The Fifth Night

This is chapter 5 of 10 chapters in the series A Night with a Stranger

He has been calling and I haven’t been answering. After that last debacle at  Nicolas I was furious. Murad tried to apologize on our way back home but I would not hear any off it. I almost slammed the limousine door in his face before I ran to my apartment. He kept calling me up for the last week and I kept closing the phone in his face every time. I’ve always been a stubborn and dramatic girl but he didn’t deserve all that!!!

Of course he deserved all that !!!! 

He almost fucked that waitress slut right in front of me. He deserved all that and everything he was getting. Oh God why was I so mad at him? Besides it is not like we are a couple or anything. Murad is just a stranger I met and used to have sex. It has been a month since I first hopped in his taxi. He happened to be right there at the right time. Right when I wanted revenge sex after my ex left me. So why was I feeling so guilty now? Of course the sex was great but he was starting to rub on me. He is a fascinating guy. The stories he tells are so mind blowing I can recall every single detail. I probably should go and apologize to him. 

Hell Noooo !!!!

The keys to his apartment were in my hands and I was looking at them and wondering why he gave them to me in the first place. It is usually when a relationship has progressed well into the moving-in stage that keys get to be exchanged. My relationship with Murad has started back to front anyways. We had sex first then we started dating. So why was I surprised his keys were in my hands? My thoughts and feelings were swirling around in my head so fast I was starting to feel dizzy. I had to see him. I had to explain why I wasn’t answering his calls.

So at 6 in the afternoon I was standing right in front of his apartment. I came straight from work and my hair was in shambles. I needed a shower and a change of clothes but most importantly I needed to see him to say I was sorry. As I was sliding the key in, the door suddenly opened and she looked at me and chuckled. 

She was holding her panties in her hands and laughing out loud. Else the waitress from Nicolas was standing right in front of me and waiving her panties in the air, “your boyfriend is inside,” she said before she pushed her way out of Murad’s apartment and down the flight of stairs. 

I was frozen solid right outside the door of his apartment. I could see him inside looking at me. He was standing across the living room with a huge surprised on his face. “Aren’t you going to come in?” and he had the nerve to invite me in. That son of a bitch. I was boiling inside. Probably on the outside as well. 

“You fucked her,” it wasn’t a question. More like a shocked comment to what I just witnessed. 

He kept starring at me until he said, “no,” and he had the nerve to lie in my face.

I had no idea I could run so quick. In less then a second he was rubbing his cheek to soothe away the sting of my slap on his face. “You fucked her,” I reaffirmed.

He looked at me for a minute then out of a sudden I found myself framed to the wall of his apartment. His hands were firmly holding mine up over my head and pressing tightly. His face a few inches away. “I didn’t,” he softly said and I was thrashing out trying to push him away and screaming, “you fucked her.”

That is when all hell broke loose. His mouth locked on to mine sucking my breath away and I was reciprocating. I had no idea why my passion just kicked in. I was angry like mad only I was hornier even ever. I came expecting sex and I was getting it only not on my terms. With one leg rapped behind his back I tried to pull him towards me even closer. He unzipped his pants while still keeping his other hand up on the wall tightening the grip on my hand. It was as if he did not want me to escape. I sure as hell wasn’t planning to. He lifted my skirt up and shoved his cock in my pussy in one quick stroke. Of course I wasn’t wearing any panties. I seldom wear those when I am with him. They either get torn or end up in his hands or with him somehow. Then he stopped. He fucking stopped as his cock was up all the way inside of me and I screamed again, “Don’t you dare stop now!” For a second I thought he was going to back off then he resumed his pummeling and I just exploded. But he kept at it for a few more minutes until he himself exploded inside of me and I screamed my second orgasm out. The only image that went in my mind as my body was spasming was him fucking that slut and I kept repeating again and again, “you fucked her you son of a bitch,” with tears flying out of my eyes like a spring.

He lifted me up and carried me to the sofa while he sat on the chair next to me. My tears were trickling down my cheeks and his cum was spilling out of my pussy. I was in a mess. I didn’t want to look at him so I kept my eyes shut. I was waiting for my heart to stop pumping so quick so I could get the hell out of there. I didn’t expect him to say anything only he did.

“She came here wanting to give me her panties again,” he started to explain, “the one I left at the restaurant last week.”

The only word I managed to say to that was, “and you fucked her.” oh God!. How could my vocabulary be limited to only those words?! My eyes were still closed and my body was starting to relax after that electric shock.

“No,” he said.

That is when I opened my eyes and looked at him. Oh shit. He didn’t fuck her and my heart just stopped. She came to him and he sent her away. He sent her away right when I was coming in to his apartment. 

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!!!  How could I be so stupid? 

There was no need to speak. He didn’t expect an apology and I didn’t give it. He understood why I was angry and he accepted it. Only I was hoping he would forgive me. When he came over and slid next to me on the sofa I knew he did. I squeezed myself next to him and laid my head on his chest and we stayed like that for a few minutes without saying a word. He was still wearing his shirt so I started unbuttoning it for him. Oh hell ! after two orgasm how could I still be horny!?. I felt his cock start to flicker next to my belly and I knew he was as well. So I jumped on him and slid his cock inside my pussy once again. It easily went in the entrance to my vagina which was still wet from his previous cum. I was sitting on his waist with his dick pushed all the way inside. I started to unbutton my own shirt and he helped me with it. I unhooked my bra to show him my aching breasts and hard nipples which he caressed sending me into another frenzy of lust once again. So I started going up and down sucking at his cock with every jump. his hands were on my breasts squeezing my nipples. As I felt another orgasm approaching he pinched them and I combusted sending shivers all the way down to his shaft milking it of every drop for the second time.

We stayed like that for more than an hour. He was laying on the sofa holding me tight while I was on top of him. I didn’t want to get up lest he thinks I wanted to go away and he didn’t want to disturb me hoping I would not go away. I had to break the silence some how and the only thing that came to my mind was, “aren’t you going to tell me what happened to Berg?” Yep I needed a crash course in english so bad. My vocabulary was getting to be so limited whenever I am with this guy. So once again he started to continue that fascinating story from where he left off last time.

“James Eastman, the old man, took Berg home and gave him a place to stay. James owned a small grocery store in a neighborhood where venturing at night was at ones own risk. The Eastmans lived in a small two bedroom apartment above their shop and Berg was given a small room at the back to sleep in.

At the beginning Jame’s wife, Elinor, tried to question her husband’s decision for bringing a stranger into their home. A man who almost killed them, a man whose history she didn’t even want to ask about. But after a few weeks she accepted her partner’s reasoning. He needed someone to help him in the store and he recognized some good in this young man. Slowly she also started to see that Berg wasn’t a bad boy. He only fell into bad times. She had always wanted a son and Berg became as much a part of her family as her own flesh and blood, Ann.

At the time Berg came to live with the Eastmans, Ann was just a kid. A fourteen year old girl with curly hair and dreamy eyes. As the days went by those dreamy eyes started to dream about Berg. However he didn’t recognize that until later on. He had always thought of Ann as a little sister. A kid whom he grew to love and went out of his way to protect. She wasn’t only the daughter of the man who rescued his soul she became his best friend, his only friend. 

One day as Ann was working outside the shop stashing some vegetables on a wooden stand two men dressed up in suites started to flirt with her. One even tried to hug her and forcefully solicit a kiss but she tried to push him away. The two thugs were a part of a local mob who had been terrorizing shop owners in the neighborhood for protection. Berg was inside sweeping the floor and he saw what was happening. In one second he was standing behind the man and he said, ‘you better take your hands of off her or you are going to loose it.’ The man looked at him and laughed. But the other thug standing a few feet away recognized Berg and he warned his friend, ‘hey Stan! You don’t want to mess with this guy.’ But Stan wouldn’t listen. He pushed Ann away where she crash landed on the vegetable stand and turned to face Berg. Only that was the last mistake he ever made. The last thing he saw were the splinters of Berg’s broom crashing on his face as he flew ten feet across the street. The other man ran to his friend and carried him away yelling at his semiconscious parter, ‘you idiot I told you stay away from this guy. He is a killer.’

Berg carried Ann inside and tended to her wounds. She wasn’t hurt bad. Minor scratches on her hands but she pretended otherwise so she could get Berg’s attention. As he was washing the blood of her hands she kissed him. ‘What was that about?’ he asked in surprise. 

She was furious. How can he be so blind and not see what she felt for him?  ‘Don’t you care for me Berg?’ she was about to cry. 

‘Of course I do,’ he replied, ‘how can you say that?’

‘Then kiss me back you idiot!’

And that was how Ann proposed to Berg. They married the same year and Berg moved up from his little room down in the shop to Ann’s bedroom upstairs. Berg was 27 and Ann was almost 19.”

“And they lived happily ever after.” I tried to add after Murad stopped reciting the story.

“Actually that is when their troubles really started,” Murad corrected.

“Grrrr…..And you are going to keep me on suspense until you finally decided to tell me how?” I growled out.

“Of course. How can I keep you coming for more?”

“I need more.” I have no idea why I said that.

Murad looked at me then jumped off the sofa and pulled me to my feet. “What are you doing?” I squealed.

“I am taking you inside.” he said.

“What for?”

“For the more.” and the more being the next two or three orgasms that night. I don’t remember anything after that. I must have passed out of exhaustion. 

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