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The Desert Lotus: Chapter 8

This is chapter 8 of 9 chapters in the series The Desert Lotus

Lotus opened her eyes as if awakening from a coma, peering through the ribbons of semen that streamed across her face.  “Love me,” she murmured, her lips barely moving.  “Love me, King Bolthon.”  She shivered, and beauty seeped from her pores.  These were her final moments, a glorious bloom crushed in the prime of her spectacle, the vapor of her fragrance ascending and dissipating.  “Love me,” she mouthed a third time silently.

The king peered back over his shoulder at the incestuous commotion.  His dainty blonde daughter was loudly climaxing as the raven-haired queen continued thrusting, her black leather harness buckled tight around her waist.  She was a muscular and powerful woman, wickedly wise, tenaciously intuitive, but void of empathy and moral constraints.  “War has no room for ethics,” she once said.  “The world was made to be conquered.”  Bolthon loved her.  Respected her.  Needed her.  Feared her.

“Do you think your daughter has had enough, my king?” Lilith asked as she changed her pelvic rhythm from rapid gyrations to destructive penetrations so deep and so hard that they bruised the inner lining of Dabria’s soft tunnel.  The dark princess lunged forward with every emphatic blow as if taking a fist up her pussy.

“Mom, you’re hurting me.”

“Nonsense,” responded Lilith, shoving her daughter face first on the bed.  “Your father would have been rougher, and you wanted his cock, didn’t you?”  The queen smacked the young blonde on the ass.  “I’ve seen the lust in your eyes, Dabria.  And now, I’ve seen the blood in your cunt.  I’ve shredded your curtain.  No man will have you for a wife.”

Dabria wept.  Her mother’s perception was valid and true, but she could not help her feelings or quell the desire for her father even in the midst of her pain.

Lilith marched across the tent to the king.  “Hold my cock, husband.  Hold it in your palm and kiss me.  It is the cock that deflowered your daughter.”

“I should kill you for your sins,” Bolther sighed.  The queen stroked his huge member back to life as she admired the desert flower on the floor at her feet.

“You can’t kill me, and you know it, Bolthon.  For all the power that you claim and the battles you win, it is I who holds the key to your soul.  Your daughter deserved to be put in her place.  Dawn is approaching.  It is time for young Lotus to die.”

“What method will you choose?”

“Bring me the stainless spit that you use for wild hogs.  Your daughter’s idea was a good one.  We will barbecue this bitch for the soldiers’ victory celebration.”

Bolthon sent servants to retrieve the steel rod after lifting Lotus back on the table.  The queen unclipped the dildo from her harness.  “I have something for you, little wench.  Open your mouth.  It’s the taste of squandered virginity.”  Lilith squeezed the young girl’s nostrils together and shoved the phallus down her throat.  “Suck it, bitch.  Suck it till you suffocate.  I can bring you back to life with a kiss.  Then, I will kill you again.”

The king felt a pang of discomfort in his stomach as he studied the girl struggling for breath.  He remembered her request, her sweet facial expression.  Lilith crammed the cock all the way down.  “Bet you never had a dick so deep down your goozle – and to think you could have sucked Liem off.”

“I thought you promised to fuck Lotus with Liem’s prick,” Dabria mumbled from across the room.

“I seem to remember that I did,” the queen recalled.  “Well, that will be easy enough.  Your father can cut it off once the battle is over and bring it back here for the banquet.  We will stuff an apple in her mouth and Liem’s penis in her cunt.  It will make a lovely table setting.”

Lotus flexed all her muscles as her eyeballs rolled back in her head.  She convulsed from the lack of oxygen.  “There she goes,” said the queen with a triumphant grin.  “That didn’t take long at all.”

“Are you seriously going to strangle her to death with a dildo?”  Bolthon paced back and forth awaiting his servants’ return.

“I most certainly am, your majesty.  Don’t you want to watch her die?  Put your hand on her chest and feel her heart clinch and wither.”

Bolthon reached for her ravaged breast and felt the heart send a desperate message.  “Save me.  Love me.”  No voice filled the air, just the tactile compressions of a disintegrating pulse.  Lotus was almost gone.  Silence.  The muscles relaxed.

“Die, you fucking bitch.” Lilith smirked at Lotus twitching on the table and happily observed the urine streaming down her thigh.


“Too easy,” she giggled.  The queen twisted out the dildo that was buried so deep and smacked it several times against the teenager’s face.  “This cock has had a busy day – a virgin cunt and a desert flower.  I should finish by ramming it up the king’s scrumptious ass.  What does the king say to that?”

Bolthon lowered his head.  There was no mistaking his sorrowful expression as he rolled the dead girl’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  “I’d prefer that the servants not walk in on such a sight.  I should send them a message not to bother with the pole.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lilith.  “Of course, they should bring the pole.  I’m still roasting this slut for the soldiers.  Or did my husband wish to see me finish off the desert flower by driving a steel rod up her slit?”

Bolthon looked up.  “What did you mean when you said you would kiss her and bring her back?”

“Ah, the king still yearns for what he cannot have.  Do you fuck who you want, Bolthon?  Is that what you said?”  Lilith lifted the girl’s head with a fist full of hair.  “Fuck this then, my king.  I stretched her mouth wide for you.  I promise she won’t bite.”

“Very funny,” Bolthen snorted.

“I’m not joking,” said the queen.  “Fuck her dead face, my husband.  You sprayed slimy cum all over it.  Now, shoot your hot load in her mouth.  Let me see you drown her with spunk and then we can talk about bringing her back.”

Bolthon mounted Lotus from the top of the table, dropping her head off the ledge and sliding his shaft down her welcoming throat.  He had never imagined how easy it would be.  No resistance at all… balls deep in her frothy saliva.  “Why did you want to see this?”

“Because I want you to fuck her out of your system.  I’m tired of your lovesick eyes and puppy dog pouting.  She’s not a goddess, Bolthen.  She’s just another cunt.  And now… she’s a dead cunt.  So, rip out her tonsils with your dick.  Shove it in as hard as you like and as deep as you can go.  Take all the time you need.  Savor every stroke.  I’ll even scratch your balls if you like.”

“And when I’m done?”

“When you’re done, I want you to forget you ever saw her… just like the others.  I’ll skewer her on the spit and have the cooks baste her body with butter while we’re off on our campaign.”

Bolthon picked up the pace, hammering the girl’s head back and forth on his manhood.  Her slack jaws made it easy to slide in his shaft.  As promised, Lilith kneaded his balls to contentment until they knotted up tight in his sack.

“Are you ready, baby?” she asked.  It was long past the time for any hope of resuscitation.  “Are you ready to shoot that load?”

“Shit, I’m coming!” Bolthon answered.  His wife was well aware.  She could feel his heavy testicles lifting and falling.  She could see the foamy semen filling up the girl’s mouth.

“That’s my baby,” whispered the queen.  “That’s a real man’s cock finishing off a dead bitch.  Good riddance.” 

Bolthon leaned back and pulled out his prick.  Cum dribbled out Lotus’ mouth as he pulled her head back on the slab. “What about that kiss?”

“Kiss me, my love.”  Lilith wrapped her arms around the king’s

“I mean the kiss to bring her back.”

“Oh, my darling husband.  The time has long expired for any chance of that.  Even the strongest black magic must be performed within a matter of minutes for any chance to bring back the recently departed.  I’m so sorry, my dear.  Lotus is quite dead, I’m afraid.  Very dead.  Completely dead.”

Bothon’s eyes filled with silent rage as the queen continued to ramble incessantly.

“Besides,” she explained, “the mouth is the way through which we resuscitate life, and you filled hers so full of cum that a kiss would be powerless to revive her.”

At that moment, the servants returned with the pole.  “Wonderful timing,” Lilith announced.  “Flip Lotus on her belly and lift that tight ass.  I think I know just where I want to stick this.”

“You lied,” Bolthon growled beneath his breath.  The queen ignored him as she smoothed her hands over the girl’s perfectly shaped buttocks.

“This is a rump worth roasting if I’ve ever seen one.  Grease up the spit and let’s shove that rod in, shall we?”

“Did you hear me, Lilith?”  Bolthon’s angry voice was uncommonly threatening, particularly when speaking to his wife.

“I heard you, my husband, but I didn’t lie.  I simply told Lotus that I could bring her back… not that I would.”

“You told me we’d talk about bringing her back after I finished fucking her mouth.”

“And we have, my king.  We have discussed it thoroughly.”

“But you implied…”

“Look at that pole up her asshole, Bolthon.  Would you like to give it a hard shove yourself?”

“You’re not listening to me,” the king exclaimed.

“I hear you perfectly, husband, but I’m busy as you very well see.  Let me finish ramming this skewer through this slut, and we can talk about how you like your girlfriend – medium, rare, or well done.  I prefer her crispy.”

Lilith gave the pole a hard push, then pulled it back slightly and pushed it again.  “I can feel the sharp point penetrating her layers, organ by organ.  It’s exhilarating.  I see why Vlad had such an affinity for this.”  The queen shoved the pole again with a grunt and the tip of the spit jolted out the dead girl’s mouth.

Applause rang out from the servants who had gathered to watch.  The queen bowed graciously, blowing kisses to the group.  “Sex on a stick,” she smiled.  “That’s the new way to go from ass to mouth.”

Bolthon watched Lotus being carried to the pit, her arms and her legs hanging loosely.  They bound her with rope like a slaughtered animal and placed her on the rotisserie.

“Perhaps we should have gutted her,” the queen mentioned to one of the cooks.

“It won’t affect the flavor of her tits or her thighs,” he responded.

“Good to know.  That’s what we plan on serving… and a special plate for my husband of barbecued pussy.”

“That’s enough!” cried the king.  “I will not stand for this outrage.  We are not cannibals here!”

The queen turned to her husband with a frown.  “Who is your wife, King Bolthon.  Show her to me.”

“It is you,” the king confirmed.

“And who is that bitch on the skewer?” she asked.  “What is she to you?”

“She is Lotus, the desert flower, angel of the seven winds.”

The queen laughed heartily.  “She’s a dead slut hanging on a spit like a pig.  You’re correct about one thing, though.  We are not cannibals.”  The queen turned to the servants with her hands on her hips.  “Don’t bother with basting or temperature maintenance,” she instructed.  “Incinerate this sorry cunt.”

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