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Spray My Egg with Sperms featuring Cherry Red

‘My egg is ripe and wants you to spray her with your sperms,’ I murmured seductively, ‘Would you like to come to bed with me, Simon, and try for a baby?’

I knelt upright on the soiled bedsheets, clasped my hands to my breasts, covering my erect nipples, opened my mouth, and blew him a kiss. I felt my egg was ready, fallen, swollen, soft, ripe, ready to be flooded with my man’s thick semen, my breasts felt heavy, and if Simon didn’t fill me with his sperms today I’d have to wait another month. I uncovered my heavy breasts, lay back on the crumpled sheet, and spread my legs wide apart, gripping the edge of the bed with my toes in excitement.

‘Well, will I do for you, Simon?’

‘You look beautiful Marnie,’ was all he said pulling down his soiled pants.

‘Fill me with your seed then, lover, spray my egg with sperms.’

He knelt between my open legs, leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips. I opened my wet lips to him, imagining my mouth was my dripping wet cunt, sucking in Simon’s huge ten-inch cock, sucking his thick, fat, wide-girthed cock inside my craven fuck-hole. I took his tongue well down my throat, gagging for breath, gagging for his sex, feeling between his sturdy loins for his balls. My man’s balls felt heavy, swollen with fertile semen: I caressed his balls until they rode up his thick shaft, caressing his veined, rigid tarse, his bull’s cock, until I could feel his glans dribble and leak gooey pre-cum in the palm of my hand. Our lips parted; we came up panting, I squeezed more jus out of that throbbing cock of his.

‘Let me suck your fat cock, Simon: 69, I want to suck you 69 with your tongue inside my creaming cunt,’ I said.

We swapped around, stretching out on the bed the other way around. Me: gripping his straining cock with one hand as if masturbating him, readying him to fuck my cunt, squeezing his heavy balls with the other hand as he moaned.

‘Oh, that feels so good, Marnie, ‘ he laughed at me a little, ‘Marnie – my sexy bitch on heat!’

‘Like being your bitch on heat, ‘ I gasped, ‘Want my stud to finger my arse while you fuck my cunt hard with your fist.’

I’ve got a vent of a cunt, a long slit, a wide-bore, deep fuck-hole for a man when I splay my folds. I felt Simon splay my labial folds, peel me open with his fingertips, felt his tongue lick my clit, my hard pearl bead, erect and twitching for cock, his cock, thrusting, ejaculating copious dregs of sperm-laden semen deep inside my love-hole.

I pissed on my man’s tongue, pissed, squirted, bled, I was so aroused by then I couldn’t tell. I sucked his cock, feeling the pulsing nub of him squirt piss-pools of pre-cum down my throat. I sucked his cock until he was ready to cum. He licked my wet flesh, I began to squirt harder, filling my man’s mouth with my warm girlie jus! OMG! I wanted to cum and squirt. I pushed him out of me.

‘Fuck me, Simon! Fuck me! Want to squirt on your cock. Want you to ply me with your fucking cock. Fuck my cunt! Spray my eggs with your sperms!’

I was arching my body upwards, heaving my ass, my dripping wet cunt in his face, by then, then…

‘Well, what are you waiting for? Want you, Simon! Fuck me!’ I screamed.

He regarded me warily – I’m bi, well and truly into licking girl’s erect teats, cupping her breasts, sucking her cunt, and delving my probing tongue deep inside her pussy.

‘What about Daisy?!’ he asked, ‘You were fucking her with your tongue only last night?’

‘Daisy’s here, Simon!’

‘She’s what?!’

‘She’s here, asked if she could sit on my mouth while you fuck me and fondle her breasts.’

Daisy walked into the room, naked as the day she was born. Simon’s eyes studied her bald cunt. I read his mind!

‘Hello, Marnie, how’re you? Would you like me to join in?’

‘Please, Daisy, ‘ I pleaded, ‘Look, Simon, lie on your back and let Daisy sit on your face. Daisy, would you mind?’

‘Sure – only if I can lick your cunt clean of Simon’s cum afterwards!’

‘Naughty girl!’ I cried.

‘I can’t help it,’ she giggled, ‘I just love licking cunt!’

‘Are you sure?’ Simon asked us both.

‘Quite sure!’ we giggled in unison.

Simon, whose cock seemed to have grown a mite bigger at the sight of Daisy’s wet cunt, lay on the soiled bed. I swung my legs over his underbelly and fed his straining cock deep inside my lubricious slathering, creamy cunt, while Daisy squatted on Simon’s face and squirted her warm jus in his hungry mouth. He came seconds later: swathes and spasms of thick semen deep inside my clenching cunt.

‘That’s it! Fuck me, Simon. Spray my egg with your sperms, lover. Come on, Daisy! Come in Simon’s mouth!’

Well, we all came together, he inseminated me, she licked my cunt out afterwards, I fucked Daisy with my tongue, and I felt swollen in my belly, pregnant! She laughed and laid back as I got up on all fours: Daisy knew I was insatiable!

‘Fuck my arse really hard, Simon!’ I demanded.

He did fuck my arse, really hard and with deep thrusts! So hard, my period came the next day. False alarm!

‘Oh well, we’ll just have to all try again, won’t we Daisy?’

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