The Desert Lotus: Chapter 3

This is chapter 3 of 9 chapters in the series The Desert Lotus



“Are you going to appease your daughter, Bolthor?  Are you going to show her how a great man fucks the offspring of his enemy?”  Lilith strutted over to Amira and shoved her face into the sand.  “Stick your ass in the air, bitch!  The king wishes to examine your slutty snatch.”

Bolthor looked down curiously at his wife and daughter.  “Never before have I seen either of you so interested in a woman I would take and torture for my own pleasure.  What drives your ambition?”

“My lord, this is no ordinary wench from the ranks of the enemy’s armed services.”  Lilith jerked the girl up and pressed a sword to her nimble neck.  “This is a princess, and it’s easy to see that you’re taken by her beauty.  Thus, we will be sure that her beauty is decimated along with her honor and hymen. “

“You, my queen, are more jealous than I imagined,” Bolthor laughed.  “I suspect your feelings will intensify as you watch.  I look forward to your reactions.  In the end, I will allow you to determine her fate.”

“I will welcome that opportunity.”  Lilith shoved the girl forward, face first to the ground, then instructed her to lift her bare bottom.  “Would my king wish to taste this precious, bald pussy before shredding its virgin innocence?”

Bolthor kneeled between Amira’s trembling thighs. parting the slick folds of her cunt with his fingers.  The glistening pink was appealing, and he darted his sharp tongue into her sweet, musky moisture.  The princess moaned unintentionally, fanning his lascivious flames.

“Listen to that, husband!  The slut mewls in my presence as you eat her,” Lilith exclaimed.  “Silas himself probably shaved her muff clean for your convenience.  God forbid her pubic curls tickle your chin.  Is the flavor of her peach aptly pleasing?  Is her fruit as intoxicating as rumor suggests?”

“She is a succulence to savor,” answered Bolthor, infuriating his wife even further.  Lilith pursed her lips and furrowed her brow.  She imagined boiling the princess in oil, plucking out her beautiful blue eyes, slicing her open from throat to pubis.

“I’m so glad her essence pleases you, my lord.  I believe you have her adequately wet to get about the business of pulverizing her all too perfect pussy.”

The king smirked at Lilith’s comment.  “Are you so concerned about the princess to make certain I’ve lubricated her cleft?  Rest assured, my queen, I will open her wider than the ocean.  I will grind her to the edge of consciousness before I hand her over for your personal amusement.”

“You’re so reassuring, mighty king.  But first, let’s turn her around and let you choke her with your dick.  I’d like to see you rip out her tonsils and piss down her throat.”

“As you wish, your highness.”  Bolthor spun the girl’s face into his crotch and rammed his massive member balls deep down her esophagus.  Amira was on the verge of suffocating before the king finished emptying his bladder, urine gushing from the corners of her mouth.

Lilith kissed her husband passionately when he finished.  “I didn’t know you could piss like that when you’re so fully erect,” she cackled.  Amira was coughing and hacking on her knees.  She was spitting out blood.  “You came very close to drowning her.  I’m so glad you didn’t.  I want to watch her suffer for hours before she dies.”


“Fuck her, Daddy!” Dabria stood behind her father as he shoved his huge cock deep in their prisoner’s pussy.  She watched his heavy testicles smack loudly against her shiny, pouting bead.  The princess wished it was not so dreadfully sensitive as Bolthor plowed her young cunt with his powerful thrusts.  Already she was screaming from the trauma, too tight to manage his massive girth and his splintering ax handle hardness.

“Too rough,” the princess cried, barely able to whisper her objections.  Her vocal cords were swollen.  The king had fucked her throat raw.  Her weeping impressed no one, nor spawned any empathy… particularly with Bothor’s daughter.

“Split her wide open until her eggs drop out of her bloody slit!  Pulverize her womb, Daddy.  Kill her with your commanding cock.” 

The king was astounded at his daughter’s demands.  She was as relentless and vulgar as her mother.  Yet, her words excited him along with her scrutinizing attention.  How could she know these things being so young?

Bolthor was banging Amira in front of his whole tribe, pounding her doggie style as a demonstration of dominance.  He smacked her tight ass while he ravaged her soft, velvet walls.  She squealed in agony and attempted to collapse, but the king lifted her up by the locks of her hair and impaled her even deeper.

“Daddy’s balls are getting tighter,” observed Dabria.  She was rubbing herself through her dress, unaware and unconcerned that the men in her tribe were watching.

“He’s almost ready to give her his first load,” Lilith instructed her daughter.

“Load?” Dabria asked.

“That’s when he shoots his sperm into her pussy.  Bolthor has much of it and will fill her many times, for his jewels are weighted with many days’ worth of semen.”

“It is the seed to make her pregnant,” replied Dabria. 

“Ah, but this princess will not survive to conceive.  She is your father’s plaything.  He will plug her with his paste as is his pleasure, then pluck her apart piece by piece.”

“She will die slowly and in agony,” Dabria nodded.

“And full of your father’s cum,” added Lilith.  “Reach, then, my child.  Lift your daddy’s balls and squeeze them gently.  Urge your father to fill this bitch with spunk.”

Dabria obliged, and Bolthor came with a massive groan, his scrotal sac heaving his hot scorching lava until the white, creamy foam poured from Amira’s gash like a river.  The king’s erection never faltered.  He kept thrusting, kept fucking, and kept filling her again and again.

“My father has a mighty penis,” Dabria smiled.  “But how does he slaughter all those women in battle?  He has ruined the princess for life, what of it she has left… but she is far from terminally injured.”

“You will see, my sweet daughter.  Be patient.  The king may yet allow us the privilege to participate in Amira’s torture before he finishes her off.  Would you like that, Dabria?”

The girl nodded emphatically.  “I’d like to whip her and beat her senseless.”

“How do you feel about that, great king?”  Bolthor agreed with a nod to his wife.  “Then, string this bitch up in the cave,” Lilith ordered the surrounding guards.  “Bring Dabria the whip and show her the appropriate techniques.  Make her expert in blistering the flesh.”




Amira hung helplessly with her back to a wooden cross as Dabria swirled her bullwhip in circles beneath her feet.  “I can look straight up your cunt, little princess.  It seems you’re not so tight anymore.  My father has stretched you like a whore, and now, I’m going to beat you like a dog.  I’ll lash your tender ass after I’m done with your front.  For the moment, I want you to face me and see me… watch me as I’m whipping your tits.  I want to see your tears and study the agony in your face with every searing gash across your skin.”

“Please!” begged the princess, still struggling to find her voice.

“You shouldn’t have sucked my daddy’s cock.  Now your voice is so weak that you can barely beg for mercy.  I like to hear you beg.”

“WHIP HER!” Lilith interrupted.  “Your conversation bores me.  I want to see her writhe and burn.”

The bullwhip whistled through the air, connecting with Amira’s breasts and slashing a red stripe across her delicate, white mounds.  “AGAIN!” ordered Lilith, and Dabria complied.  The princess was wailing, slobbering down her chest in anguish.

“I haven’t even started to punish you, bitch.”  Dabria stepped back and then lunged, cracking the whip even harder.  The knotted cord left a cut across the squirming girl’s nipple.

“At last, you are drawing blood,” the queen notably confirmed.  “Bolthor will be proud of your efforts.  Whip her mercilessly until she passes out.  Then, you may flip her and do the same to her back side.” 

Lilith turned to her husband.  “Have you any cum left, my love?  I’m so wet to witness our daughter at work.  She is learning the ways of war and the power of subjugation.  You have taught her a great lesson today.  Now teach her how she was made.  Show her how you fuck her mother.”

“This is not a thing for a daughter to witness,” said the king.

“But she has witnessed you rape a princess.  She watched your balls fill her filthy snatch, and she will see you impale her to the death.  Surely you can educate her on the lust of men, the proper positions for a man to take a woman.”

“My daughter has a nasty mouth, Lilith.  Have you taught her this language?”

“I have taught her much in your absence, Bolthor.  It is time for you to teach her all the ways a man uses his cock.  I’ve heard she has played with your penis while assisting with your armor.  You have whetted her appetite for torture and sex.  It’s time for you to satisfy her curiosity.”  Lilith kissed her husband passionately and disrobed him as their daughter continued whipping the princess.

Bolthor was hard.  Lilith climbed on top and slid him inside, riding him ferociously while Dabria looked on.  The harder the queen fucked her husband, the harder her daughter whipped innocent Amira until finally and at last, the young princess dropped her head, unconscious.

“I’m coming on your dick,” Lilith groaned, soaking in the vision of Dabria shoving down the cross while Amira was still tied to the beams.  The princess crashed to the ground with a thud, bouncing against the wooden structure as it splintered in a cloud of dust.

“Daddy, are you fucking my mother?”  Dabria seemed a bit distraught.

“He is fucking me, baby,” Lilith gasped.  She was climaxing on her husband’s throbbing shaft, creaming down the length of his rod.  “He’s fucking me so good.”

“Then, I’m fucking up his precious princess,” Dabria yelled.  She continued to whip Amira lying flat on the ground, unresponsive in the rubble.  The girl’s naked body was covered with stripes from her lashing.  “I’m going to whip her till I kill her.  Then, my father will have lost his plaything.”

“Lilith, get off me!” ordered the king.

“I will not, my husband!  Fuck me until you nut me and not a moment less.  Show your daughter how it’s done, and let Amira suffer her fate.  You were going to kill her anyway.”

“Your daughter is acting out!” Bolthor insisted.  “The princess is mine to do with her as I will.”

“I am your queen, Bolthor.  You will watch Dabria mutilate your voluptuous little slut.  You will come in my pussy while the daughter of Silas dies an agonizing death in the twilight of her own awareness.  Now, take me from behind and let Dabria see exactly how you give me a good dicking.”

Bolthor put his wife on all fours.  He slammed his thick prick up her sloppy, wet pussy and banged her viciously while his daughter got an eyeful.  Dabria beat Amira incessantly.  The king let out a loud groan as he filled Lilith up with his seed.

Lilith and Bolthor walked up to their daughter, both dripping profusely with cum.

“The princess still breathes,” the king noted.

“Then you will need to finish her,” said the queen.  “Show your daughter how you slaughter the women of your enemies.”

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