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The Neighborhood Watchers – Chapter One – The Ultimatum

The Neighborhood Watchers – A serialized novel about a voyeur husband, an exhibitionist Asian hotwife and the men in the neighborhood who spy on her and plan to take advantage of the sexy body she so carelessly, or perhaps purposefully, exposes to them.

Chapter One – The Ultimatum

Thursday morning, with the temperature already in the high nineties, I picked up the mail from our mailbox, as I usually do every day before heading out to work and sorted the bills from the junk. Stashed amongst all the advertising circulars was a plain white envelope – no return address – with “To the Man of the House” and “From The Neighborhood Watchers” and “PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL” emblazoned in red block printing. I thought it was more junk and almost threw it away, but I felt something small and hard in the envelope, so I tore it open. A memory stick and a printed note fell out. My heart raced and my cock hardened with every revealing, ominous word:

“I’m sure you know that Luci, your sexy little Asian piece of fuckmeat exercises and jogs naked in your house in this hot weather with the windows wide open. Nice of your hot wife to put on a nudey show for us, and for you to allow her to show off her tight little body. At first we shot videos through the screens, but they were hard to focus through and make it tough to see all the sexy details of your wife’s fine body, so we enlarged a few of the holes you had in the screen (thanks for not fixing those, dude) to get crisp, clear views of your slut’s tits, ass and pussy as she exercises naked.”

“Maybe your wife thinks no one sees her, or maybe she enjoys showing off her married body to strangers, and maybe you encourage her to be so brazen cause you get off on it. We don’t care what her or your motivation is to expose her ass, tits, and cunt to us, but such wanton slut behavior does have consequences, which is the point of this note to you. We want you to know that when you’re away at the office, working hard to earn all that money to keep your Asian slut happy and dressed in expensive clothes and heels for when she goes out to lunch or shopping in that fancy car of yours, I and several of my buddies sneak down the side of your house and catch great videos of her sexy little ass shaking as she jogs or spreads her legs as she stretches, showing off her cunt and that landing strip bush she religiously trims in the bathroom. We watch the videos later and jerk off, imagining her perfect little ass shaking as we fuck her raw, down on her knees, begging for our big cocks to stretch those tight pink holes of hers. We’ve watched Luci ever since you moved in and even know when her periods are so we know when she can be bred.”

Shock, disbelief, and a strange pulse-quickening thrill washed over me, chilling my sweating flesh in the oppressive heat. Maybe I was being punked by some of my old college friends who often made rude comments about how hot my wife was and how dumb lucky I was to have her to fuck. I looked up from the note and gazed around to see if anybody was watching me and would come out from the bushes laughing hysterically, but I was alone – as far as I could tell. Given these men were able to spy with ease on Luci, I couldn’t be certain of anything. They obviously knew our routine. They knew I picked up the mail before going to work and had placed the envelope in our mailbox knowing I, not Luci, would find it. This was way more sinister than a college buddy prank. Suddenly, this neighborhood and all the serene, rambling houses threatened. We’d moved here six months ago when I took a new job offer and we used the signing bonus and my higher salary to buy an old house on a big lot. It needed work but we viewed it as a long-term investment in our future. On the surface it looked like the idyllic, quiet, friendly neighborhood – no crime, block parties every holiday, no homeless encampments, and someone always willing to help with whatever home fixing-up was needed. There were Neighborhood Watch signs all over the place warning wanna-be criminals that we all looked out for one another, but it seemed some of our neighbors took watching to the extreme and looked in at my wife exercising naked in the privacy of our home. 

I continued reading the note and with every word my initial shock gave way to full on perverse excitement at the idea that Luci was being spied upon by guys and they were sharing videos of her and jerking off to my hot Asian wife during her intimate, private moments. And I confess, they’re not the only ones enjoying the secret view of her naked body; I’m guilty too – I’m a voyeur, and I’ve especially enjoyed the intense heat of this summer and not having air-conditioning in this old house with her going around from room-to-room naked or with just a thong on or a loose muscle shirt showing off her sexy little tits, pussy and ass so carefree, not realizing how hot she is, literally, while trying to stay cool. And as the note revealed, it seems that my creeping voyeurism had been noticed too.

“We’ve watched you sneak videos of your wife naked or creep upskirt photos of her when she bends over, so we know you’ll like to see what your horny neighbors work so hard to record. Good neighbors share their good fortune, right, and your wife is a tasty piece of Asian ass that deserves to be shared by you, with us, in every way possible. This memory stick is just a little tease for you, but we have hours of videos of her we upload to Reddit, Twitter, BDSMLR, Erome, Pornhub, Onlyfans, Asian porn sites and WMAF adult chatrooms on the dark web and other places. You should see the comments guys make about your Asian wife. Luci is very popular amongst a wide circle of perverts who want to see her used, abused and fucked and write detailed posts about her getting what she deserves for having such a hot body and showing it off as she does. She’s a hot slut and she’s a wife and she deserves to be a hotwife, in dirty deed not just in cock-stroking fantasy, if you know what we mean. There’s a whole thread devoted to guys who want to gangbang your wife and breed her. I bet you’d like to see a video of that Asian fuckfest wouldn’t you? We know the kind of nasty videos you stroke to so don’t try to pretend you wouldn’t want to see your pretty little Asian wife gangbanged. And from what we see not just in your house but around town, she wants it so bad. She wants to be a hotwife who is shared by her husband with other men, many men. Why else would she go out dressed like this in a thin dress that barely covers her ass and shows off her tight ass cheeks and thong-covered pussy crack? We took this as she waited in line at the frozen yogurt place. Watching her eat that cone got us so hard too, the way she licked it at the top was like she was showing us how she’d lick the cum out of our cocks.”

“Luci always wears short miniskirts and heels to show off her legs when she goes out grocery shopping or to a restaurant, and when she sits down, she delivers cock-hardening upskirt views by keeping her legs open or slowly uncrossing them to show which color panties she has on for that day. We know all the colors she has, and guys rate them online as which ones are the sexiest. Dude, you should know, if you ever want to make a bunch of extra cash, there are guys who’d buy your hotwife’s dirty panties after she’s sweat in them, or better yet, got them all wet with her flashing her cunt and cum in them. We know it turns her on. We’ve seen the little damp spots between her legs.” 

“We have hundreds of upskirt shots of Luci. She is very popular on all the private pay-for-view upskirt sites, and you can see why. We know you take photos under restaurant tables of her legs and up her skirt, so it’s only right that other horny men get to see up her skirt too, and it’s only right if after seeing up that short skirt to those pretty panties, they want what’s inside. Am I right or am I right? Yeah, I’m right, and you know it too.”

“And even if Luci wears a long skirt or dress, she can’t resist showing off her best assets by wearing see-through clothes that reveal her ass and panties. Admit it dude, your wife is a hotwife slut who likes to show off her body, and in this town, well, if you put the goods on display, you’d better be prepared to have them acquired and put to the good use they were made for.”

“One day Luci went to the grocery store in hotpants that showed off her ass and legs. I mean, dude, who shops for groceries in hot pants other than a hotwife whore looking for pickups. They were so ass fitting that you could see her camel toe cunt bulge when she stretched to reach something on a high shelf or bent over to get something low, which she did often for us. She had to know we were watching her and put on that show in return. Luci is an attention whore, and we’ll gladly give that little bitch all the attention that tight little body can handle.”

“As if she hadn’t caused enough dicks to harden with her hotpants grocery show, after checking out Luci sat at the coffee bar in the store showing off so much exposed thigh it was a traffic hazard as she sipped away on her iced latte, distracting guys and causing other women to frown at the brazen slut’s behavior. After she left the coffee bar, I sat in the chair and felt how hot she’d made the seat with her cunt and ass barely covered by those thin hot pants. I kid you not that I pretended to drop my keys under the counter, so I had to bend down to pick them up and I used the opportunity to sniff that seat and I caught whiffs of her musky cunt, and I knew it, I knew it. Showing off her body to us gets your slutwife wet and excited.”

“It’s not only her ass and cunt she shows off. Do you know your slut goes braless in skimpy, see-through tops showing off her tits and nipples? Luci was a couple people behind me in a line at the fish taco place, and I turned and pretended to be messaging someone but was really sneaking a photo of her perky tits and hard nipples in this see-through pink top that’s so thin she may as well not be wearing anything. She had to know I was taking a photo of her big nipples and small tits. The slut even smiled at me as she stuck out her chest. It’s like she wants to be noticed by men. It’s so obvious to all of us that she wants someone to fuck her harder than you do and make her beg for more cock than yours by the way she is putting her body out there like that. We’re all for free the nipple, as long as you free the pussy for our cocks too, you know what I mean, dude? Your whore wants it bad and we’re going to give the lady what she wants.”

“I followed Luci once into one of those clothing boutiques in the mall and she sorted through racks of clothes and found a see-through top. She went in the changing room and came out wearing it – with no bra! She paid for it and walked out in it into the mall. Everyone stared. Your Asian whore has no shame at all. She knows she’s got a hot little body and that men want her, and women hate her, so she flaunts it for all to see. One of the Neighborhood Watchers works security at the mall, and he got his hands on the security camera footage of her walking through the place with her tiny titties and big pokie nips on display in a short skirt and thigh high boots. It’s one of the most popular videos we’ve uploaded. It’s on the memory stick, so you can watch and stroke to your slutwife too, and you can search for it online – just type in ‘Asian slut wife walking through mall in black see-thru top showing off her titties,’ and you’ll see how much of an online exposed web whore Luci is.”

“Some of my favorite jerk offs to her are the upskirt shots of your Asian slut when she gets into and out of your car. Luci really puts on a peep show worthy of one of those strippers who work the stroke shows at The Pumping Station. Maybe you should put your wife to work there. She’d be the most popular whore there by far. She’d probably make more dough than you in your big-shot job.”

“When giving us an upskirt show Luci sometimes wears a tight skimpy thong that barely covers her pussy and shows her cunt lips and the crack of her married gash, and you must know she often goes out without panties, showing off her bare married Asian pussy and that trimmed thatch of dark bush we’re so going to enjoy tasting. We shot this sequence of her getting out of your car. She put on a real stripper-worthy show the way she placed one leg outside of the car and kept the other inside, so she was wide split gash open with her dress up to her waist as she pretended to be looking for something in her purse while we shot photos of her furry pussy. Dude, your car seat has got to smell of Asian pussy. She valet parked it one time at a restaurant and one of the guys who is in our group saw her cunt up close and got to smell the seat when he parked your car. He licked it too and rubbed his cock on the seat where your wife’s cunt had been just a few seconds before. He said it was warm, musky and wet from her juicy married pussy. His precum is on there now mixed with your wife’s female slut jizz.”

“We know Luci knows we’re watching and creeping her because she acts like a teasing whore and always bends so slowly when she picks up the newspaper out front of your house. After the paper is delivered one of us will move it away from the porch so she has to come to the curb to retrieve it where our cameras have a better view of her ass and cunt.”

“When your little Asian hotwife is feeling really horny and in a hardcore show-off, cockteasing slut mood, (which is almost every day, dude!) she sits on your porch steps and crosses and uncrosses her legs slowly, not wearing any panties, putting on a Basic Instinct upskirt show for us. She’s even laid back on the porch with her long legs open showing off her hairy bush and wet gash just begging for cock to cum and fill her up. Dude, your wife is putting that married Asian pussy out there in the neighborhood as if to say – ‘If you want my married Asian cunt boys, come and get it,’ and the Neighborhood Watchers have heard Luci loud and clear and are ready to call her cock teasing bluff.”

“You wanna know how much of a brazen attention seeking whore you wife is? Let me tell you that your pretty, little, not-so-innocent Luci flirts mercilessly with us, making suggestive comments as we work in our yards about how big our muscles are, and we know what she’s really saying is she likes and wants our big cocks. But the best part of the day is when she exercises naked after teasing us in our yards. She works out for an hour or more every day to keep that ass trim and those legs long and firm to wrap around guys like us. She jogs, stretches, lifts weights, and does high impact aerobics, all naked in this heat, where her ass shakes, and her titties jiggle and you can see her puckered asshole and cuntlips. Thanks, man, for not putting in AC into that old place but damn, I need that piece of Asian fuckmeat squatting on my big white cock doing hundreds of reps!”

“But that’s not even all of the show she gives us. Luci gets all nasty and sweaty working out and goes right away for a shower or a bath to be all squeaky clean for you when you come home. That excuse for a shade in your bathroom ain’t worth shit, but sincere thanks from us for not fixing it. She keeps the window open to let the heat and steam out and of course in the breeze the shade flutters and gives us a clear, peepshow view of her in the shower or bath.”

“Do you know Luci is such a horny slut she gets so turned on by exposing herself to us that the little whore frigs her pussy in the shower? She’s for sure thinking of us and our big muscles holding her down and fucking her hard with our big white cocks.”

“One time in the bath Luci dozed off with her legs spread, showing off her cunt and asshole. It was all we could do not to climb in through the window and fuck her right there. After that spread leg gash show we decided we had to take this to the next level. She’s gotta be fucked by us. And what’s better, we know that your wife, sexy little Luci with the juicy pussy, wants to be fucked by us.”

“Fuck, dude, I’m sure you agree with our way of seeing this situation that you and your teasing Asian wife have caused. You brought this sexy whore into the neighborhood who teases us and who clearly wants to be fucked by men other than her husband. Luci has to be fucked by us to save your marriage or else she’s gonna start straying, and some guy is gonna take her away from you. We all got wives and don’t need another. We just want your wife’s holes. By satisfying Luci’s nympho needs, she’ll be happy and stay put. You gotta be honest with yourself. If you haven’t yet shared your wife and made her a true hotwife, it’s way overdue. You know that woman is more cunt than you can manage. You’re a lucky man to have such a hot little piece of flirty Asian ass to fuck whenever you want, and you don’t even fuck her as often as you could or should, and it’s time to spread that luck around the neighborhood and for her to spread her legs for us as well as you. We know she’s such a desperate-for-big-cock whore because you’re not giving it to her enough. We see into your bedroom and know that the two or three times a week you dick her isn’t enough for such an horndog fuckmeat Asian slut who craves lots of big dick and isn’t afraid to show off her body to get it. So, know this – there are many of your neighbors ready to dick her and have her on the end of their cocks until she can’t take no more fucking, and we’ll give you the videos of her being fucked by us so you can jerk off to her getting railed too. Think about it, dude. It’s what you’ve always wanted. Am I right or am I right! You know, I’m right. Be honest, you’ve always fantasized about watching your wife be fucked by other men. We know the porn you watch. We’re going to make your fantasies cum true, literally.”

“We know you’ll get off to it since you creep her too. That’s why we decided to reach out to you man-to-man and give you this ultimatum. We know you’ll understand and want her to be fucked often and hard as much as we are wanting to do her. Why else would you let your wife go around naked as much as she does or wear such skimpy dresses with no panties in public. Why else would Luci sit in your yard topless reading a book where we can all see her from our bedroom windows and take photos like this that show she’s getting off on exposing herself to us by how hard those perky pokie Asian big nips are.”

“Here’s the deal. If you’re interested in being truly neighborly and getting your desperate-for-cock whore lots of bigger dick, this next Monday night stay away from home for the evening. Make an excuse. Call Luci and say you gotta work late on some important project because you’re such a big shot. We’ll take care of the rest. Your Asian wife’s hotwife initiation well-cum to the neighborhood is long overdue. If you don’t, well we have lots of videos of you jerking off to nasty and degrading Asian gangbang porn that you probably don’t want innocent little Luci or the world to see. Imagine if your wife found out that you watch this filth imaging her getting gangbanged. Can you spell D-I-V-O-R-C-E and A-L-I-M-O-N-Y. What’s your boss going to say when she finds out her highly paid customer service manager is a sexist racist gooner. Can you spell F-I-R-E-D.”

“So, after you’ve had a chance to stroke a few good cums to the vids and pix on this memory stick and have considered what will happen to you and her if you don’t do what we say, then stay out late Monday night. Simple. And just so we know you’re going to comply with our demands and not interfere in our fun with Luci or make any silly trouble like going to the cops, here’s what you’re going to do after making excuses to your sexy wife for working late on Monday. Leave work and go to the Pumping Station Strip Club off Route One, go up to the bar and when the bartender asks you what you want, you say “I’d like an Asian Pussy, please sir.” That’ll be our signal you’re going to be a good cuck and share your married Asian pussy with us. Have a few drinks, maybe enjoy a lapdance or stroke show, but stay at the Pumping Station while we pump your wife full of our cum, turning her into the hotwife slut she deserves, wants and needs to be. The bartender will let you know when we’re finished with her so you can come home to juicy Luci.

Sincerely Horny for your Asian Wife,

The Neighborhood Watchers.”

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    1. Wow great story line. Would be amazing for you to actually receive a package like this. The strip club is a great touch watching other girls while you wonder how your wife is doing – accepting the watchers requests or being taken against her will…..

    2. Thanks – as a voyeur I get off watching my wife and watching her be watched – which led to this novel. I’d actually really get off getting a package like that with secretly taken photos and videos of my wife. All writing has an element of dreams-cum-true in it – that’s what makes the scenarios so vivid. You’re obviously in tune with the plot so stay tuned to see the surprise that’s revealed at the strip club … and how much father the Neighborhood Watchers will go to debauch Luci

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