The Moment Thereafter

The Moment Thereafter 

One of the many things I love about sex are those moments of silence that come after. They can be one of the most peaceful moments of tranquility when the vale of lies comes breaking down. We all live in a box of pretend, trying to project unto others what we want them to perceive of us. However on rare occasions do we bring down those walls of deceit and confess our feelings and experiences to that other. In most instances this moment of truth comes right after we have had our essence spilled inside a partner. Right after that exhale comes those moments of silence and peace. A make for some or a break for others. 

Moments of silence come thereafter

Moments of peace and tranquillity 

when vales of lies come breaking down. 

We all live in a box of pretend 

We all try to project unto others 

what we want them to perceive. 

On rare occasions do walls come down 

On rare occasions do confessions fall

do we tell of experiences to that other. 

Those moments of truth come right after  

Those moments of lust and pleasure

after our essence is spilled inside. 

After that exhale comes those moments 

Afterwards moments of silence and peace

a make for some or a break for others. 

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