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Summoned chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of 2 chapters in the series Summoned

Summoned 1

I was going more than ninety miles an hours and it was exhilarating. The sun was burning my dark black skin. The wind sliding past my dark black glasses twirling about in every corner of my dark black convertible 1961 Ferrari 250 GT. I’ve paid more than ten million dollars for this collectors car which made her furious. I love to make her furious. Besides it was my money and I’ll spend it the way I damn like. The moment I saw this car I fell in love with it. It still is one of my favorite cars to drive until it came to a stand still. As usual the highway was clogged coming into the heart of Atlanta. I should have picked the Rolls Royce Phantom this morning. It was an automatic while the GT was a manual stick shift. By the time I got to the office my leg was hurting from the constant shifting, stopping and moving in the morning rush hour traffic. But it was worth it.

And I should not have had that drink last night. But it was Sunny’s birthday and she wanted to celebrate with a bang. And that bang was still ringing in my head. I usually don’t drink but she insisted and I had to oblige. I left her asleep in her penthouse and snuck back home to get this car. Oh Fuck! Was I getting too old for this? All these years of clubbing and partying has left a tole on my body. I am almost forty years old now and I should be slowing down. Nooo…. I’ll slow down when I am long dead and buried. All I need now is a few hours of rest and I’ll be back to running my business as usual. Besides I can’t leave that witch to run aground what I’ve worked my entire life for. 

I parked the car in my reserved parking space and took the private elevator to the fortieth floor. As I walked the empty corridor to my office I couldn’t  help but be proud of what I have achieved. Cejay tower is one of the biggest structures in down town Atlanta. We moved most of our businesses in here just last year. And I am proud to say this investment has paid off. I admit the construction of this tower wasn’t my idea. It was hers. She has always been the brain while I was the dream behind our businesses and dreams are what make things happen. I am sorry to say we do make perfect business partners unfortunately our marital partnership has flopped a long time ago. Oprah, my wife, is an equal partner in our multi billion dollar business. She even holds some majority stakes in a few of our  ventures. Ventures I established and worked hard to expand. And I won’t let that bitch take it all away even if I have to tolerate seeing her everyday.

“Good morning Mr Cejay,” Joan my secretary greeted me as I entered my office. “She is waiting for you to go over the plans of the new chemical plant in Houston.” 

Oh Hell!  Why did Joan have to remind me of that now? I so don’t want to see the witch today. Well not so early in the morning. Specially after that drink. Oprah knows I don’t drink and every time I do she gets to use it to her advantage. That is why I don’t drink. I don’t ever want to give her that opportunity. I’ll be sober for the rest of my life if I have to. After that let them drown me in alcohol for all I care. 

Joan came over and stood next to me as I was slumbering in my chair. She bent forward to straighten a bunch of red folders which were scattered on my desk. I knew what she was trying to do. By this time I usually would have straightened her on the desk and pounded her folders till they become crimson red. But not today. I could see her red nipples burly trying to hide behind her expensive lingerie. The lingerie I always insist all my secretaries wear when they are working for me. But I wasn’t in the mood today. Alcohol does strange things to me. And one of those things was disappointing Joan this morning.

I stood up and walked across the hall to her office, an office twice as big as mine. I really don’t mind who has the biggest office around here but I’ve always wondered what was the thing that fascinates women with anything that is big. Big offices, big houses, big cocks, big egos… As I was wondering about that Joan was dragging her heels behind me as she was scrambling to keep up with me while she was carrying some of those red files in her hands.

The moment we entered Oprah’s office we heard her shout, “get out of here slut and leave us alone,” and Joan ran out of the office like the Flash.

“Good morning my lovely wife,” I was really pushing my luck.

“Shut up and sit down,” she greeted me in her ‘fuck you’ tone. Oh hell… I so wanted to kill this woman if not for the fact that we still love each other in our own twisted way. 

Even in her age, Oprah was still a stunning woman. She is almost a year older than me but she has a figure that melts men’s hearts as well as their dicks and she is an expert in both of these fields. Maybe it was because she could not have a child to both our dismay but we have grown to accept this fact and moved on. But she has always been a beautiful woman. That smart beautiful little black woman I fell in love with almost twenty years ago. Unfortunately our relationship now tends to drift between the two sides of the love-hate spectrum. However we have managed not to let it stagger to one side for too long. Having separate lives as well as separate bedrooms helped to stifle the venom until one of us finally decides to kill the other. From the look in her eyes today might just be the day.

“You fucking paid forty million for a rock?” The venom was spewing out of her mouth.

How the hell did she know about that? “It is not a rock my dear,” I replied, “it is the Graff pink diamond and it is one of the largest diamond in the world,” I added, “besides, it was closer to fifty million then forty. A real bargain if I may say so myself.” Let her choke on that.

Oprah looked at me with those icy eyes and frozen face for more than a minute before she sarcastically said, “you paid close to fifty million dollars for a diamond which will end up on the hand of one of your sluts?” This woman knows exactly what makes me tick and she was now trying to make me tick on purpose.

I walked to the middle of the room to where she was standing until my face was inches from hers. Our eyes locked. She stood her ground with her hands clenched on either side. Then I grabbed both her arms and pulled her towards me. Our mouths met and her eyes widened. After a few seconds they gradually started to close and I was done for. She wanted this. She planned this. She surrendered herself to me as she usually does. As she had done for the past twenty years and she waited for me to continue what she started. Oh fuck she was exquisite. If not for the fact that I hate her guts right now I will always love her till hell breaks loose.

I’ve kissed hundreds of women in the past years but Oprah was a class all on her own. Our love was like the tide constantly ebbing and returning every few weeks. But once it returned it returned with a vengeance that rocked both our bodies for hours until it vanishes in a wisp like it never happened. And today was one of those rocking episodes. She ticked me off and I exploded. I wasn’t sure if she knew I’ve had that drink last night but I swore I could smell her twisted mind at work somehow.

I grabbed hold of both her arms and squeezed tightly lifting her of her feet then pushing her on to one of the leather couches in her office. She slumped on the lush seating waiting for my next move. As I started to bring down my trousers to reveal my hard cock she scrambled to pull down her panties and lift her skirt up while she was almost lazily sitting on her back. I dived in covering her body with mine. Our organs connected. My cock slid inside her pussy and she gasped out a sigh. Once it was fully lodged inside I stopped. “Please Cejay,” she pleaded. She wasn’t begging me to stop. She was crying for me to continue my assault. I’ve always loved the sound of her pleads as we have sex. It was invigorating. Those were the only times I could make her beg and I wanted to hear more. So I pummeled further into her snatch pushing harder and harder then I stopped again and she cried out again. “Damn you Cejay,” she swore until I resumed. I could almost hear her heart beating as her black cheeks started to blossom. I knew she was close to her orgasm. I’ve fucked this woman for twenty years and I know exactly when she was at her point of no return. And before that point approaches it was almost always followed by an, “aaaaaaahhhh….” before her juices come flooding out covering my cock and I too explode inside of her.

I stood up with difficulty, put my trousers back on and adjusted my suite and tie while she was still sprawled on the couch trying to regain her breath back.

As I walking out of her office I heard her yell out at me, “CEJAY… You fucking shit. Come back here and take back your fucking pink ring. I am not one of your fucking sluts…..” I could almost picture her on the couch as she was admiring that large pink ring which I stealthily slipped on to her finger while we were having sex.

Damn it. I should not have had that drink last night

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