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The Desert Lotus: Chapter Five

This is chapter 5 of 9 chapters in the series The Desert Lotus



A white horse approached from the distance…


The animal wore what appeared to be a necklace, two round and pendulous objects bouncing against his muscular torso.  “Why is the white horse tainted pink?” asked Silas.

“Take the king to his quarters,” instructed Lotus to the guards, “lest he see something his broken heart cannot manage.”

“Do not give orders to my royal soldiers,” barked the king.  “I will have you arrested and…”

The horse strode majestically into the awaiting crowd with the tits of the princess hooked through each meaty nipple and dangling from a chain across his chest.  “What are those?” asked Silas.

“Breasts, your highness.  The bosoms of a woman,” said a soldier.

Silas fell to his knees in horror.  “My God, what have they done with my daughter?”


“Another horse approaches, your majesty.”  The soldiers shielded their eyes as a brown spotted pony galloped into camp, Amira beneath his belly.  Her arms and legs were strapped around his torso, tied at the wrists and ankles.  Her head had fallen back with her long, blonde hair draping the ground.  She had a mouth full of cock shoved balls deep down her throat.

“Amira!  Amira!”  Silas screamed unconsolably.  “What have they done to you?”

Lotus checked the girl’s neck for a pulse, then stroked the thick root of the pony’s large penis until its purple veins bulged from the rush of fresh blood.  The steed’s testicles ascended in their sac as if tightened by a purse string, and the animal let out a great sigh. 

“Feel good, boy?”  whispered Lotus as she was milking the equine’s shaft.  The king did not hear her nor notice the stallion thrusting.  Lotus turned to address the king and his court.  “Your princess is dead, Silas.  She was fucked like a whore and mutilated by your enemy, then choked for good measure by a horse’s huge dick.  You handed her over and this is your reward.”   


“Must you be so callous to his majesty?”  A young man came forward with tears streaming down his face.  “Amira was his only daughter,” he continued.  “My only sister.”

“What is your name?” asked Lotus.

“I am Leim, son of Silas, prince of Goff.”

“I have seen you, son of Silas, waiting for your sister in her tent.”  Lotus blew gently in the young man’s direction.  Her breath was like a westerly wind that swirled through his hair and tingled his skin.  He felt himself growing erect.  “You were her secret lover, were you not?”

“No!  That’s a lie!  I never touched my sister.”

Lotus smiled at the king.  “Perhaps Bolthor knows the scent of a virgin, Silas.  So, what of your matrimonial gift?  I’m sure the King of Lathens found her pussy plenty tight despite the size of your son.”  Lotus grasped Leim’s throbbing pole through the thin fabric of his loin cloth.  She rubbed him gently before he gathered up the strength to step back, only seconds before spurting his load.


“How dare you speak to me this way, woman!  I am also a king!”

“You are a desperate old man whose kingdom is on the brink of destruction and whose people are about to be massacred.  You would do well to listen and leave me to my business should you have any hope of survival.”

“You are bold to be so delicate as a flower,” said the king.  “You are only a child in the wilderness.”

“And a child shall lead them,” responded Lotus as she mounted her horse. “Cut the princess down,” she ordered in defiance of the king’s instructions not to issue commands.  “Take her to the tent of sorrows.  Clean her up and piece her together so that his majesty may accompany her rest as is his duty before burial.”


Silas reached for the young girl’s leg.  “Where are you going, woman?  Will you not help us?  Can you not help my daughter?”

“Your daughter is beyond me, Silas.  I go to meet with your enemy, King Bolthor, to heed him fair warning and opportunity to retreat.”

“Have you gone mad?  Bolthor will chew you up and spit you across the desert.”

“Tend to your daughter, Silas, while you still have time.  Keep vigil until my return.  Then, Bolthor will mount his offensive.  He will refuse my offer and mobilize his troops.  This is the day of reckoning.”  The horse began to gallop into the desert towards the flicker of a million campfires.

“Stop! I forbid it!  How can you go and bring the wrath of that evil man down on our people.”

Lotus turned and yelled back, “You have determined your own destiny, Silas.  It is not of my choosing.  I go where the wind takes me and follow its command.”




Lilith massaged her husband’s shoulders as they sat together nude inside their tent.  “The hour is late, my king.  You must be exhausted, making love to me for hours after disposing of the princess so deliciously.”

“Our daughter was instrumental as well,” Bolthor interjected.

“And you enjoyed watching her, did you not… how she uses the whip?  She will one day command her own legion, and you will be supreme ruler in a matter of hours.”

“Tomorrow is the day of reckoning,” he replied.


“Bolthor, King of Lathens?”  Lotus stepped out of a shadow from the corner of the room.  It was as if she had materialized from thin air.  Bolthor attempted to reach for his sword, but Lotus was too quick and placed her blade at the base of his throat.

“Be still,” the young girl commanded, “or I will slice the two of you to pieces.”

“Who are you?  What do you want?” asked the king.

“I am Lotus, the desert flower, angel of the seven winds.  I have come to offer you life over death, the opportunity to retreat.”

“Retreat from what?” the queen laughed.  “Our army is one hundred million.  There is no foe a fraction as powerful or daunting.  How did you get in here?”

“I travel as a secret,” responded Lotus, “and this secret I will share – that if you go into battle against the people of Goff, your nation of soldiers will be destroyed.  You will die as surely as Princess Amira.”


“Do you hear this, husband?  A flower sneaked into our tent and threatened to massacre our entire army.  She is barely the size or the age of our daughter.  Your dick would destroy her, even before you change your form.”

“Heed my warning,” Lotus continued.  “Take up your tents and go back from whence you came.  The land before you is God’s Holy ground and is gifted to God’s people.  Cross the threshold and your bones will be crushed to powder.  Here endeth the message.

“You’re damn right your message is ended,” whispered a voice from behind.  Lotus felt a blade pressing against her neck as Bolthor jerked the sword straight from her hand.

“You stupid little bitch!”  The queen smacked the desert flower across her face.  “Did you not realize that my daughter sleeps in the shadows of our room?  Did you not know she travels as a secret?”  Lilith smacked Lotus again as Dabria held the knife to her back.  “She watches us fuck.  She likes to see us screw.”


“These things are an abomination to God.  You will be punished,” Lotus sobbed.  Dabria kicked the young girl in the cunt from behind, and she dropped to the floor in agony.

“It is you who will be punished, flower girl,” scoffed Dabria.  “We will send you back to your people in pieces.”

“The son of Silas was fucking his sister before we kindly tortured her to death,” announced Bolthor.  “What does your God think of that?  Do you really expect your God to protect that fucked up family from the likes of my army?”  The king kicked Lotus in the stomach as she was lying on the ground.  She curled into the fetal position, gasping and moaning.  “It will be a pleasure to fuck you to death, stupid slut.”

“But first,” interrupted Lilith, “I think we should strip you and let Dabria have her fun with the whip.  She’s so good at it.  I can’t wait to see her shred your pretty petals.  You should have seen what she did to Amira – and you will be worse… much worse.”

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