The Lingerie Shop Chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of 3 chapters in the series The Lingerie Shop

Was I dreaming or was she actually pointing her finger at me from behind the glass window? She is waving her finger inviting me to come into the store! Could this be happening?

A few minutes earlier I was standings in the street waiting for the bus. The only light in the street came from the woman’s lingerie shop with a ‘closed’ sign hanging on the door. It was almost 10pm and I was standing alone in the freezing night. As I waited for the bus I kept examining the skimpy outfits displayed on the mannequins from behind the glass window. That was when two beautiful ladies walked down the stairs. They must have been working on the upper floor of the lingerie store.

The first was a beautiful tall oriental middle aged lady. She was dressed in a smart white baggy trousers and a simple black blouse with high heeled  designer shoes. She was carrying a camera in one hand and a few small boxes in the other. From the looks of her she must have been the store manager. However I was mesmerized with the second of the two. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her. She was a beauty queen much younger then the first probably in her early twenties. She was blond, slender and tall with long shinny silky legs. However the thing that astonished me the most was the outfit she was wearing. She was walking around the shop dressed up in one of the lingerie outfits from the shop collection. It was a black lace tight short that almost exposed her ass and a silk transparent flowing black blouse half opened in the front revealing a little cleavage. She wasn’t wearing anything on her feet. The sight was mesmerizing. For once I was glad the bus was running late that night.

Every few minutes the two ladies would go up to the second floor carrying the small boxes. They would spend a few minutes then come back again with more boxes and lingerie outfits. More than half an hour passed by and I kept watching them going up and down between the two levels of the store. Every now and then they would arrange some of the outfits on the hangers or on the shelves. That was when the young blond caught me staring at her. She looked back at me for a few seconds wondering why my eyes were fixed at her. Then she looked in the mirror examined the outfit she was wearing, looked back at me again, smiled and hurried up the stairs. The bus came by but I didn’t take it. I was glued outside the shop waiting for the beautiful blond to reemerge. But when she did she pointed at me and invited me to come into the store. 

“Hello. Please come in,” she welcomed me inside the lingerie shop extending her hand out to shake mine.

“Thank you for inviting me inside. It is cold out there and I was freezing to death,” I said. Off course I was lying. After seeing her I forgot all about the cold.

“I am Jane by the way. What is your name?” she asked.


“Mike” I replied.

“I noticed that you missed the bus and the next one doesn’t come again after another hour” she continued, “I was working upstairs so I thought that maybe you could help me out until the next bus comes by. I need a man to help me in here. What do you think?”

Of course I said yes. Who would have said no to such a beautiful young lady. While we were going up stairs I asked, “Do you mind me asking why are you wearing those clothes while you’re  working in the store?” I have never been an outspoken person. I have always been shy but I surprised myself by asking such a direct question.

Jane smiled and said, “oh I am working with my boss and I am trying out some of the outfits so she could take pictures for her new collection. They are to be displays in the new store catalog.”  

“Yes I saw you two working together but where has she gone?” I inquired.

“Dona went out the back door to bring more of the outfits. She will be back in an hour,” she replied.

“It is a beautiful collection you have here in the shop,” I added.

“Yes it is. Which one do you like the most?” She asked, “I have to change into another outfit for the next photo session before my boss comes back,” she said.

I didn’t know what to say at this stage. I am not an expert in women’s lingerie but what man is. For us every outfit is beautiful as long as the next stage of the act is a guaranteed intimacy.

So my tongue got tied up for a few seconds until I built up another ounce of courage and said, “ah I am a corset kind of guy but all your outfits are beautiful,” I was repeating myself again. 

Jane walked over to the collection of corsets and picked a blue half cup corset embroidered with delicate intricate designs, “do you like this one?” She asked. 

I nodded my head and said, “Yes it is lovely.” 

“Please hold it for me so I can put it on,” she commanded and I obliged.

I thought she was planning to go to a dressing room to put it on but what she did shocked me even more. She stood in front of me and started to take off her silk blouse and dropped it on the floor. Then she slipped the short panties down her legs and stood in front of me naked as the day she was born. My jaw must have drooped to the floor as I felt my drool dripping down my chin. She was one of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Not that I have seen many naked women take of their clothes in front of me at my young age.

“Can you hand me the corset?” she asked. I must not have heard her the first time as I was looking at her firm round breasts and erect pink nipples down to her well trimmed pubic hair.  Then she asked again, “the corset please Mike,” she repeated her request once again. She pulled the corset from my frozen hand and started to put it on. Even though the corset covered her body it did little to cover her round breasts exposing half her nipples as well as her ass and bush. “Is this what you like?” She finally asked me after she finished putting the corset on.

“Wow. You look beautiful in this outfit,” I blurted out.

“Thank you Mike. I have to put on the suspension belt and stockings in order to complete the outfit,” as she chose a black lace belt and a matching fishnet stockings. I stood watching her putting them on one item after another finally tying the belt straps to the stocking. She did not bother to put on any panties keeping her ass exposed to the delight of my surprised eyes. I must have been in heaven or in hell. I couldn’t care less where I was as long as no one took me away from this place. After she finished dressing up she stood with her hands in the air and asked, “what do you think?”

“Are you asking me about the outfit or the girl wearing it?” I was surprised that that was me who answered. I don’t know where all my courage came from that day but I was determined to go through with this to the end.

With a blush on her face she approached me and put one of her hands on the bulge of my trousers which was by now so stretched up that it must have expanded a size or two in the last couple of minutes.

“I said I needed a man to help me in here,” and we kissed. Our tongues overlapped and summersaulted inside our mouths for minutes and minutes until we drank dry every last drop of liquid in our mouths before pulling apart.

“I would like you to try out one of the men’s outfits for me. Do you mind?” every requested from her was another shock to my system. Of course I couldn’t say no to her once again.

“Ok,” I must have squeaked.

She walked over to another corner of the store and brought back a black men’s thongs with a protruding pouch and a front zipper to hold the penis inside. “I have always liked this thong. It is my favorite in the men’s section. I would like to see you put it on if you don’t mind,” she implored and handed me the little piece of clothes.

“Ok where do I change? Do you have a changing room here or downstairs?” I innocently asked.

“Don’t worry you can put it on here. You don’t mind if I stay and watch you take off your clothes in front of me? Do you?” she asked.

I stood for a few seconds trying to comprehend what she asked me to do. She just took off her clothes and changed into a corset right in front of me so it was an obvious conclusion that I was required to do the same. Mind you I was not complaining but it took me a few seconds to understand the implications of this request and the obligations which were expected of me. So I started to take my clothes off. First I got ride of my shoes and socks. Then I started with my jacket, then my shirt all the while looking into Jane’s eyes to see her reaction to the scene enfolding in front of her. She had been following my every movement right until I started to unbutton my trousers. 

She looked into my eyes and shouted, “stop. I will help you from here on.”

She knelt in front of me and unzipped my trousers which immediately fell to the ground. I kicked it away but she didn’t waste time and quickly pulled down my underpants exposing my cock which sprang like a flag mast ready for action. “I don’t think this will fit in the thong. It has to be deflated, don’t you think?” she wasn’t asking my permission for she immediately put my cock in her mouth and started to suck it with a vengeance. She held my cock in one hand and squeezed my balls in the other. After a few deep strokes she would come up for air only to lick the tip of my dick all the way around up to the small opening which was dripping with pre-cum. She would then put it again in her mouth and resume the sucking exercise. It didn’t take me long to come in her mouth as she drank every last drop of my semen.

“Now it can fit,” she said. She dressed me up and zipped the thong herself holding my dick securely inside the pouch.

She stood up and went to sit on a couch at the corner of the shop. She lifted her legs on the two sides of the seat exposing her pussy to me and she said, “it is about time you start earning your keep around here. On your knees and start licking my pussy right now,” she commanded pointing her finger towards her love triangle.

I hurriedly approached her and started my job as she ordered. I started by delicately licking both sides of her thighs slowly approaching her pussy. With long strokes I licked her pussy which was dripping wet. Then I concentrated my attack on the area to her love entrance until I managed to find the love bud. I tickled it slowly and gently to gladly hear Jane’s moans confirming that what I did was to her satisfaction.

“Oh yes Mike. This is it,” she said, “oh lick it faster oooohh, oh God, I am coooomminnnng” 

With that she grabbed my hair with both hands and pushed by head into her pussy while squeezing both her legs around me until she came into my face. I didn’t expect the flood of liquid which exploded from her. I was surprised that Jane was a squirter, not a big squirter but enough juices sprouted from her pussy to drench my entire face.

“What do you think you are doing?” Dona, Jane’s boss, blurted out as she stood hovering over us. 

We were both startled to see Dona standing with both her arms around her hips staring at us. Jane was sitting on the couch with her legs wide open and my head between her thighs.    

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