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The lingerie shop chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of 3 chapters in the series The Lingerie Shop

“What do you think you are doing?” Dona, Jane’s boss, blurted out as she stood hovering over us. 

We were both startled to see Dona standing with both her arms around her hips staring at us. Jane was sitting on the couch with her legs wide open and my head between her thighs.

I froze in my place not wanting to stand up and face the angry Dona. Like an ostrich I thought that if I kept my head buried in Jane’s bush I might escape the reality of the situation. 

“Oh I am sorry Dona. I didn’t know you would be back so soon,” Jane clumsily thought she could talk her way out of this.

“I came back for my keys only to find you fucking this guy. What do you have to say for yourself young lady,” Dona exploded.

“It’s all these sexy lingerie outfits. They have made me so horny I couldn’t help myself. Please don’t fire me Dona, please please. I need this job,” Jane begged.

“They did. Did they? But why didn’t you say something about this when I asked you to pose for the photos?” asked Dona.

“I didn’t think that wearing all those outfits would affect me this much. Besides posing naked in front of you didn’t help either,” Jane said blushingly to Dona.

 “So what are we going to do about that?” with a sly smile Dona asked Jane.

At this stage I thought I might pull my self always from this scene and escape with my body still in one piece. Oh was I wrong.

“And where do you think you are going young man?” Dona loudly asked.

I was still on my knees with my head between Jane’s legs I said,” I, I, I, thought you…”

“Don’t think. If you did you wouldn’t be here in the first place. So shut up and keep doing what you have been doing and lick that pussy,” Dona said. I was flabbergasted to say the least. So I crawled back to hide in the safety of Jane’s pussy once again while keeping my eyes fixed at the two ladies above me.

“So now Jane. How do you plan to make up for what you did?” asked Dona.

Now it was Jane’s turn to be out of words, “I, I, I, don’t know. Eh. Eh I will do what ever you want Dona, but please don’t fire me, please,” Jane went back to begging again.

“Ok you two. Stay as you are until I come back,” Dona said and she went down stairs for a few minutes. I thought that that was it. We were so busted. She was going to call the police or do something stupid but when she came back I was treated to another one of those shocking moments of this evening.

Dona came back dressed in a black leather outfit. Again it was another corset but an open breasted one that exposed her two full round breasts. However her nipples were covered by two small round matching nipple covers with two dangling tassels in the middle. She was also wearing a belt and fishnet stockings complemented by a knee high black leather high heel boots. However unlike Jane she was wearing black leather panties that barely covered her ass. She was also wearing long black leather gloves, carrying a flogger in one hand and a steel handcuffs in the other. She looked like an Amazon goddess ready for the kill. 

Jane was as surprised as I was but from the smile on her face I could tell she wasn’t as tense as I was. I on the other hand didn’t know what to feel. I was kneeling on the floor. In front of me was the pussy of one of the most beautiful woman I had ever set my eyes upon and right across the room was another gorgeous oriental mistress who was preparing to do things to me that I could not have imagined. Now you tell me what you might have felt if you were in my shoes. Joy? lust? fear? apprehension??? I couldn’t name it. My mind couldn’t begin to imagine what I was about to experience so I just gave up and surrendered to the moment.

Dona walked over to us and said, “ok now you will do whatever I tell you or I am calling the police.” We didn’t think that we needed to be threatened to comply but I guess she wanted to add to the mood of the situation.

“Stand up you two with your hands behind your backs,” Dona ordered.

We stood in the middle of the upper floor of the lingerie store surrounded by all those sexy outfits while Dona walked around us examining her trophies. Her small oriental eyes dripping with lust as she drank up our bodies like a fountain. She stood behind me and tightly locked up my hands in the handcuffs. Then she walked around and stood in front of me. She put the handle of the flogger on my thong caressing my dick which wanted to escape outside the confines of the closed pouch. Then she put her leather gloved hand on my face wiping away what was left of Jane’s juices. Then she put the slightly wet gloves in her mouth and licked some of it away.

“Tasty,” she confirmed.

“On your knees Jane, now,” Dona ordered and Jane immediately complied.

“Unzip him and start sucking,” Dona commanded as she walked back behind me.

Without a word Jane fell on her knees right in front of my cock. She slowly brought down the zipper to access my throbbing dick. With every slip of the zipper sliding down my dick expanded a notch until it finally sprang towards Jane’s mouth. I didn’t think I would get so hard so soon when only a few minute ago I was drained in the same fashion by the same woman in the same position. However this time the zipper’s teethe were adding to the situation making my dick even harder. With every suck from Jane’s mouth the zipper surrounding my cock sheared my flesh. Now that was what I call ‘joy’ but I completely forgot about the pain until it suddenly struck me. It came from the strike of the flogger on my ass. I forgot that Dona was right behind me reminding me that she was still in control. As Jane continued to suck my dick Dona kept hitting me with the flogger on my ass forcing my cock further into Jane’s mouth.

“Ok you bitch, I want you on you feet with you ass up in the air but don’t stop sucking him until I say so,” Dona shouted. Jane tried to stand up her body bending forward with my cock firmly held between her teeth so as not to let it slip out of her mouth.

Dona walked around behind Jane and said, “open those legs apart. I want to see your pussy and asshole wide open.” As Jane complied Dona started playing with her ass. She took her gloves off and and put her index finger inside Jane’s pussy from behind making her moan with pleasure. With every shove of Dona’s finger into Jane pussy my dick got bit a little. 

I was seeing the act from above while my cock was being sucked away. Then to my surprise Dona put one of her fingers inside her mouth and covered it with her saliva and she slowly inserted it in Jane’s asshole. I thought my cock was about to be bitten off as Jane tried to withstand the anal pain but she didn’t complain or stop Dona in any way. 

Suddenly Dona pulled away and said, “now it is your turn to be whipped Jane,” and with that she started whipping Jane’s ass as she did mine earlier. I was about to come. It was more than I could stand.

“Stop now and close the zipper. I want to save him for later,” Dona ordered. 

“Oh please don’t stop,” I begged, “I was about to come.”

“Shut up. You come when I tell you to come and not before. Do you understand slave,” Dona yelled at me striking me hard with the whip on my chest one last time.

Then Dona walked over and sat on the edge of the couch which Jane had sat on earlier and ordered us to approach her, “both of you on your knees and start sucking my nipples,” she said as she slowly took off the nipple covers to reveal two dark red erect nipples waiting to be touched.

We did as ordered. However my hands were still locked behind my back so I could not touch Dona’s treasures. I was only made to lick and suck one nipple as Jane played with the other pair. Then Dona grabbed both our heads and pushed her nipples into our open mouths, “suck hard you two,” she ordered, “harder with your teeth, harder.” 

Suddenly she pulled us by our hair and pushed us to the floor, “fuck! you two are pathetic,” she cursed out loud.

Disgusted with our sucking she stood up took off my handcuffs and ordered me to lie on the floor. I was glad the store was carpeted for I spent a great deal of time on my back that night. 

“Ok Jane. Sit on his face. I want you to smoother him. I don’t want to see his pathetic face anytime soon,” Dona said and Jane immediately ran to do as Dona ordered. With her full weight she dropped on top of me. “Now start licking her pussy. It seems that this is what you are good at, isn’t it?” She told me as she chuckled. Then she sat behind me making sure I was doing the job well.

“Show him your soar ass hole to lick. Maybe he will make it expand more with his tongue. You seem to love anal play don’t you,” Dona said and Jane shivered and I was faced with a pink asshole slightly elongated from Dona’s finger playing earlier. “Insert that tongue deep in her hole or I will do the same to you. Come to think of it maybe I will do it anyway,” Dona chuckled again. This time I shivered.

“Ok unzip him again and make him hard for me Jane,” Dona ordered.

With her pussy still on my face Jane bent to unzip my thong. She took my cock out of the pouch and pulled it towards her. This time I needed more encouragement to perform as my confidence was shattered earlier. But Jane wasn’t about to give up. She helped me take off the thong to give my dick more space to expand and went at it again. With her mouth she sucked, with her teeth she bit, with her tongue she licked and with both hands she expertly brought my dick out of hibernation. It worked and I grew hard again.

Upon seeing my cock in full mast Dona stood up and removed her panties. She walked around pushed Jane up from my cock and sat on it. The two ladies were facing each other. One on my dick and the other on my face. Slowly they simultaneously went up then down, up then down. I was forced to lie still with my cock in one pussy and my tongue in another. 

After a few minutes I heard Dona order Jane, “suck my nipples you bitch.” She must have grabbed Jane’s head and guided her to play with her breasts once again however as my face was buried down under Jane’s pussy I couldn’t see what was going on but I could hear the two ladies on top of me.

“Pull them with your teeth. Oh this is perfect. Oh I am coming,” Dona shouted, “don’t you dare stop. I am coming noooowwww,” 

“I am coming also,” Jane shouted. ” mike please don’t stop please oh please don’t stoooop” and again I was drowning in Jane’s juices as the two ladies collapsed on the ground one on either side of me. 

A few seconds passed until the two ladies regained their breath. Dona looked at me only to see my dick was still up in the air with my hands wiping Jane’s juices from my face. She looked at Jane and said, “why don’t we help Mike here complete what he started,” Dona suggested. Jane immediately understood for she jumped back on my chest and returned to sucking my cock which was covered with Dona’s juices.

“Hem, you taste lovely,” Jane said. Meanwhile Dona started to fondle my balls from the other side. I couldn’t believe my luck again. Two lovely ladies were working on my cock again. One was sucking my dick while the other was sucking my balls. 

Suddenly I felt something being shoved up my ass hole. It was Dona. As she promised she slowly inserted one of her fingers inside my hole while my two balls were in her mouth. I thought the pain of something like that would be unbearable but this was so erotically intense I could have swore that my cock had increased in length by a few extra inches which Jane was expertly shoving down her throat. “Now you can come,” Dona finally said as I almost blacked out from the shock after I came in Jane’s mouth for the second time that evening.

As we lay on the floor I heard Dona say, “that was exquisite you two. I am glad I caught you literally with your pants down,” she continued, “you are always welcome to visit the store any time Mike. We have to do this again sometimes,” and we did but that is a story for another time.

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