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The Desert Lotus: Chapter 9

This is chapter 9 of 9 chapters in the series The Desert Lotus

Chapter 9

Having given her orders to the servants, Lilith strutted back to the royal quarters.  She had made an example out of Lotus, reveling at the sight of the teen’s abused body suspended on the spit and speared up her bubble butt ass.  Much to Lilith’s delight, the apparatus provided a second penetrating rod which she rammed up the dead girl’s cunt.  It was a finishing touch for the floozy’s pompous flower and her putrid, puckered anus as well.  One final double penetration.

The time had come for the queen to dress for battle, to put on her armor and sharpen her blade.  Upon her return with her husband from the front, she expected to see Lotus charred to a crisp, an unrecognizable clump of incinerated flesh which she’d discard in the desert for vultures. 

Lilith sashayed exuberantly through the crowd, completely oblivious that her daughter had scampered by her.  Dabria was naked, just as Lilith had left her, heading straight for her father by the pit.  The two stood beside Lotus who hung lifelessly impaled on the rotisserie, waiting for the soldiers to light the fire.

“Make love to me, Daddy.”  Dabria laced her fingers through her father’s dark hair and let them trail down his body to his groin.  “You are pulsating and ready.”  Bolthor was always ready, no matter how inconvenient the circumstances.  To suggest the king had never envisioned his daughter as alluring would be a woefully misguided perception.  Yet, he tried to maintain his morals and bury his deep feelings of desire.  It hadn’t helped to watch Dabria submit to her mother, to watch her take that long dildo up her twat.

“It is against the will of the gods,” Bolthor exclaimed.  “And even if it were not, this is a public domain.  I will not have my daughter display herself openly like a common whore.  Cover yourself at once and return to the tent.”

“Then I will suck your hard cock, sweet father; let you feel the wet warmth of your baby’s hot mouth on the throbbing, thick shaft of your member.”  Before the king could react, Dabria swallowed his dick.  It was nothing like he had ever felt.  Her tongue snaked across the sensitive glans of his penis and called him to a stiffness that could shatter her skull.  Bolthor fought back the urge to shove his pole down her throat, to plow the tip of his prick through the back of her head as he had done to the daughters of enemy soldiers.

“You like that daddy?” Dabria seductively licked the tip of his sensitive frenulum.   She was making him come on her face.

Soldiers and commoners gathered to watch as the king splattered her complexion with semen.  A communal gasp marked the monumental moment, but Dabria wasn’t close to finished.

“I think you should fuck me now, daddy.  I want you to fuck me up the ass.  You let mommy ruin my cherry.  You deserve to stretch my starfish.  Bend me over, daddy.  Peg me up my pinhole.”  The dark princess took her father’s hand and led him to a small patch of grass.  She fell to her knees and opened her thighs, inviting him to ream her doggy style.  “Everyone can see us, daddy.  Give it to me good just the way they want to see it, just like mommy punished my pussy.  Take me like the enemy.”

Bolthor was somehow powerless to refuse.  It was as if his will was not his own and his body belonged to a higher more menacing power.  Pleasure encased his senses as he penetrated his daughter’s tight opening.  His powerful cock ripped her sphincter to shreds, but the princess didn’t cry.  She backed into every thrust and welcomed every wicked delivery – every inch of his length and thickness.  She welcomed the pain and the blood.

Bolthor gave in and just let it happen, his pendulous balls slapping against Dabria’s sloppy slit.  He unloaded again and again; his seminal milk methodically and magically replenished like water from an endless spring.  But with every ejaculation he felt smaller and weaker, though his energy never totally expired.  Surrounding him, the people were amazed at what they saw.

“Look!” many said.  “The king grows younger.”  And so, it was true.  Dabria saw the process unfolding as well… until at last she spun around in dismay.

“Father, you are reduced to a child, younger even than me.  Look at your dick!  You are small and insignificant.  The tuft of your groin has gone smooth like an infant.”

Bolthor was terrified.  “The gods have punished me for this atrocity.  They’ve turned back the hands of time.”  His voice was as high as a little girl’s.  He was no longer the mighty King of Lathens, and his daughter had also changed.

“What shall we do?” asked Dabria.  Her father’s cum was pouring out of her devastated asshole.  She was taller and fuller and older than before.  “Perhaps the words of making, dear king… that mystical spell of the ancients.  Maybe, that is what you need to recover your strength.”

Anwir and Magna looked on with great interest as Bolthor chanted to no avail.  He remained just a boy, and his daughter looked more like his mother, a voluptuous and beautiful young woman.  The weight of men’s eyes fell heavy around her.  She suspiciously glanced over at her father’s generals. 

“It’s not working,” said the king in his soprano tone. 

“Of course, it’s not working, your majesty.  You must be fucking for the spell to take effect… to turn you half man, half horse.  But I don’t know how you will fuck with that tiny little thing of yours.  Play with it and see if you can make it bigger.” 

The king stroked his small penis with limited success.  “That will have to do,” Dabria sighed.  “But whom do we have for you to fuck?”

“Can I not continue with you?”

Dabria scoffed at her father’s suggestion.  “The gods have already punished you once.  Besides, you’re too small for me now.  Can’t you see I’m a fully grown woman while you’re only a child?”  The dark princess scanned the gathering crowd.  There were no girls of the necessary size or age.  “Lotus,” she whispered.  “The desert flower.  She is dainty and perfectly made for your dick.  You must fuck the dead girl.  Wasn’t that what you wanted from the start?”

The king blushed in agreement.  His wife and his daughter had been greatly opposed.  But now, Dabria was suggesting he mount her.  “How did this happen?” asked Bolthon.  “How could I have changed this way?”

“Who can know,” Dabria replied.  “But you will never fuck the flower while she’s hanging on a spit.  Have the men take her down and pull out those poles.  Have them untie the ropes and spread her open for access.”

“And then what will I do?”  Bolthor sounded like an innocent schoolboy.

“Then, you will slide your little penis into her bloody, blistered cunt.  You will use the words of making and the ancient enchantment while you pump your little prick in and out of her pussy.  You will transform yourself like before.  It’s your only hope to shatter the spell… this curse from the gods.”

“What of Lotus?” asked the king.

“What of her?” his daughter answered.  “She’s dead.  You’re just using her body.  Lilith need not be jealous.  If you don’t get busy soon, your cock is going to shrink to the point that you can’t put it in anyone.  Time is of the essence.”

Bolthor stroked his penis harder.  What king has been reduced to masturbation before his subjects? considered Dabria.  She suddenly felt sorry for her daddy – perhaps a little shame.

“Take Lotus down,” the dark princess ordered, recognizing that her father no longer garnered respect.  “Take her down.  Remove the rods.  Spread her open on her back.”  Dabria was almost surprised that the soldiers followed her instructions so eagerly.  The sensation of power thrilled her.  “Fuck her daddy,” she boldly instructed.  “Fuck her with that little dick of yours.”

Bolthor laid down between the young girl’s thighs and inched himself inside her with the help of his hand.  His baby butt bounced as he recited the words.  Dabria observed from behind, noting his desperate urgency.  His balls are so tiny, she thought.  I wonder if he has any cum left in them.  If Lotus were alive, she would hardly feel him.

Suddenly, Dabria was taken… grasped from behind and thrust into a turmoil of twisting and groping.  An arm locked around her neck.  They were dragging her backwards, dragging her away from her father and the crowd, dragging her to quiet isolation.

How could no one have noticed?  How could no one have lent their aid?

A door closed with an echo in a dark, empty room.  There was a crushing pressure across her throat.   She couldn’t scream.  She couldn’t speak.  She couldn’t breathe.  What place could this be with walls and floors?  We transport no structures as we travel.  Dabria puzzled for only seconds before she completely passed out. 

She awoke naked and tied to a cross.


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