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The Desert Lotus: Chapter Six

This is chapter 6 of 9 chapters in the series The Desert Lotus


“Let’s start with a nice hard beating from the front.”  Dabria squeezed Lotus’ ample breasts playfully, having draped them over a strap to expose them more completely.  Lotus was tied to a wooden frame in the standing position with her legs spread open and pussy quite vulnerable.  Dabria smacked her with a leather paddle.

“Noooo!” The flower screamed.  She had not planned on becoming Bolthor’s next prisoner, much less a sex slave for his daughter’s enjoyment.  Dabria smacked her again.  “Please,” Lotus begged.  “Just kill me.”

“Oh, we will kill you, alright.”  Dabria whacked Lotus across the lips of her cunt.  “But first, we’re going to have our fun.  I would say it’s a shame to make a mess of your smooth, sexy body – but to be honest… fucking you up is really going to get me off.”

Lotus’ skin was already heated and crimson where Dabria had leveled her blows.  “Isn’t it wonderful, father, that King Silas is so kind as to send us a series of beautiful women for our pleasure?  Maybe we should wait for more of them before you attack and wipe his vermin race off the face of the Earth.  I like the tantalizing trickle of victims.  Do you suppose he presumes we need practice before raping and mutilating his harem?”


Lotus groaned loudly.  Bolthor lifted the captive’s face with his finger under her chin.

“Perhaps he believes he can seduce me,” the king replied, “but this one is not as alluring as the last… nothing more than a commoner who gets screwed in the field after her chores.  She might even be a whore by trade.”

“But she is a flower and an angel of the winds, your majesty!”  Dabria smacked the girl again, cackling with a sarcastic smile.

“We shall see how her flower feels around my cock,” Bolthor mocked.


“She doesn’t look worthy of the king’s dick,” Lilith interjected.  “Why don’t you allow your generals a turn.  They deserve the opportunity.”

“What’s this?” Bolthor smiled.  “Is my wife becoming even more jealous?  Does she not wish to see me rip open the slit of the one who threatened our kingdom?”

“This little skank was never any threat, your majesty,” Lilith chuckled.  “She is a foolish minded piece of shit who will tarnish your royal rod and probably give you some sort of disease.  Let Anwir and Magna double penetrate her for our amusement.  Then, you may kill her as slowly as you wish.”


“Very well,” the king agreed.  “Stand down, Dabria, before you beat her to death by morning.  Let the generals do as they choose and empty their seed in her snatch.  They are loyal to the crown and deserve their reward.  We will watch and gather our energy.”

Magna and the dark one unknotted the ropes and watched Lotus crumble to the floor.  “For a wannabe warrior, her resilience is pathetic,” mumbled Magna.

“I haven’t even begun to beat her,” smiled Dabria.  “Take your leisure with her now before I lash her delicate flesh into mincemeat.”


“Tie her arms behind her back to secure her,” insisted Anwir.  “I’ll drill her pussy.  You fuck her mouth.  We can trade out after we both come inside her.”  Magna nodded, and the two of them plowed Lotus from both ends, spurting their jizz simultaneously before switching positions.

“Shove your dick up her ass,” Dabria suggested to General Magna.  “You can do the same with her clit a little later.”  Magna fondly remembered what they had done to Amira.  He imagined plunging the poor girl’s severed sex nodule deep up her rectum, the bead plastered to the tip of his cock as he dredged it in semen and shit.

Anwir rammed his hard prick deep down the Lotus’ throat until his custard was oozing from the corners of her mouth.  She coughed and she gagged, gasping for breath.

“Is that all you boys got?” asked Dabria, watching both men remove their now flaccid poles from their respective openings.  “I’ve got a hound that can show you both up.”

The generals watched curiously as the princess whistled loudly.  “Brutus!” she yelled.  A huge black dog, foaming at the mouth, came trotting into the room.  One sniff of Lotus, and his pink Dingo dick was swollen and dripping with anticipation.

“Don’t just stand there,” ordered Dabria.  “Arrange our little flower in the doggie position so Brutus can breed her like a bitch in heat.  We’re going to give this little slut a good fucking by everything on the farm before we slice her up like a piece of salami.”

Brutus mounted the seemingly unconscious Lotus and plugged her with his canine candlestick, thrusting so rapidly that the friction felt just like a flame.  Dabria affectionately stroked the animal’s tight testicles.  “You guys ever seen a Rottweiler ream a wench into climax?”  The men looked appalled and bewildered that the king’s young daughter would ever ask such a question.  “He fucks her better than either of you,” she added, spanking Lotus hard on the ass.  Dabria circled the girl’s raw anus with the tip of her finger.

Lotus began to tremble.  Her hips spasmed and jerked, pushing back into the barrage of thrusts.  The unthinkable was happening.  She was coming on the dick of a dog… squirting, in fact.  Raining on his nuts until the warm, streaming jets set his balls into orgasmic frenzy.  Cream flooded the young girl’s pussy in unimaginable quantities.  Her cunt clamped on the pink, probing piston.

“It’s an abomination,” Dabria giggled.  She pulled Lotus straight up by the hair.  “God wants me to punish you for breeding with a dog.  Who am I to disobey?  I’ll have them hang you by the wrists so I can torture those tits.”

The whip seared across Lotus’ bare chest, leaving whelp after whelp, bruise after bruise, gash after gash.  The worst were the lashes on her nipples.  Fifty stripes.  One hundred.  She was barely hanging on.

“This is about the time when Princess Amira made her confessions,” Queen Lilith announced.

“Confessions?” Lotus whispered, barely able to speak.

“Yes,” said the queen.  “She confessed to fucking her brother.  She confessed to loving how his cock felt inside her.  Do you have any confessions, Lotus?  If you do, we might spare you a moment of agony.”

“No,” the captive murmured.

“I think you’re lying, Lotus.  I think you have a very dark confession.  I think you covet the cock of Amira’s brother.  You want him, don’t you?”

“Never,” she said softly, eyes closed and grimacing at the sting of the leather.

“Come now, Lotus.  Your secret is safe with me.  What purpose would it serve to babble about your lust?  Each of you will be dead soon enough.”  The whip cracked across the girl’s firm nipples.  Lotus moaned with exceptional vigor.  “Spit it out, bitch.”

“Yes, I want him,” she agreed – praying for some restitution.  Her prayers would go unanswered.

“You like his big cock, don’t you, Lotus?  You touched it in front of his father, didn’t you?”

“How would you know this?”

“I know many things, Lotus.  I know you thought about sucking Liem’s dick, even after you realized he was committing incest.”

“Yes,” she admitted in a haze.

“You wanted him to come in your mouth.”

“Yes, Queen Lilith.”

“You wanted him to fuck you just like he fucked his sister.”


“Ah,” Lilith gloated.  “See how easy that was?  I will give you that fantasy, Lotus.  When we take Goff tomorrow at dawn, I will personally cut off Leim’s incestuous dick.  I will shove it up your worthless, dead cunt.  You can thank me now, since you won’t be alive at the time.”

Lotus could say nothing.  She was devastated and exhausted, beaten to a dazed delirium.  How could Lilith read her mind?  How could she know her weaknesses?  Now, everything was lost, all hope and secrets… no energy to fight or resist.  Hours before sunrise, she faced the final deadly whims of her captors, the madness of an evil empire.  She had entered the devil’s den and been snared by the fork and the tail.  No mercy or escape.  Forsaken by desire, her sins had found her out.

“It’s time to punish your pussy,” Dabria announced.  This girl could barely be a teenager, thought Lotus.  How could she be so brutal?  “Tie her down for the treatment.  I’ve been waiting for this moment in earnest.”  The two generals strapped Lotus spread Eagle to a table. 

“I’m going to whip the dog cum out of you, bitch.  You will pass out from the pain.  When you wake up, I will beat you again and again after that, until I know to the number the lashes it takes to subdue you – a number I will brand on your pretty, white ass before I shove a sharp javelin up your cunt.  Sunrise will watch you die suspended on the spit like a pig.”

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