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Summoned ch 2

This is chapter 2 of 2 chapters in the series Summoned

Summoned 2

He forgot. The twisted mutherfucker forgot. I’m sitting here in a red Faviana evening gown and he forgot all about me. It took me days to find the perfect dress, the perfect shoes to go along with his perfect ring. The cool water of the pool looked inviting; I had planned the end of the night in that pool. Just the two of us, with my legs wrapped around his waist. The thought of him impaling me sent a delicious shiver down my spine so I decided to look at the dark skies. He loved to look at the night sky too. Beats me what fascinates him in those. Goddamnit, I can’t look anywhere without thinking of him.


He’d overseen the decoration of the pool area himself; it’s his favorite place in the whole house. The water, the sky, the forest like nature surrounding the pool. It looked like a miniature jungle, and here was mostly where Cejay was at peace.


Why the hell do I even bother trying or allow myself the foolish illusion that maybe we could have what we had all those years ago when we were both young and stupid? He may be stupid; I sure as hell am not. Without me, he’d be nothing. It’s painful sometimes when I think briefly that the only reason why we’re still together is material.


I hate him, he hates me, that’s our way of saying I love you. It’s worked for us over the years, I shouldn’t ask for anything more.


Our marriage dwindled gradually like a mobile phone running out of network coverage. In a few years, we’d be at the SOS level. Its either I kill him or he kills me. I know the best option for that one. He’d be the one in the emergency room.


It’s both our fault, we fought to succeed at everything else except our marriage. We left it to wither away; we left us to get lost in the pursuit for happiness. I don’t love Cejay any less than I loved him back when we met in college, he just infuriates me.


Weeks of preparation had just gone to waste because he couldn’t get his filthy cock out of the slut’s cunt. That’s where he is. He’s with her, that twisted son of a bitch forgot me for some cheap fuck. Cheap but exceptionally stunning. She’s got a glowing ebony skin that you could lick vanilla off of. I see why Cejay got hooked and I wonder what a threesome with her and Cejay would feel like.


But if she thinks for one second that Cejay would one day be all hers, she would need her brain drained of filthy nonsense. Cejay isn’t really anyone’s, but I have him pinned whether he wants to be or not. He’s got his pastime, I’ve got mine too. But I would never forget him for a brief fuck. I swear to God, I’ll hurt him so bad he’ll wish he never met me. The plans were already in motion. All I’m doing now is waiting for his explosion.


Ah, his anger is epic. The way his voice would vibrate in that very sensual way drove me nuts, it’s probably why I loved to piss him the fuck off. He’s got me bad, all of me. When he slides his cock into me, I’m catapulted into a world of bliss. He fills me up like no one else does. Like I’m made for him. Just thinking about him and my pussy is pooling in my red G-string. God, I’m going to grab that man where it hurts when I get a hold of him.


Anger took a hold of me and I shoved all the contents on the hand crafted raffia table to the ground, the objects shattering, liquid pouring, food scattering. I wanted to scream but I reined it in. Instead, I grabbed the dress I was wearing and ripped it off my body. The dress cost me but the one I got it for wasn’t here to see it. I stood under the moonlight in just my peek a boo bra and g string. Shoving the shoes off my feet, I slid my legs into the water and lied back.


I needed him and just when I would have admitted it, he doesn’t show. My finger found its way through my g-string and into my slippery cunt. The water caressed my feet as my finger explored. I usually don’t resort to this, I’d just get one of my boy or girl toys at a second’s notice. Never would I think of disrespecting my matrimonial home but I had my ways just as he had his. My finger entered into my hole and I arched my back a bit as I pressed down on my clit, raising my other hand to my breasts to pinch on my nipples.


I bit hard on my bottom lip, pushing my legs up and squeezing my thighs. My butt rose a bit off the ground just to find that bliss the asshole I was married to wouldn’t give me. All of my body shook in the throes of my own self given orgasm. I hate this. Still angry, I got up and turned only to come face to face with the bane of my existence.


“Hot session, wifey,” the smirk plastered on his face was moments away from being slapped if I didn’t know better. The jerk decides to show up past midnight. Remind me again why I married this man.


“Fuck you, Cejay,” I spat and bent to grab my shoes leaving the ripped dress beside the pile of mess on the ground.


“Gosh, was your mouth made in the gutter?” he turned the chair that I had reserved for him around and sat in it with that sexy as hell reserved look. He was a mess, his tie was loose, and some of his shirt buttons were undone. I was right; the fucker had just left another woman’s bed.


I stopped and turned back to him, throwing my hips from side to side. I could see the itch in his fingers as I leaned down until my boobs were in his full view.

“Would you think the same when I take your cock in my mouth, C?” his breath got caught in his throat as he swallowed and I could still sight the beginnings of an erection. “Squeeze you until you come in my mouth…” I leaned further to whisper in his ear making sure he could feel me and I could perceive the wisps of a woman’s perfume on him. “Do you want my filthy mouth around your cock, C?”


“Fuck yes!” he breathed out. I let my index finger run down his chest to his zipper before wrapping my fingers around his stiff rod.


I pulled back up, letting my anger return to my eyes. “Right after you get tonight back Cejay,” the confusion on his face stung, he really did forget. He wasn’t trying to annoy me.


“Oh, and your Ferrari is on its way to charity,” I turned to walk away.


“What the fuck, Oprah?!” he shouted.


“Happy fucking anniversary Cejay,” I shot back and waltzed into the house.




He forgot…

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