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The Gift of Love 

In the shadow of the night I heard a voice.  

An angel telling me that I had a choice. 


A new life I offer you than the one you have led,

or much of the same with all its troubles lurking ahead.”  


Without a wavering doubt I humbly declined. 

Surprised he asked, “tell me why? If you don’t mind!


I have a treasure of my own to brighten up my life. 

Ruby red lips like gems, adorning a beautiful wife.


Dreamy eyes of ocean blue, heart like shimmering gold,

a touch from the heavens, and a body I ache to hold. 


She gives me joy whenever I see her smiling face. 

I wouldn’t replace those memories for any other place.


I can give you all that and much much more, 

a life with no sorrows and another to adore.”


Can you hold my hand and guide me so I don’t fall?

She spent her life with me with every fiber of her soul.


Can you fight my demons and show me my life’s goal?

She fought the world for me so I can stand tall.


She spawned me seven wonders that sparkle like Stars. 

Those, I will cherish in spite of life’s battles and its scars.


Even though our bodies are starting to feel their time.

I can never repay this woman if I work for a lifetime.


The Lord had said that my offer you would decline.  

{Love Prevails,} those are the words of the Devine.”


I envy you your life’s story you so miraculously told. 

The gift of your lover’s love, He so generously bestowed.” 


Go back to heaven and tell them of what I have said. 

O’ angel, if not for Love we might as well be dead. 


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