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The lingerie shop chapter 3

This is chapter 3 of 3 chapters in the series The Lingerie Shop

A week has passed since our frolic at the lingerie shop. But when I received a call from Dona I was very much delighted. Before I left the store last week I had given both Dona and Jane my cell number and since that night I was hoping to get a call from either one. After a few days and many sleepless nights I started to get worried. “They probably don’t want to see me anymore” I had almost given up.

“How are you Mike?” Dona asked.

“Very good thank you. How are you doing yourself and how’s Jane?” I continued.

“Oh I am good thanks,” Dona replied not mentioning anything about Jane so I got worried.

“Good, good, I hope that you haven’t fired Jane after that night?” I asked Dona. Although it was Jane who initiated our sexual encounter at Dona’s lingerie store but I still felt guilty if anything happened to her as a result of our foolishness. It is victim’s guilt I guess.

“Oh no. No. Jane is fine. She has become a permanent fixture in my shop since then,” Dona explained. That image of Jane which Dona just described didn’t help me much to reduce my concern, “anyway I am calling you for a proposition in which you would be amply rewarded. Are you interested?” Dona continued.

“Of course I would,” I replied. Which fool wouldn’t be. “Is it your place or mine?” I thought why not ask such a blunt question to get this finally over with. Either I am going down and in this case I was hoping it would be down on Dona or I was going down in flames.

“Oh no. This is strictly a business proposition,” Dona mentioned and my heart just dropped to the epitome of hell.

“Ehh. No problem,” I said a little hesitant but haven’t yet completely given up, “so what is this business proposition of yours?” I followed.

“Ok. As you remember both Jane and I were busy taking photos of the store’s lingerie collection when you so unexpectedly interrupted us with your presence,” as Dona continued to speak I could swear the ambient temperature just went up a notch.

“So I was wondering if you are interested to come to the shop to take photos of both Jane and I. We need someone to help us with this since there are so many outfits we need to try out and photograph and I have a next week deadline to upload all the pictures to our online catalogue. What do you think?” She finally explained.

This wasn’t so bad but I thought I might show Dona some of my negotiation skills and like an idiot I asked, “and what are you prepared to pay?” 

Dona chuckled as she said, “Don’t worry Mike. I am sure we could tie up any loose ends when we meet tomorrow,” and she just sealed the deal. I should have backed up. Such a fool I was.

At exactly 9pm I was knocking on the door of Dona’s lingerie shop. Again the only light in the street was the one coming from the store. And like last time the ‘closed’ sign dangled from a thin chain behind the small glass window. I walked in and proceeded to go up stairs. I was following Dona’s instructions to the letter which she strictly gave me on the phone last night. As I cleared the last steps I was immediately shocked to see both Dona and Jane standing on the far corner of the upper floor waiting for me.

“Oh there you are. Ok we don’t have all night. Grab the camera from the shelf over there and start taking our photos,” Dona commanded. It is in her nature I guess.

I don’t know how these two ladies do it. Every time I look at them I seem to freeze. It is not only their gorgeous figures and beautiful faces but most probably it is the outfits they keep dressing up in. This time they were both dressed in open cup vinyl corsets with matching tight stockings. Dona was wearing a bright red outfit while Jane was in a blue one. They looked so tantalizing. The shocker was the two pairs of full breasts swaying over the upper seams of their bright vinyl outfits.Yep it was most probably the corsets. I don’t know why but I can’t help it. Corsets just make me want to stare.

“Finished ogling us? When do you plan to start working?” this time is was Jane who asked.

“Come on ladies. Give me a break. My heart just needs a breather,” I said as I was pulling on my shirt trying to get my circulation running again.

“This is so not going to work,” Dona said, “if we are going to finish this then you have to restrain yourself,” she shouted at me.

“I am sorry but you two look, look, beautiful in those outfits. My cock so wants to come out and jump you two right now. I can’t help it,” I explained.

“Te. Te. Te. I think we need to do something about that. Don’t you think Jane?” Dona asked not really expecting an answer but she got a nod from her anyway.

Dona walked over and opened up a closet on the far corner of the room. She brought out a weird looking contraption that looked like a bent up metallic cock. OMG I recognized that thing. It was a cock cage. I had seen such a device while browsing the porn sites. Ok I was a young man and I was allowed to browse wasn’t I? But seeing this thing in front of me and most probably about to be used on my dick made me shiver.

“Oh no. You are not going to use this on me!” I backed out.

“Don’t worry Mike. If you are not comfortable with this then I understand. We will stop and you can go home with no hard feelings. Otherwise we won’t finish our work tonight.” I wasn’t sure if this was a threat or Dona was concerned for my feelings. Yep it was a threat and I gave up.

“Ok but please be careful. I might still want to have children someday,” I pleaded and they both laughed out load, “this is serious,” I confirmed.

“Don’t worry Mike. We will be careful. Besides we might need this dick later on,” Dona said and I felt a little relieved. There was light at the end of the tunnel, I hoped.

“Take off your clothes and let us see the merchandise,” Dona ordered and I immediately complied.

After I did she proceeded with putting on the cock cage herself. She must have been an expert in using these things. She just sat in front of me and started to put lubricant all over my balls and cock which immediately started to expand.

“Come over hear and help me deflate this thing otherwise it would not fit in the cage,” Dona ordered Jane who hurried towards me, sat on her knees and started to rub my cock with both hands. Meanwhile Dona’s hands continued to caress my cock as well. She grabbed Jane’s head and directed it toward my cock aligning her mouth on the very tip. With Jane’s mouth wide open Dona pushed her all the way in until my dick was imbedded into Jane’s throat. It didn’t take me long to come into Jane’s mouth.

Dona immediately pushed Jane away from my dick which started to get limp and she again put on more lubricants on my groin. Then she expertly brought out an open ended plastic ring and proceeded to put it all the way behind my balls. She used another smaller plastic arc to close the ring. Then she brought out the cock cage and slowly inserted it on my dick locking the cage to the plastic ring. Finally she brought out a small lock and locked all the pieces firmly together. 

Dona stood up and held the key in front of me and said, “ok we are done here and you are securely locked in. This way you will do your job without distractions,” I don’t know if again that was a concern for my wellbeing or another threat. Yep again it was most definitely another threat.

For the next few hours we proceeded with the work. Dona cleared away the upper floor for the photo session. She even took my clothes downstairs saying I didn’t need them anymore until I finish my job then the two ladies began to pose in front of me.  Every few minutes they would change into one lingerie outfit much sexier then the other right in front of me and I was required to take pictures of them standing in the most provocative manner. They tried out all kind of outfits: corsets, one piece, two piece, bodystockings, fishnets, bras, stockings, thongs, crotchless, panties,… and in all kinds of material: lace, leather, vinyl… They even tried different customs such as nurses, cops, maids, schoolgirls as well as all kinds of bondage and fetish wear. You name it I had to take a photo of it. I took solo pictures of the two ladies as well as picture of both of them together in so many sensual positions I had not even dreamed possible. What an online catalogue this would turn out to be!

Every now and then Dona would come over and inspect the cock cage. She would caress my balls and touch my dick through the few openings of the device. “Ok it is still secure. You can continue with your work,” she would say and my cock would expand a notch.

Of course by the end of the photo session you could not imagine the state of my cock inside the cage. It was so eager to come out that it was about to explode. I managed to endure the slow torture the first hour of the session but after midnight I wanted to cry out. And I did.

“Oh please ladies. Are we finished here. I need to come out, please” I pleaded.

“Oh but who said you could come out?” Dona wondered and my throat just got dry.

“What ever do you mean? You said you would unlock me when the photo session is over,” I said.

“Oh but it is still not over. We need a couple of days to finish here,” Dona looked me in the eyes as she was saying this and I just knew I was so screwed up.

“Even if he is locked up can we still have fun with him? Can we? Please mistress” I thought I had been concerned with Jane’s wellbeing in the hands of Dona but when she said this I so wanted to smack her myself.

At this stage I wanted to run away. But where could I run. I was naked and locked up in a cock cage with the key somewhere in the store. I didn’t even know if I could find it or my clothes for that matter even if I tried. Dona must have figured everything out and I was under the mercy of the mistresses and her sub. 

“Ok bitch,” this is what Dona kept calling Jane, “I guess we are finished with the photos for the night. A release after all this hard work is not so bad,” Dona said. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry but I had to wait and see what these two had up their sleeves for the reminder of the evening.

“Bring out the bench, Jane,” Dona ordered and Jane went into Dona office and pushed out a long light ottoman bench lounge made of white leather.

“Mike. Sit on your back on the bench,” Dona commanded and I did as I was told. They simultaneously started to take off their panties and stood on either side of the bench. Jane just sat on my face while Dona sat on my dick which was still locked up in the cock cage. They started to move together as if dancing to a rhythm of slow music. I knew I had to oblige Jane with my tongue even if my cock was being pounded to smithereens. Dona kept grinding her pussy on the metallic cage and my cock kept wanting to break out of but couldn’t. One end of my body was in bliss while the other was in turmoil. That is when my face was flooded with Jane’s juices. Ah, I totally forgot about Jane being a squirter. Dona on the other side hadn’t yet been satisfied. They switched places and the blissful torture continued again. A few minutes later Dona also came as a result of my expert mouth licking.

I was left to rest on the bench for a few minutes as both ladies went to the restroom to freshen up. They came back energized and wearing new attires that made me want to run away outside the store even in my state of caged nakedness. They had on new leather outfits but the things between their legs was the object that had me in jitters. Both of them wore strap-ons which I kept looking at in fear. Dona’s cock was black while Jane’s was blue. It reflected the color of her eyes. I was about to be sodomized and I was thinking about Jane’s eyes. I felt sick.

“Come on ladies. This is getting ridiculous,” I tried to show some courage but my voice must have betrayed my sock.

“Now the fun starts Mike,” Dona said, “if you pass this test then I might let you free and unlock the cage,” she tried to reassure me. I don’t know why but I didn’t believe her.

“Now on your hands and knees on the bench Mike,” Dona ordered and I surprised myself for jumping on her last command. 

Jane stood in front of me and said, “open your mouth and suck,” she grabbed my head by my hair and shoved the blue cock inside my mouth.

Meanwhile Dona was standing behind me. She had brought a bottle of anal lubricant and smudge my asshole area with enough liquid which dripped down the middle of my ass cheeks. Before she used the strap-on she covered her finger with more lubricant and inserted it inside my hole. That didn’t feel so bad. Then she used both figures to widen the entrance. That is when I got a little nervous, “please be gentle Dona,” I pleaded.

“Oh Mike. Your ass is mine,” she said as she slowly began to insert the black plastic cock in my asshole. I was ecstatic. A few minutes of painful joy passed away so quickly and I was hocked.

I didn’t want Dona to pull out. I didn’t know that you could come while wearing a cock cage. I thought that that was its purpose. Oh but I was so wrong. I swore I must have heard my self exploded as my ears popped up. The semen which came out of me covered the entire bench. I collapsed on the wet bench and dosed off for a few minutes. 

“Do you want me to take off the cock cage?” I heard Dona whisper in my ear.

“As you wish mistress. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Please don’t make me go. I will be your slave forever,” I heard myself answer and I have ever been her slave since that day.

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