“Oh Please not that,” I tried to wriggle away but he knew I wasn’t resisting.
“Oh fuuuck. Please don’t. I told you before, this is a no for me,” I unconvincingly pleaded with him but he didn’t listen.
He kept pushing them inside knowing I wanted this so badly. They went in slowly and I gasped every time the next size bead entered my forbidden area. I grabbed hold of the bed sheet squeezing until my knuckles turned white. When that first small bead entered my anus I screamed out at him, “NASH! what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I wasn’t expecting him to do something like that the first time around. But this was no ordinary session. I had prepared myself for it but this was more than I expected.
“Do you trust me Louise?” I remembered his words just before he put the blind fold on my eyes earlier on. I had surrendered to him because I wanted to. I needed to. I asked him to. So why was I shivering right now?
“Of course I do Nash,” I replied, “would I let you tie me up like that if I didn’t?” only I was petrified.
I knew I was taking a big risk surrendering to this man. But deep down inside I knew he would never hurt me. I know every thing there is to know about him and he probably knows more about me than my own mother does. Well for starters he knew I secretly wanted to try out those anal beads. But that is because I mistakenly told him so a long time ago. Only I didn’t expect him to remember it now. Actually the first time that topic was mentioned I pretended I didn’t like it. I told him that that section of my autonomy was forbidden to anyone. We had argued about it several times but no one came out a winner. He wanted me to try it and I remained adamant so we agreed to disagree. Until one day I slipped up and I told him that anal beads were on my long list of “wanting to do with someone.” But I didn’t expect that someone to actually be him and he was using them on me right now. 
“Ooooh fuuuck,” I moaned out load once again. I am going to kill this guy if not for the fact that I was enjoying myself too much.
I remembered the first time I met Nash Powel, we were 10000 feet in the air speeding towards Chicago. That was almost a year ago. I was working as a stewardess on board one of Delta Airlines regional jet. I was serving him his drink that day and I noticed his hands. He had lovely hands as he firmly took the cold drink from mine. I had awoken feeling hot and wet after dreaming all sorts of things that day. It had been months since I had sex and I was frustrated. So naturally looking at his hands made my cheeks turn red. I’ve always had some sort of fascination for strong but delicate hands that were willing to explore every crevice in my body. 
“Oh fuuuuck,” and he is doing it right now. The beads are still inside of me and he has started using his fingers on my dripping entrance. Oh shit the first finger just went inside. “Oh my god,” he just used his second finger as well. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I don’t know if I can stand this any longer. I should never have agreed to this. But it is too late now. I am literally in his hands and he knows just how to turn me on. 
Only it didn’t start that way. We were almost not meant to be. After seeing him for that first time aboard that flight to Chicago I didn’t dwell much on it. I’ve seen thousands of men who were much better looking but fate brought us together for the second time. I remember my surprised when I saw him again the next week then the week after. It so happened that he commuted every Monday from Cincinnati to Chicago on the same flight which I signed up for. But I was even more surprised to the fact that he turned me on. It wasn’t only his hands or his handsome face or his smart looks but he had an aura of confidence masked by an inexplainable timidness that peaked every time he looked at me. However I kept telling myself I was a single mother raising a five year old daughter so I could not afford to be seen flirting with this passenger. Besides, such an act was severely discouraged by the airline and I could have lost my job. But I could not help myself.
“Good morning Mr Powel,” I greeted him as he entered the plane. He didn’t expect me to know his name as we had never spoken before.
“Oh Hi, …Miss Heywood?!” He replied by reading my name from the tag on my shirt. I had been watching this guy for many weeks and I noticed how shy he was. He had never flirted with any of the other crew members nor spoken to any of his fellow passengers even when a lovely lady so happens to sit next to him. So I could just see the surprise on his face when I welcomed him by his name that day.
“It is a lovely morning isn’t it?” I pushed further hoping he would reciprocate but he only answered politely, “yes it is,” and he hurriedly walked inside to take his seat.
As he was leaving the aircraft I bid him farewell. “Goodbye Mr Nash,” only I used his first name this time. He looked at me in utter surprise once again nodding his head before he walked out of the plane.
The next week he was one of the first passengers to come into the plane and before I said anything he came close to me and whispered in my ear, “how did you know my name Miss Louise?” 
I smiled and said, “and a very good morning to you too Mr Nash.”
Through out that one hour flight his eyes never strayed away from me even when I served the other passengers their drinks. Only I took my time serving him his as we looked into each other’s eyes and smiled awkwardly. After the plane landed he remained in his seat until almost everyone left the aircraft then he walked towards me and said, “Seriously???” waving about the paper napkin on which I’d written my personal email. I just smiled, nodded my head and bit my lips hoping he would not make a scene in front of the other crew members. 
“Oh it is going to be a lovely day Miss Louise,” grinning wildly before walking out on to the cold and blistering Chicago weather.
Waiting for his email drove me nuts. He did not send a reply until the next day. I kept waking up every few minutes to refresh my inbox until a few hours after midday there it was.
“Hello Louise,” he wrote, “why?”
“THAT WAS IT?” I screamed out. Oh the arrogance of the man. Here I was laying myself on the line for him and he was just asking “Why?” Men. Idiots. What the hell! Well we can’t live without them. So I sent my reply.
“I don’t know. Maybe because I was stupid.”
Oh God. I should not have sent that last reply. He was probably thinking I didn’t want to do this anymore. If there was a way to undo an email I would have done it. So I had to wait another more hour before I finally got my reply.
“Maybe we are both stupid. But we can’t help ourselves,” he wrote back and my heart just melted. 
Well that was how it all started only now I am lying naked on the bed with my hands and feet tied to the bed posts as he was inserting those beads in my asshole while his fingers were playing havoc with my pussy. I wondered how we got this far. Every pore of my body wants to surrender to this man. My mind was a jumble of emotions right now. As he brought the beads in and out one of one hole he inserted his fingers into another. “Oh fuuuuck,” I cried out. He just used his thumb to massage my clit and I yelled out, “I am coooooming,” announcing the arrival of my first orgasms of the evening. This was more than I could stand.
“Take a rest for a few minutes. I still have so many things I want to try out,” he said with a deep steady voice and I shivered some more.
I remembered my anticipation upon hearing that voice every single week. But we simply greeted one another on the plane so no one would notice anything peculiar about our behavior. “How are you doing this week Mr Powel,” was my usual welcome to which he answered back, “I am doing very well. Thank you Miss Heywood.” But once the plane landed we both ran to our phones to complete what we started. This continued on for months and months during which we got to know one another explicitly well. So well that he came to know my age, my height, the size of my shoes, even the cup size of my breasts… literary everything. Well almost everything except for my weight which I declined to tell him. I am not fat. Actually I am a slim 5’10” gal but a girl has to have some dignity, I always say, so I refused to give in to this weight request. However I also found out he was married with two kids. He was a computer engineer working as a consultant setting up networks or something of that nature. He was a science fiction buff while I was a dark mystery lover. He loved computers while I could barely use my phone. Practically we didn’t have anything in common except that we both loved each other’s company. We practically exhausted our emails by talking about our lives, families, fantasies and wishes including all aspect of our sexual tendencies which we both could not ignore. I was surprised that he liked S&M and he was overjoyed that I also wanted to try it out. We even flirted so intimately that we probably orgasmed doing it on many occasions. And that is what brought us to where we are now, with me tied on a bed and him putting all sorts of dildos and vibrators inside of me.
“Oh fuuuck,” I screamed, “that is to big Nash. You couldn’t possibly put that monstrosity in me?”
Of course he isn’t listening to any word I am saying. He is slowly putting that vibrator inside my pussy. Oh shit. And the beads are still in there. When the hell is he going to take them out?!?! Oh damn the vibrator has gone inside completely. WHAT!!!! It also has a vibrating tongues and it is touching my clit. This is way to much. OH GOD WHAT ELSE!!! It is rotating now. The fucking vibrator is actually rotating inside of me. How could this be? It is moving right and left carving its way inside. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I am coming agaaaaaain,” I screamed once more exploding when suddenly he pulled out the anal beads “YOU FUCKING SHIT,” bucking, screaming and cursing my lover every time one of those balls slipped out of my hole as I was having my first ever multiple orgasm. That was what I told him I wanted and he delivered precisely; multiple orgasms while being tied down. 
I wondered how he did that when he froze up the day I told him I wanted to meet him in person. “Are you sure about this Louise?” he even asked as if I was playing with him. We have spoken about this many times but deep down we both knew that that day might not happen.
“I am positive you idiot and I also want you to tie me up and fuck me as we have fantasized man many times.” but I didn’t expect this. 
But now I want him. I want him with every pour of my body. I want his cock inside of me. Not those plastic things even though they did their job perfectly. But now I want my lover, my life and my soul. He must have heard me praying. I don’t know how he always knew what I wanted even before I tell him. He had surprised me so many times before that I wondered if he lived inside my head. Now he is taking the blind fold off my eyes and I could see those piercing greens looking straight at me.
“It is my turn now Louise,” he said, “I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to breath. Ready?”
Oh hell. Was I ready. I have been ready for this guy for months and I want him so badly my groin is now hurting. He is putting his cock inside of me slowly. Oh fuck why slowly? He is teasing me. I am going to kill him. But before that I want him to fuck me hard. I like hard. I hate soft and cuddly. I’ve had my share of soft and mushy and now I need it rough and hard.
“Faster Nash,” I pleaded, “harder. I want it harder,” and he didn’t disappoint. He is starting to increase the pace. He is pumping it all the way. “Oh yes this is it sweetheart. Fuck me like you want to hurt me. Oh yes,” I can’t believe it. Not another orgasm. How could he do that? “Oh shit. I am cooooooming,” and I screamed as he blew his load inside of me like I always wanted him to.
I don’t think I will ever have another night like this ever ever again.
“Are we up for another session next week?” he said.
Oh hell yes.

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