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Tantric Shower

It had been a grueling two years of my life. The final divorce papers had been signed and I could go back to using my own maiden name again. It is not that I had not been using Danielle Chelsea for the past five years, ever since I found out he was shacking his secretary behind my back. However it took me three years to gather up enough courage to finally ask for that divorce. Believe me, if it was just the secretary we would have found a way round this, but the neglect and abuse were more than I could stand. Twenty years of marriage and five of living alone in a one bedroom studio, you forget that you still have a life to enjoy or what little there was left of it. My fiftieth birthday was coming up and my only companion was an 8 inch vibrator I keep in a drawer next to my bed. 

“They don’t work I tell you!!!” Audrietta exclaimed. “They are all a fucking scam,” she cursed those dating apps that suck your blood and leave you dreaming of La La land waiting for that ‘you have a message’ ding. 

I met Audrietta at Macys department store where we had been working for the past two years. We became friends for the lack of not having too many of those nor any social life to brag about. Two divorcées who have been spending their savings swiping left and right on ‘Tinder’ with no luck. To be honest, who would want to date a middle aged recently divorced, size 18, brunette, with $323 in her savings account?!

“If I don’t get a date soon I am going to buy one,” Audrietta sighed.

I didn’t know if she was serious or not. I could never tell with my coworker friend. That was what I liked about Audrietta, she was never the serious type, always cracking a joke whenever I needed it the most. However that time I could tell she was not.

“What do you mean BUY one?” I was curious before Audrietta pulled up her smart phone to show me the add she was saving.

Austin Escorts / Tantric Massage

Looking for the best Austin Male or female Companion? 

Male or Female Escort / Massage especially for women. 

Call now to book 555-555-5555.

“Are you kidding ME?” I almost choked, “You are not considering to call, are you?” I wanted to strangle my friend for putting such ideas into my head but she was gone before I got the chance to commit murder, leaving me to ponder if this was what our lives had come to; buying sex for the rest of it!!!

“To be honest this is the first time I call an escort service,” I explained to Mimi, the helpful lady on the other side of the line.

“No problem. This is very normal,” she tried to ease my worries, “I can recommend you start with one of our tantric masseuse who can relief the stress out of your first session.” And that is how I ended up booking a tantric massage with Michael using the last dollars from my life’s savings. 

Only Michael turned out to be a Michele. An honest mistake. Mainly mine. Being so nervous I thought I was booking a session with a male masseuse. My first reaction was to apologize and try to sneak out of her apartment. However being the professional tantric goddess she was, Michele explained what a tantric massage was all about. In no time I was lying on her table enjoying a gentle relaxing rub I did not know I needed so bad.

For all of you who don’t know what a Tantric Massage is, well let me explain it to you as Michele so gracefully did:

“Tantric massage draws on the principles of tantra, 

an ancient spiritual practice originating in Southeast Asia. 

It is a sacred practice incorporating the tantric essence of shakti, 

or energy, into a massage. 

It can touch the deepest layers and aspects of a human being

 and be a profound instrument of spiritual and emotional healing….”

Unfortunately I did not comprehend anything of what she just said. The only thing I understood was that I was going to get a massage with a happy ending… Ooo was I wrong!!! 

Of course I have had a normal massage before, who hasn’t, however when Michele took off her robe and applied oil on her breasts I started to panic. I had never, ever, in my life, been with a woman before, let alone a naked sensual attractive woman, rubbing and gliding her breasts all over my back. Fortunately for me, Michele was a gentle soul, she swam all over my body like a mermaid until I managed to stop shaking. When she said I could turn over and lie on my back I started shaking again.

“Relax,” she whispered softly. “Close your eyes and try to enjoy this,” humming in my other ear. 

I managed to calm down and let her do her job. Her hands were oily soft touching me in all the right places, squeezing my breasts and gently pinching my nipples with the back of her palms. I kept my eyes closed not wanting to look into her eyes. I did not want her to see how much I was enjoying this. I was embarrassed to announce that I was on the verge of a blissful ecstasy. When she finally opened my legs apart to reach that hidden alcove of my forbidden entrance I panicked once again. I wanted to stand up or at least keep my legs locked but she gently pushed them aside so her hands can crawl tentatively towards my dripping vagina. How else was I supposed to get that happy ending?! It did not take much for me to reach that climax I paid for. I guess my whole body wasn’t  prepared for that final outcome. I almost fell off the massage table.

“You can take a shower whenever you are ready,” Michele finally said when I opened my eyes after that amazing tantric session. I thought my ordeal was over…Ooooo was I wrong again!!!

Standing under the hot water in Goddess Michele’s apartment, all I could think of was ‘why the hell haven’t I done this before?! What other things have I missed in my life?!’ I have never felt a woman’s touch before. It was very mind blowing and I was surprised I enjoyed it. She knew exactly where to touch me, how to stimulate every intimate part of my body, a thing my ex never even bothered to explore. Idiot!

“Do you want me to help you with that shower?” Michele surprised me as I was about to use the gel to rinse the oil of off my body. She was still naked, her skin glittered from all the oil that covered her body. My tongue was tied. My smile managed to convey what my mouth could not, ‘YES PLEASE’.

Michele had a large shower space with a two foot niche to one side. I just stood in the middle of the cubical letting her do all the work. She took the bottle of shower gel from my hand and squirted some in hers. “Turn around,” she ordered and proceeded to wash my back. Her hands rubbed my shoulders then my back until most of the stubborn oil dissolved. Then I felt her hands going down to my buttocks. She squeezed and I sighed. Suddenly I felt her parting my two cheeks touching my back hole on her way up to that other hole. My knees almost buckled underneath me. I relaxed my head on her shoulder so she could rap her hands around me. With one hand she squeezed one breast making my nipple hard, with the other she roamed the entrance to my pussy once again. I parted my legs giving her ample space to explore. If she had played more with my breasts and pussy I would I have cum right there on the spot, but she didn’t.

“Turn around,” she ordered again. Like a prisoner in my mistress hands I obeyed. We stood facing one another when she surprised me by asking, “can I kiss you?” 

Again I was lost for words, and yet again my smile betrayed what I felt inside, the joy of being wanted. She moved closer and planted one of the most sensual kisses on my mouth I had ever experienced. I could hardly breath. Her tongue twirled around mine sending waves upon waves of reciprocal joy. “You’re a beautiful woman, Danielle,” she whispered and I felt my face blushing up. It was burning red from embarrassment, well more from that hot water splashing on our heads.

As I said I have never been with a woman before nor have I imagined I would ever be had it not been for Michele. Unfortunately I did not know what to do nor what was expected of me. Fortunately Michele was a professional. She must have felt my anxiety and took charge of the situation. She proceeded to plant kisses on my neck all the way down to my hardened nipples. She flickering her tongue around my little red buds sucking them softly, even biting one right on its tip. To my great surprise I never thought I would enjoy a little pain, another thing my ex neglected to expose me to. Idiot!

Then she proceeded to wash off the oil on my chest squeezing my breasts hard so the oil can mingle with the leathery soap. Her hands traveled down to my belle, parting my legs again to wash off the oil, then down to my thighs, legs and finally rinsing the last oil drop from my feet. What I didn’t expect next was for her to give me the shower gel asking me to wash her body as well. Of course I did not hesitate. I did exactly what she had done earlier, I even squeezed those size “D” breasts of hers planting kisses and sucking on her large red nipples as she had done to mine. That was another tantalizing experience I never thought I would like so much. 

Suddenly Michele turned me around and gently pushed me towards the marble niche, making me lie on my back as she parted my legs with her hands. When she knelt down on her knees my heart almost stopped. Her head was between my thighs looking at my dark entrance. When she touched it with her mouth I jumped like a bolt of lightning. I felt her tongue as it parted the lips of my pussy, gently rubbing her teeth on my throbbing bud. I’ve never been much into oral but now I was a fan. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy of cuming in Michele’s face. This was one of most intoxicating experiences of my life. I held her head with both hands and pushed it as far as it could go in between my trembling thighs.

I did not want to leave but my two hour session was at an end. All I could think of was how long was it going to take me to save for my next. “Can I bring Sam to our next session? He is a friend of mine, I think you are going to love what he can bring to the table,” Michele offered as I was leaving her apartment. Of course I could not say ‘no’ to that, giving her my usual smile of approval as I kissed my tantric goddess farewell.

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