitation to the Neighborhood Watchers? I imagined those perverts, when seeing her on her hands and knees in that vulnerable position with her tight holes on display, would have been tempted to fuck her right there on the floor. Rivetted to that photo, I thought ahead to Monday, with guys taking turns fucking my petite Asian wife on her hands and knees, and it made my cock throb, and I stroked it harder and harder as if I were watching a group of rough men gangbanging my pretty, little Luci.

The Housework folder also contained several shots of Luci vacuuming the stairs that puzzled me as they were floor shots looking up to her pussy and ass. How had the Neighborhood Watchers got those shots?

Every shot of Luci at home I’d watched so far were captured through windows, skylights and what looked like tiny peepholes in walls they had purposefully drilled. To get the view up the stairs to Lucy’s bare pussy and ass the Neighborhood Watchers had to have positioned a camera in one of the old floor heating vents, which meant that they had to have been under our house at some time in the crawlspace and into the basement.

That the Neighborhood Watchers had gained access to underneath our home chilled but also thrilled me. They said this memory stick was just a small sample of how much material they had on my Asian wife and me. I wondered about the history of the house and the previous occupants. The realtor who sold us this property six months ago said that the previous owners were very motivated to sell because the husband had received a promotion that involved the couple moving out of state in a hurry. Were the Neighborhood Watchers fucking his wife too and the sudden move was to escape? Was the realtor part of the Neighborhood Watchers? He had been very willing to make us a good deal because the sellers were desperate to buy another house where they had moved to. He had given Luci several private tours when I was tied up at work; what had gone on during those private tours when Luci was alone with the realtor? She said how friendly he’d been and had gone to great lengths to talk about how welcoming the neighborhood was. He gave Luci a list of reasonable contractors who had worked on the house for the previous owners and could fix things for us. That would explain why the Neighborhood Watchers knew every nook and cranny of our home and where to position cameras for the best views of my Asian wife. 

I checked the date of several photos and one of the earliest was taken just a week after we had moved in. I was at work and Luci spent the day hanging pictures to make the house feel more like our home. This photo was also taken from a floor heating vent, which meant that the Neighborhood Watchers had to have already positioned floor cameras before we moved in; they were no doubt installed there for the previous owners and who knows how many other couples who had been blackmailed into sex by the Neighborhood Watchers. Luci was targeted by these perverts from the very beginning, but my wife, far from being outraged at this invasion of privacy, seems to have welcomed their creeping her. It turned her on and she performed for them. In Luci they had found the perfect, willing victim, and in me they had the perfect husband, a voyeur who got off on seeing wife exposed and had fantasies of seeing her fucked by other men.   

A quick thumbing through the Upskirt folder revealed many photos of Luci taken from the floor vent as she climbed the stairs in her expensive designer boots or shoes and short skirts, which I had bought for her, showing off her thong panty cunt bulge to the Neighborhood Watchers. In several of the videos she stepped slowly to give them the best views up her skirt. Her performances in these videos were deliberate teases as she revealed more of her long legs and the prize pussy between. I knew my Asian wife was beautiful, and I saw her naked every day, but these images revealed a sexual side of her I’d never seen before. It was true, as the Neighborhood Watchers noted in their ultimatum note, that I also liked to sneak upskirt photos or videos of Luci, but these images put my amateurish efforts to shame, largely because Luci was posing for these men, willingly showing off her body like a professional model or pornstar.

I needed no further evidence that Luci was a willing performer for the Neighborhood Watchers than a video where she lifted her knee-length dress above her ass to show off her long legs and thong-covered cunt bulge for the floor vent camera as she strutted up the stairs. She had to know that her brazen, slutty ass-bearing show was being recorded by the Neighborhood Watchers. Seeing my wife lift her dress to uncover her butt made my cock harder than ever, and I stroked furiously, imaging what other slutty shows she’d perform for the Neighborhood Watchers on Monday if I stayed at the office as the ultimatum demanded.

All the videos and images of Luci in other folders reinforced my suspicion that she was exposing herself to these men. The Car folder featured many shots of her in micro-miniskirts, provocatively bent over with her legs and ass on upskirt display, her thong-covered cunt begging somebody to come up behind her, pull her skimpy panties aside and fuck her there like a street whore.

Stoked by images of my pretty Asian wife being fucked against our car, I stroked my cock hard, feeling my balls swell with my impending release. I re-read the Neighborhood Watcher’s note where they described the bare pussy upskirt show Luci gave a valet parker. I spurted jets of cum to the shots of her with no panties on, her pussy juices smeared on the seat for the horny valet to enjoy and add his pre-cum to. I continued cumming hard, imagining him fucking Luci in our car with his huge cock, it all videoed and shared online by the Neighborhood Watchers. 

After I’d wiped the cum from my body and caught my breath, I should have stopped looking through the Asian Wife Exposed folders. I was running late for work, but it was impossible to tear myself away from the Neighborhood Watchers’ photos and videos of Luci. I felt like the husband in one of those hotwife novels or porn videos who discovers his hot Asian wife is fucking the gardener or pool boy while he is away at work because the more I watched the more I knew Luci was not a pawn but a performer. She jogged and exercised naked in the house and played with her pussy in the shower and flashed these men out in the street and parking lots knowing they’re creeping her, and she was deliberately putting on a show to attract them. And it had worked!

I wondered why she was exposing herself to strangers. Perhaps this slutty behavior met an unfulfilled sexual need she has hidden from me. Due to her strict Asian upbringing Luci was always so proper-in-public, but obviously she possessed a wild side that craved to be free from those old family inhibitions and the confines of a monogamous marriage. The more I looked at the videos and images of Luci the more I knew I would comply with the Neighborhood Watchers’ ultimatum and stay our late on Monday. Why else would my wife show herself off like this if she didn’t want to be fucked by the men she teases?

And teased she did, showing no hesitation in exposing her body to the Neighborhood Watchers’ pervasive monitoring, as if she were directing scenes for them to use and distribute online. A sequence of photos in the Sleeping folder taken in the middle of the day, while I was at work, showed Luci supposedly napping on our couch wearing a sexy little negligee pulled up to reveal her pussy and ass, rolling over and spreading her legs so the Neighborhood Watchers could get a better view of her wet cunt. She didn’t fool me. I could tell she wasn’t asleep but only pretending to be as she put on an Asian wet cunt and firm ass peepshow in sexy lingerie for her perverted fans, essentially inviting them to fuck her while her husband was away at the office. The loving husband in me thought that I should I warn Luci that her slutty actions have consequences. If she was just teasing and being a brazen flirt, she ought to know these guys were ready to take what she’d put on display. Could I be endangering my wife if I kept quiet and complied with the ultimatum?

Even though I was late for work there was one folder I had to peruse; I opened the Fucking folder and launched the first video. It showed Luci undressing after a night out with me before we fucked on our bed. The first indication Luci was putting on a show for the Neighborhood Watchers came in our bathroom where she checked her face in the mirror while slowly lifting her short summer dress to caress and squeeze her ass in a flirty, sexy manner. Why would she fondle her ass if no one was watching? I was on our bed waiting for her. Luci had to know she was being spied upon by the Neighborhood Watchers and put on a sexy ass feel tease show for them, lifting her dress to expose those firm cheeks and long legs in heels, seductively squeezing her firm Asian butt, parting her cheeks to show the skimpy thong running along her wet cunt crack.

Once in the bedroom Luci put on more of a prick tease show, undressing before joining me on the bed to fuck. I had no idea we were being watched but she had to. She casually turned and looked right at the window as she unsnapped her bra and freed her small Asian tits, exposing those pert breasts and always hard, big nipples to where the Neighborhood Watchers must have been crouched down videoing her. That small action, captured perfectly on the video, told me she knew they were there creeping her and she put on a slow, sexy striptease for them, fondling her ass in the bathroom and then taking her time to remove her bra and shoes, leaving on her wet panties to emphasize her plump cunt bulge. 

The more I watched the video of Luci undressing the more I realized my sexy, seductive wife was not a woman quickly getting out of her clothes to crawl into bed to have sex with her husband, but a cockteasing slut performing a strip show on the stage of our bedroom for strangers and then fucking her unknowing husband for their enjoyment. I wondered if she knew that her teasing married Asian slut’s performance would be circulated on the Internet, replete with dissolves and zooms and close-ups of her holes just like a porn video I’d stroke to on the web.

As the Neighborhood Watchers claimed, Luci showing off her body turned her on because I remember vividly that hot night, how she climbed on to the bed wearing nothing but her skimpy thong and stood astride me. I salivated at the sultriness of my sexy wife staring down at me as she slid her panties slithery down her long legs, twirling her thong in her hand as her pussy glistened wet above me like some holy cunt grail. I was pussy-struck, transfixed by the sight of Luci’s cunt so aroused and moist with droplets of creamy juice coating her pubic hair, having no idea she was so wet and being so sexy, not just for me, but for the men who were watching her perform.

She swayed above me, hypnotizing me first with her gyrations and her gushing wet slit, before dropping to her knees, impaling my throbbing cock inside her tight hole in one swift, desperate-for-fucking motion. I gasped as her body slammed down on mine, my cock penetrating her dripping wet cunt to the hilt. The video captured the audio of Luci laughing in such a dirty, slutty way as she ground her cunt on me, stuffing her sodden panties into my open mouth telling me to taste how wet she was for me. I was lost in the erotic moment, amazed and beyond excited by my wife’s slutty performance. I relished tasting Luci’s sex-soaked panties. What a lucky guy I am, I thought, to have such a wild wife, but now her wanton behavior all made sense; none of the usual before sex getting wet foreplay with me was needed as putting on a show for the Neighborhood Watchers was all the pussy wetting foreplay Luci required.

Luci fucked me like a crazed nympho, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, riding me hard, grinding her clit, cumming very loud, very quickly screaming a staccato “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” before sliding me out of her dripping pussy to suck my cock to orgasm. As I jerked off to Luci’s pornstar display, I realized that there was a deliberate cockteasing method to Luci’s whorish madness as she sucked me off, her just fucked cunt wide open and facing the window. She knew the Neighborhood Watchers were videoing her, and she performed a sex show for them to make them want her gaping pussy and her cocksucking skills. What a slut. What a hotwife. What a whore. What a wife. My Asian wife!

As I stroked off another orgasm to Luci’s pornstar-worthy performance, I knew the Neighborhood Watchers were right. Luci was a hot wife who wanted and needed to be a real hotwife – a shared woman, free to offer all her tight holes to any man she wanted to fuck. I had been blind to her needs and the Neighborhood Watchers had opened my eyes with their ultimatum note and the accompanying videos and photos. Luci had unfulfilled sexual needs; she craved more dick than mine, bigger dicks than mine, and put her body out there on display to attract men who’d give her what she deserved. That realization taunted and teased me, and I wanted more time to look at every photo and video in detail, but I had to get to the office, so I transferred the contents of the memory stick to my phone for later viewing at my desk. But I knew already what I really wanted to see wasn’t in that collection; I wanted to see other men fuck my Asian wife with cocks bigger than mine and see what a hotwife whore she would be for them.

I straightened my clothes, packed my briefcase, walked to the kitchen, and tried to be as calm as any other day where I hadn’t spent the morning jerking off to my wife exposed to strangers. I kissed my freshly showered secret-whore-soon-to-be-hotwife bye for the day as she enjoyed her breakfast. After the usual small talk about what she had planned, I left for work, hoping she didn’t notice the erection pulsing in my business suit as I imagined her plans involved showing off her body to strange men who wanted to fuck her. I bet her cunt was wet anticipating them lining up to spread her legs to give her lots of big dicks, making her cum as they filled her tight little married Asian pussy with their jism until her stretched cunt overflowed with their combined orgasms. Such were the dirty thoughts bouncing around my head as I navigated my way through town to work in an erotic daze.

Once at work I answered a few nagging emails that I thought would help put the ultimatum out of my mind, especially after those many much needed cums I’d enjoyed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the note and The Neighborhood Watchers spying on and soon fucking my wife. My erection wouldn’t subside. My mind constantly imagined sexy scenarios; were they watching her right now while I was at work? Was she performing for them, showing peeping men her naked body? Was she shopping in a revealing outfit just for them? Was she masturbating on our marital bed as they watched her cum? I was useless at the office, hard and horny all day, imaging my pretty wife being an exhibitionist whore, flashing her body to other men to get them to fuck her. I jerked off in a work bathroom, reading the ultimatum note from Luci’s stalkers, cumming to a sneaked image of her lying face down on our bed, obviously taken during the daytime when I was at work, her tight, pert ass ready to be fucked, imagining lurking guys outside our bedroom window taking that photo, getting intimate views of her that I didn’t have.

It was Thursday; I had tonight, Friday and the weekend to decide what I was going to do – comply with the Neighborhood Watchers ultimatum and share my lovely wife with them or confront her about her exhibitionist behavior and contact the authorities about these blackmailing perverts. I knew what a responsible husband should do, but what would I do? And most important of all, what did Luci want. Was I reading too much of my voyeuristic hotwife fantasy into her behavior? Did she want to be a hotwife in dirty deed, fucking any man she wanted? Or was she content to be just a hot wife who men wanted to fuck, but couldn’t have, fucking only her husband?

On the drive home from the office, I decided I didn’t need the weekend to know what I would do. I will talk with Luci about the Neighborhood Watchers, their videos and photos of her, and the ultimatum note. I would give her a chance to explain her exhibitionist, flirty, provocative behavior. If Luci wanted to do more than just tease and show off her body, I would agree to share my Asian hotwife with the Neighborhood Watchers.

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