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Strangers in the Night

She got home late. She was out with some friends, had a couple drinks, and like always came home alone. She sometimes was tired of coming home alone….but whatever. 

As she walked through her kitchen she heard something from outside. She knew her small neighborhood fairly well, things were always quiet this time of night. Then she heard it again. It sounded like footsteps over the colored fall leaves in the yard. She flipped on her porch light and stepped out on her patio. The neighbor guy was outside with his dog, but he was staring directly at her. She stood there, stiff as a board, staring back. Not scared, just interested, wondering what he was thinking. Why was he staring at her like that? They had seen each other 100 times, even spoke once or twice, small talk. 

He was a tall black man, bald head, nice build, kind of thick, exactly what she was attracted to, but always quiet. He never left much room for conversation so Kelly never tried to pursue him. Although they had made eye contact several times in the past, she felt some kind of chemistry, but no chemistry was ever spoken of. She wasn’t really sure if she was looking for any kind of relationship these days anyways. She had a break-up about a year ago and hadn’t really been out with anyone since. 

Kelly went back inside, locked the door, got in her t-shirt that didn’t quite cover her ass and crawled in bed. It was 2 o’clock in the morning, she wasn’t tired, but what else was there to do at that time of night?

As she lay in bed, she heard the same sound, her neighbor walking around out there. This time she let her mind wander a bit….. maybe he wants to talk, maybe he’s lonely sometimes too. She listened to his movements for 10 minutes or so, still out there with his dog perhaps, he sounded closer then before. 

She popped up, flicked on the light, went to the door and opened it. Still in her t-shirt, she stood by her door facing the yard. Her nipples poking thru her thin t-shirt, she stood still on her patio and there he was, closer then before, staring back at her. 

He was maybe 15 feet from her and the dog was nowhere in sight. She quietly asked, “where’s your dog?” He smirked back, “I took him inside.” 

She turned to go back inside. Then quickly turned back around and said, “I’m leaving my door unlocked.” She tip toed back into her apartment and shut the door behind her. Her heart was beating so fast. She couldn’t believe she said that. It was like she was thinking it, and didnt even realize she had said out loud. He was a stranger. Yes they had talked before but she didn’t even know his name. As far as she knew, he didn’t know her name either. While her heart still beating out of her chest, she crawled back into bed, pulled the sheet over her thick, luscious body, and smiled a big smile. She was full of emotion… excitement, fear, nervousness. She had never acted this way before but she was loving the feeling. She wondered if he would act on it. 

She allowed her hands to creep down under the sheet while she lay there listening for his noises. It was quiet. All she could hear now was her own sounds, light moaning from her fingers tickling the top of her vagina. Softly she caressed herself, thinking “what if he did?” It made her tingle with excitement thinking about the what if. 

About 5 minutes had passed, she heard a very soft crackle of the front door. She stopped breathing, fear came, but she was still. Listening to the footsteps quietly become closer, she pulled her sheet up to her chin. What had she done? Why did she ask for this?

The tall, dark, handsome man stood over her as they stared into each other eyes. He slowly reached his hand out and pulled the sheet all the way back. He had a look in his eyes, it wasn’t quite a friendly look, it was more like a domineering look. She wouldn’t admit she was scared. She tried to hide the deer in the headlight look from him. After all, she did invite him, didn’t she?

Her body stayed still as he slowly trickled his fingers across her. Starting at her neck, rounding her somewhat large but fluffy tits, stopping at her hard and perky nipples, he gave them each a light flick with his finger, his eyes following his fingers. He kept going downward, making it to her navel. Again, he rounded her navel and kept going south. She took a deep breath. 

His hands were cool, not cold. His touch was firm, but not hard. He tickled the plump part of her vagina, as he pried her legs open with his other hand. Still standing over her, he looked at her face while he put just one finger inside her. She bit her lip and gazed back at him. Partly biting her lip to keep from gasping out of fear and the bigger part to keep her from gasping out of pure enjoyment. She had never experienced a sexual encounter like this before. 

He stroked her moist pussy with his finger, slowly going in and out, rubbing her plump outer lips, and watching her expression the whole time. The eye contact was strange, but a good strange. It enhanced every act of the night. 

She hadn’t moved at all, except for when he moved her legs apart. She finally decided to make a move, making her hand go toward his package. Him standing over her, the swelled outline on his jeans was nearly in her face. He firmly said “No” . She quickly moved her hand back to the side of her, startled by his deep voice. He continued to play in her slippery pussy, as if he owned it. 

He only spoke when he was bossing her around, telling her what position to put herself in. His voice was so sexy and full of man. He told her to roll over on her stomache and turn her head toward him. She did as she was told. Once she was on her stomach, he opened her legs. He gave her ass a snappy smack. It was loud and it stung a little. He asked, “Do you like that?” “Yes”, she whispered. “Yes what?” He asked. “Yes daddy.” She soft responded. He smacked it one more time, harder then the first. 

He took his time caressing her backside, reaching all of her curves. She was a curvy woman. She had a big ass. He enjoyed stroking her round ass, using both hands, it was more of a massage she thought. He squeezed her butt cheeks together, and then apart, together and then apart, watching them bounce in the darkness, the only light was from the street light that showed through the curtains. He found his way to the crack of her ass and felt his way down, slowly and confidently. His finger circling her asshole. She felt her body shiver. Very gently he inserted just the tip of his finger in her ass. He tickled the small of her back with his other hand while he played in her ass. She felt her body relax as he tickled her back. He could feel it too. He went farther inside. She took a big breath and continued to feel her body give in to him. He spread her ass cheeks apart and pushed his finger in, never stopping, he added another finger. Stroking her asshole as she arched her back from the pleasure, he played in her voluptuous ass. 

Before she saw him moving, she heard his zipper. She focused on his swelled cock that was now in her face. Him standing still while she lay in bed, he placed his cock 1 inch from her lips. He was the perfect height. “Take it!”, he said in his bossy deep voice. She reached her neck out and opened her mouth, knowing she would listen to him. Feeling the soft skin of his hard black cock on her lips, she started slow. His cock was bigger then she had experience with. She hadn’t been with alot of men, but her fair share, and this one was definetly more then she had ever ‘taken’. 

As she started slow, working on the tip, he put his hands on her head. Both hands cupping her head as he guided her to take more of him in. She opened her mouth wider, as he pushed her head down onto his black cock. He wasn’t being gentle and for some reason she did not mind the aggression. She always enjoyed sucking dick, but this was new, and she was liking it so far. He pushed her head down over and over, as she took that cock in as far as she could. He held her head there. Her eyes glistening, her saliva dripping, her pussy dripping too. She gagged, he released. He brushed the hair out of her face. He wiped her eyes softly and cupped her head in his hands again. He wasn’t done fucking her face.  

As he held her head down on his big cock for the 3rd time, her eyes bulging, her face completely wet of saliva and sweat, her pussy even more wet, he exploded. His juices ran down her throat, out her mouth, down her chin. He released his grip from her head and she could feel his body shake. Still standing over her he went back to her wet pussy. He slid 3 fingers inside of her, hard and fast. She pushed back on his fingers so she could feel every bit of them. Her body trembling, he finger fucked her pussy. 4 fingers. She could hear her juices splashing. He kept going, harder, faster. Kelly was up on all 4 limbs, arching her back and taking everything he was giving her. She wasn’t just taking it, she was loving it. The harder he fingered her, the wetter she got. 

Finally, her pussy was trembling, throbbing and exploding with juices. He sloshed his hand around in the dripping wet pussy to get all of it out as she peaked. She hollered, she yelped, she screamed from pure enjoyment. He put his other hand over mouth and continued to slosh around inside her plump pink pussy. Eventually, she pushed her legs back together and he removed his hands from her body. He zipped himself up. He knelt down by her face. He gently kissed her forehead, brushing her hair out of her eyes again. As he walked away he said ” I’ll lock the door”, leaving her speechless. She gave a huge sigh. ‘What in the fuck!’ she thought. She slipped back under the sheet, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. 


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