The Fourth Night

This is chapter 4 of 10 chapters in the series A Night with a Stranger

“Why do I feel like a teenage girl once again? It is not like he was my first date. I am thirty years old for heavens sake. So why are all my clothes scattered on the bed like that? I can’t seem to choose anything to wear for our date tonight. Oh hell, I need to go shopping again. Unfortunately there is no time. He is coming in a few minutes and I should have been ready a long time ago. Damn!! I need to go on a diet. Nothing seems to fit.”

I finally managed to choose a blue dress that I had worn a few times before. As I was putting it on the door bell rang. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to change my dress again. 

“Sorry I kept you waiting,” the first thing I said as I opened the door. 

“You look lovely in that black dress Jane,” he complimented me on my attire with a smirk on his face. He knew. Ever since I knew Murad and that was just a few weeks ago he seemed to knew exactly what I was thinking even before I did. Uncanny.

We went down stairs and strolled out of my apartment building hand in hand. He stopped in front of a limousine parked outside and waited. I didn’t know what we were waiting for. He must have left his car at home and he was waiting for a cab. I almost chuckled. A cab driver hailing a cab. What an irony!! But I didn’t think much of it.

A smart middle aged man came out of the black limo, opened the back door in a hurry and said, “sorry Mr V. I didn’t see you coming out.”

“It is ok Angelo,” Murad replied pointing at the big car and said, “I promised you a surprise yesterday, so here it is. How about we take a ride in Mr Angelo’s limousine?” 

My jaw must have dropped and my eyes beamed out from joyous surprise. I had never ridden in a limousine before. I was excited like a child in a chocolate factory. I stepped inside and slumped on the lush leather seat while Murad sat next to me in the back of this brand new stretched out Cadillac.

“Take us for a spin around town Angelo,” Murad told the driver then he closed up the dark window separating the main cabin from the driver’s section.

“Well this surely is a surprise,” I said. “Are you sure you can afford this?” I asked. I knew that Murad was a taxi driver and he could not possibly afford to rent something as expensive as this. He must have paid a weeks wages to hire this limo for the night.

“Don’t worry. I have known Angelo for a long time and he is giving me a good discount,” he reassuringly replied with a smile on his face.

It was a strange feeling having to sit in a limo all cooped up inside watching the world go by. The tinted windows prevented anyone seeing inside while we could see the lights and the pedestrian passing by. I knew now why the rich loved to be driven around in cars like these. It felt powerful, mysterious and reassuringly decadent. I loved it. The inside of the car was almost as big as my bedroom. With seating for six and a drinks cabinet which held a few bottles and some glasses, I could live in here forever. I looked at Murad who was watching my excitement and smirking back at me, “what?” I just beamed.

“Oh nothing,” he replied, “I’m just glad that you are enjoying yourself.” 

He put his hand on mine, brought it up to his lips and kissed it gently. I smiled knowing that this was not the last kiss of the night and I was right. He leaned towards me giving me another passionate kiss that made both my upper as well as my lower lips tremble and moist. He put his hand on my chest bringing one of his fingers just inside the fold of my dress and touched my nipple and I squealed, “Murad!! we are in the car!!.” 

“I know,” he replied.

“People can see us,” I said.

“No they won’t,” he reassured me. 

He was right. It was dark outside and no one could see inside the limo but still I was hesitating. It was the first time I had sex in a car, any car. But I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go by. I put my hand on his pants and felt his cock flicker. It was dying to get out of the confines of his tight trousers. So I brought down the zipper and let it breath. It sprung right out between my waiting fingers like a rod. We were doing all that while our mouths were locked together in a fiery embrace. The more I squeezed my fingers around his cock the more his eyes popped out. I knew what he wanted and I wanted to show him my appreciation for the surprise limo ride. So I pushed him back and squatted between his legs pulling his pants further down. I had always heard that sex in a car was a tight affair but with the shear size of this limo you could accommodated a whole orgy inside.

I held his cock in my hand and proceeded to lick. I loved oral sex, giving and taking. And I planned to do both, giving him a blow job and taking it in all the way inside my mouth. His balls were not left out either. I licked and squeezed them a few times along the way as I went up and down the hard shaft.

I was fully concentrating on his cock when he stopped me before I could finished my task and said, “I want you now Jane,” pulling me up towards him. I scrambled to take my panties off and sat on his lap resting my legs on the car seat. His cock went slowly in my pussy until it was perfectly lodged inside. I was hoping my dress would not tear apart. I wasn’t too concerned for that old thing but I wanted it at least to last the night. I began to pump him slowly, gradually building up speed. My hands were locked behind his neck while his face was buried between my cleavage. He was desperately trying to hold himself waiting for me but I wasn’t that far behind. My first orgasm was usually pretty fast and I could feel it was about to explode. It didn’t take me long until, “Aaaaaahhhhhh,” I uncontrollably screamed as he pumped his load inside as well. Angelo must have heard that but he was smart enough not to check up on us. Being a limo driver, he probably heard similar screams from his passengers before. I hoped mine wasn’t the loudest. A few minutes later we were straightening our clothes pretending all was normal while my face was as red as my favorite panties which I was wearing again tonight. I always wore that panties when I was with Murad. It was our little thing and from the look on his face I knew that he knew it. Now it was being soaked drop by drop as his cum was gradually seeping out of my pussy with every bump on the road.

Dinner at Nicolas was lovely as usual. Else, the waitress, was serving us with a grin on her face. I had no idea why but she was probably waiting for another surprise which I was reluctant to do this time. No way in hell was I going to repeat those two stunts with my panties. No way. Besides they were probably stuck on me like glue by now. 

Being with Murad was fascinating. I didn’t know that a taxi driver in 1985 New York can be so interesting. He knew about politics, about the world, about life, he even knew about the stars and I mean the real shinny dots up above with all their science and history. All very fascinating. Through out the night we talked, we smiled, we had a wonderful time.

As we were eating our desserts I asked, “what ever happened to Berg after he became a city rat?” I knew Berg was Murad’s father and I was dying to know about his family and what he was willing to tell me about his past life. He was still a stranger to me but I was desperately trying to remedy this situation. Murad looked at me and continued to recite the story of Berg from where he left off last time:

“A City Rat, as Berg used to call himself is a kid who lived on the streets, hid in sewers and robbed his way for a living. Being a New York rat was not a choice for Berg. 1915 wasn’t a fun place to live in this city. Most young men couldn’t find jobs and people ate lard and cold cereal and paid a lot of money for them. Berg’s luck happened to land him in the gutters with this lot. For more than ten years he lived like that and become notorious as one of the deadliest young men in town. He even became a gang leader with tens of kids working for him. 

One day he was roaming the streets at night with a few of his buddies  when an old couple happened to be leaving the back door of a theater. The street was dark and the night was cold, a perfect place and a perfect time for a snatch. He approached the couple while his buddies were waiting behind in the shadows eager to see the master at work.

“Hand me that purse old lady or you are dead,” Berg threatened as he waved his flip knife at the couple not hesitating to use the weapon if he needed to. 

Naturally the old man jumped to stand between him and his wife but what surprised Berg was what the old man said, “why are you doing this young man?” The old man was not afraid, nor did he sound threatened by any means. He was genuinely concerned for Berg. “There must be another way you can live your life other than this,” he added.

All of a sudden a car came zipping by shining its lights at the couple and Berg just froze. “This can’t be?” He almost yelled out of fear. It was as if he was seeing Murad and his wife Ayesha, the dead couple that gave him shelter when he escaped from his village more than ten years ago. Those two looked exactly alike and they were right in front of him. His whole body was ice cold and he shivered uncontrollably. He starred at the couple and fell on his knees in front of them dropping his knife to the ground sobbing as he heard his so called buddies scattering away behind him.”

Murad stopped reciting the story and returned to eating his cake and I was left waiting for him to continue but he did not. “ AANNDD,” I screamed at him, “what happened next?” wanting to know more. Every time he gives me bits and pieces of Berg’s story and he leaves me wondering at the end.

“That is it. Berg quits being a rat and goes to work for the old man. I’ll tell you the rest later,” Murad said and kept on munching on his cake. Oh god I am going to kill him one day. 

It was getting late and we were the last to leave the restaurant as usual. Else the waitress came with the check and was grinning like a child who was about to be handed a box of candy. I was starting to get annoyed at this girl.

“What are you planning for tonight’s show?” she asked. She was eyeing my man like a slut and I wanted to slap her before we left. 

However before I did or said anything Murad answered her back, “nothing for tonight my dear.” I relaxed.

“A pity,” she replied, “I was looking forward to participating with you guys.”

This was it. I was about to stand up and slap her when Murad surprised me yet again and said, “So why don’t you.” oh god I almost stood and slapped him instead.

I could see that Else was as shocked as me from the way she blushed and opened her mouth then she chuckled out loud and did what I thought she would never do. She just lifted her skirt up brought down her panties and put them on the table in front of us and ran straight to the kitchen. 

I was furious. I swore I was never going to come to Nicolas ever again. I wanted to get out of there before something else happened and I hurried out of the door into the limo parked outside leaving Murad to settle the bill before he joined me in the car.

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