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The Desert Lotus: Chapter 7

This is chapter 7 of 9 chapters in the series The Desert Lotus



Lotus cried as she pulled against the knots in the ropes.  The rough twine cut into her wrists and ankles as she struggled to escape, but every ounce of her energy wasn’t nearly enough to free her appendages.  She was flat on her back against a wooden slab, tied down so tight that she could barely move.

Exhilarated by the sight of her captive’s suffering, Dabria masturbated by the edge of the table.  She massaged her engorged clit until it throbbed for release… shiny, pink and protuberant.  The evil princess pulled back the hood of her pulsating acorn to give Lotus a better view.  “Watching you weep makes me so excited.  Take a look at my hard, little nub.  It’s throbbing for you.  I could just spray all over your desert flower.”


“Why don’t you beat the shit out of it instead,” Lilith offered as she climbed on the helpless girl’s face. 

“I could suffocate her slowly between my thighs while you viciously maul her vagina… a just and exhilarating end for a beautiful yet inept espionage agent.  Wouldn’t you agree, my king?  Or are you in love with her bravery and the cute little curve of her ass?”

Bolthon smirked.  He was certainly hard, and there was no denying he found the girl physically appealing regardless of his claim to the contrary.  Lilith knew what her husband liked… pretty girls with a rugged edge and a daring, untamable ambition.  Lotus fit the bill perfectly, enemy or not.

“I think I’ll piss in her mouth for good measure and give her a taste of Lathen hospitality,” the queen suggested.  “I’m sure she’s thirsty.  It’s been such a long, hot night.”  Lilith emptied her bladder down Lotus’ throat.  The girl coughed and gurgled, aspirating warm urine into her windpipe.


“It’s going to get even hotter,” Dabria grinned.  She brought the whip down on her victim’s splayed genitals as her tears turned to screams and her muscles strained helplessly against their restraints.  “Be careful, mom.  I think you might drown her, and we still have several hours to play.”

“But I have to pee so badly,” Lilith cackled.  “I’ve been drinking wine and dreaming of the massacre to come.  Besides, her mouth is so accommodating, and it feels so good to fill it up.”

Bolthon was stroking his cock in the corner.  “I have my own relief to claim.  Step aside while I pummel her womb into worthlessness.  Let me test the depth of her womanhood.”

“No, daddy.  Your daughter will take care of this bitch.  Did you not heed your wife’s warning about fucking her?” asked Dabria.  “This girl’s twat is tainted with dog sperm.  Save your horse cock for the whores at the end of the battle and the virgin daughters of the soldiers you slaughter.”

“Nonsense,” snorted Lilith.  “I’ll take a dose of that dick right now.  Just as with Amira, sweet daughter, we leave Lotus to you.  Prepare her for sacrifice.  I shall enjoy watching her pain while I get a good pounding from my husband.”


Dabria sneered and began a flagrant series of lashes that seared the meaty lips of the young girl’s plump labia.  “Squeal like a pig, little slut!  Soon enough you’ll be roasting like one.”

Lilith positioned herself on her hands and knees, poised to be entered from behind.  “Fuck me, my king.  Fuck me hard.  Show Dabria how you make me come.”  Bolthon obliged and shoved his cock deep inside the queen’s cunt. 

His daughter’s eyes fixated on the sight of their sex, and her fascination made him harder than ever.  “She fantasizes of you, my king.  Your daughter is jealous of me.  She wants to be your lover.”

“How would you know this?” the king inquired as he rammed his thick shaft deeper into Lilith’s core.

“I can see it in her face… in her eyes!  She acts out her anger on Lotus just as she did on Amira when you screwed me in front of her.”

“What would you have me do?” asked Bolthon.

“Fuck me even harder,” responded Lilith.  “Show her my grease on the girth of your erection.  Drive her rage into madness and her jealousy into dire desperation.  Make her long for what she cannot have and ache for what she cannot experience.”


“But this is poison to her spirit and an abuse of temptation.  You challenge your own daughter and encourage disobedience.”

“My daughter is not my rival, dear king.  It’s women like Lotus who challenge me… women like Amira who, at a different time and in a different place, could win over your heart.  But here in the heat of envious frenzy, they are reduced to rubble.  Dabria attends to their demise.  When you fuck them, you merely finish them off… wipe their sad stain off the sacrificial alter.”

“You toy with emotion for the sake of your own insecurity!  It is a dangerous game, my queen.”

“It is a necessary evil and an effective methodology,” remarked Lilith.  “My daughter is no threat to me.  Her aggressions are directed for my benefit.  Her desire is a tool.  Her fever is mercenary.  She serves her purpose.”


“You are my wife to whom I’m solely dedicated.  There is no need for such manipulation.”

“You fuck other women every day, Bolthon.  I have no other men.  Do not dismiss my concerns as frivolous.”

“I am the king,” roared Bolthon.  “I fuck who I wish to fuck.  I kill who I wish to kill.”

“As is your privilege, your majesty.  I merely mean to protect what is mine.”


“And if I should decide to fuck my daughter because you have tempted her into seduction?”

“Incest is forbidden by the gods,” answered Lilith.

“That does not answer my question, woman.”  Bolthon was perspiring in the warmth of the tent.  A fire was smoldering in the center stove and a warm glow flickered across their sweaty bodies as they continued to pound one another.  “Would you have me deflower my own virgin daughter?”

“I would not, my king,” Lilith groaned.  She was seconds from orgasm.  “But who am I to refuse your insistence to draw blood from her hymen as you split her narrow seam for your pleasure?  You are the sovereign ruler of your people.  Even your daughter must yield to your whimsical desires.”


Bolthon hammered Lilith harder, somehow elated by her answer.  He imagined for a moment that he was drilling Dabria, and his semen spewed out like a fountain.

“Oh, God!” Lilith moaned.  She was climaxing on his cock, kneading out his juices with her wet, velvet walls until the froth caked the crevice of her slit.  “Give me more!” she begged.  “Use your power.  Speak the spell of making.  Come in me again and again.”

Bolthon mumbled the magic words, exploding inside her.  A flood of spunk spilled on the bed.  The supply of his cum seemed endless, and his prick was forever erect.

“Be careful to temper your gift, mighty king… lest you morph into a horse and rip me in half.  Just give me your seed and your human endowment, be it ever as large as any woman could want.”


Dabria raged on, watching her parents from across the room.  Furious with lust, she took out her frustration on Lotus, violently thrashing her teenage pussy identical in age to her own.  Much like Amira, Lotus passed out from the flogging – but there would be no interim respite as promised.  The beating continued until her blistered, bald snatch was ravaged and ruined.

“Look now, my king, at the woman you wanted.  You have spent your load inside me while your daughter has made a mess of your so-called desert flower.  Her petals are shredded,” remarked the queen.  “Irreparably damaged, she will topple with a nudge.”

“Lotus is the enemy,” declared Bolthon.  “She is not my flower.”

“She is all these things,” declared Liltih.  “And now, you will watch her die.”


The queen sauntered across the center of the tent and examined the motionless prisoner, still splayed and sprawled out on the splintered wood surface.  Lilith placed her hand on the girl’s swollen mound; traced the raw, wounded lips of her labia.  “Untie her,” Lilith ordered as she inserted a finger in her cunt.  “She is no risk to run.  You have done a fine job of beating her senseless.” 

Lotus was adorned with deep cuts and purple stripes.  Her breathing was shallow.  Her nude chest was pounding.  Dabria slipped off the ropes from her wrists and her ankles.  The girl’s arms fell loosely off the edge of the table.  She was very much flaccid and unconscious. “Turn her over and brand her ass with the king’s label for his livestock,” instructed the queen.  “That should wake her sufficiently and mark her officially as my slave.” 

A branding iron was heated in the fire until it glowed with an orange hue.  Dabria flipped Lotus on her belly and pressed the iron to her fleshy, white buttocks.  The skin sizzled with a pop before Lotus screamed in agony, falling and writhing on the floor.

“That’s good enough,” Lilith nodded to her daughter who was still pressing the hot iron into the girl’s twitching cheek.

“I’m just assuring that the burn is deep,” said Dabria before grinding the wound roughly under the heel of her boot, squashing little Lotus to the ground.

“UMPH!” Lotus grunted as the dark princess kicked her.  “UMPH!”  Dabria kicked her again.  “What a hero you are,” Dabria laughed, then kicked her extra hard in the cunt.  “UUUUMMMMPPPPHHHH!”  Lotus balled up on her side and pissed herself retching.

“Got her good,” Lilith smiled, gently running her fingers through her daughter’s blonde hair.  The queen’s countenance vastly contrasted with Dabria’s brutality.  “I think you busted her clit.”


“That really made me wet, mom… speaking of which, you are dripping daddy’s sperm.”  Lilith looked down to confirm the king’s spunk was gurgling out her snatch.  Streams of viscous liquid dribbled down each of her thighs as she rubbed the fresh deposit into the folds of her feminine opening.

“Get on your knees, Dabria.”


“You heard me.  Get on your knees.  Your father would like to watch you clean me up.”

“He would?”

“We’ve discussed it,” Lilith lied.  “I know you want your daddy’s cock.  Get on your knees and show me how you like to eat his cum.”  Dabria obeyed her mother.  Bolthon stood by and observed, curious to see his daughter slurping his seed and yet disgusted with his taboo desires.

“Stick your tongue deep inside me, Dabria.  Suck all that spunk out and then lick it off my crotch.  Nibble on my pearl when you’re done.  I want to squirt in your mouth.  I want to climax with your face in my cunt.”

Bolthon couldn’t help but get hard.  He kept creeping closer to get a better look at his wife spraying love juice down his daughter’s throat.  Dabria’s face was splattered with her mother’s cream.

“I’m going to fuck your blonde daughter, King Bolthon.  I’m going to make you watch.  Don’t tell me that you don’t want to see it.  You can’t hide your erection or excitement.  I’m going to take what you cannot have and provide what she cannot experience.  She’s going to come on my strap-on, but first I’m going to rupture her hymen.  I’m going to make her bleed.”

“The gods forbid incest, Lilith.  Have you lost your ever-loving mind? Have you gone totally mad?”

“Let them forbid what they want,” the queen quipped.  “Our army is greater than the gods, and you possess the magical words of making, the spirit of metamorphosis.  We are invincible, Bolthon.  As for incest, I’m only doing what you would have done in good time, and it’s something you desire to see.  Soak the sight of it in, my husband.  Relish the sounds and the scent.  Lotus and her god be damned.”

“But if Lotus was sent by the gods, surely they will exact vindication,” interrupted Bolthon.

“Her god is weak,” answered the queen.  “Lotus is lying in a puddle of piss after your daughter kicked her ass.  I can kill her at the moment of my choosing, but I choose to let her suffer till daybreak.”

Lilith helped Dabria to her feet, leaning her over on the king-size bed and grabbing a fist full of her golden locks.  “Your father loves it when I fuck him up the ass with this dildo,” she whispered as she shoved the rigid phallus in her daughter’s tight pussy.  “I never clean it.”  Dabria squealed as her mother ripped open her virgin barrier.  Blood covered the glistening shaft.

“Never you worry, my king,” Lilith chuckled.  “Your daughter will climax soon enough for your pleasure, and I will finish Lotus off in due time… then slaughter the people she was sworn to protect.  Ready your cock, great king, and jerk off on your precious desert flower.  Speak the words of making and flood her with the semen of a thousand men.”

Bolthon was more than ready to explode, harder than his human cock had been in years.  He rolled Lotus on her back, preferring to jizz all over her lovely face.  He stroked himself vigorously as his daughter cried out.

“Your daughter is a squirter,” Lilith laughed.  “Time for you to squirt too, my husband.”

And he did…

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