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The Chronicles of a Nipple

For a long time I have been cooped up in a a soft cage waiting to be free, wanting to breath, longing to be touched but she never listens. Every now and then I send her a signal, a pulse of arousal to tell her I need her attention but she always ignores me. As a solitary prisoner I yearn for fresh air. I wish for a relaxing soak in a hot tub, to be touched, to be caressed, to be played with. All I get are long hours of solitude inside a bra that keeps me in the dark, or a few minutes under a quick shower that barely satisfies my lust. She is a cruel mistress. 

On day I was set free. I was surprised. It was not the time for her usual ten minutes under the shower, so why did she remove my restrain?! She laid on her back, naked, alone in a dark room. I had no idea what to expect. But I was excited. There was something strange in the air. I could feel it, heck I could even smell it. The aroma of her arousal was traveling all the way up to her breasts. I looked at my twin sister and she pulsed as well. We were both thrilled for this new development. We were both in this together even though we seldom touch or see each other anymore. 

Suddenly we hear it. A strange sound filled the air. A buzzing sound jolted our curiosity. What was the mistress planning? I held my breath. I could hear the humming sound approaching like a hissing snake. It was coming closer. With out warning I felt the shock. It touched the very fabric of my soul and I shivered. I have always known I was a sensitive bud, however when I experienced the first graze of the vibrator I felt pain. Suddenly the mistress turned it off….Noooooo…. whayyyyyy…

I wanted that pain. Somehow I felt there was more to this pain. I wanted to beg her. I wanted to tell her, “please don’t take it away.” When she sensed my willingness to endure it, she turned the vibrator back on. She put it on me once again and I felt my world explode. She moved it round and round, in circles, slowly brushing it on my delicate skin, caressing my tip, my entire body. Gradually pain morphed into ecstasy. I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted that vibrator to keep pressing at every point of my red being.

Suddenly she removed it again, only this time I knew she wasn’t going to take it away. I could see it as it traveled to my twin sister on the other side of the mistress breasts. Even though it was not touching me directly I could still feel its vibration. The excitement traveled through every fiber of our bodies. I was glad to see my sister get hard. I felt her pleasure. I felt her excitement as well. We were on top of the world. Why did the mistress deny us this joy all this time?! Blood was rushing into our veins like a flowing river making us redder and harder. We could not take anymore of this. Finally we gifted the mistress by flooding her with cum until she could hardly breath. This was our way of telling her “thank you”, our way of telling her we want more of this vibrating exercise. We wanted to tell her please don’t forget us. We are your favorite nipples and we always need your attention. Thank you for buying this vibrator. 

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